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Tuesday Links, Better Late Than Never

Tuesday Links, Better Late Than Never

February 20, 2008

Over at Parenting I write about my son and his glasses. And how they inexplicably broke while he slept one night. He tells me that it happens and I just don’t know because I don’t wear glasses myself.

So we both have appointments at the eye doctor next week. I kind of want glasses because I think they will make me look smart. But given my track record with keeping track of my sunglasses, I probably should hope for 20/20. Also, I live in fear of going blind. I was just telling Yvonne last night that I worry about it. Because who would photograph things if I were to go blind. I mean I suppose I could still hold up my camera and hope for the best, but I wouldn’t actually be able to see them myself and that alone might put a damper on my hobby. Also, how would I blog or read blogs?

Ack, so many imaginary illnesses to worry over so little time.


Then over at Work It, Mom I have a post up on making Spit Pea Soup with Babe the Freezer Pig.

And it features carrots as an ingredient which is why I think I do not need glasses. I eat my body weight in carrots weekly. No really.

Rob spent last night at a sleep study center. He just called and said it was the worst night’s sleep he has ever had. They made him go to bed at 10:00pm, which is at least 2 hours before we ever go to be normally, so he fell asleep and then woke up an hour later and tossed and turned all night. Finally at 4:40 am he got up for the day. The nurse said wake up time there was 5am anyway. Craziness.

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  1. Carla Robinson says:

    Here in Newfoundland, we make Split Pea Soup with the yellow peas. I wonder if there’s a big difference in taste?

    About the blind thing, I often dream that I am blind. It’s an awful feeling :-(

  2. suburbancorrespondent says:

    I’m praying none of my kids need glasses (fat chance, as both Larry and I wear them) - they’re so expensive!

  3. Earl says:

    Yes, you would think that a sleep study would involve actual sleeping, both my brothers and my father have had them, and they were miserable nights for them. They all use breathing machines at night now, for extra oxygen. Apparently it runs in the family. So far I have resisted.

  4. elizabeth says:

    I slept my best at a sleep study - no snoring, no tossing and turning - hey, it was like a mini-vacation. They didn’t detect any issues, so I had to work really hard and long to prove I did have sleep apnea. I stayed up until midnight chatting with the tech, and then - yeah - wake up was 6 am - so what can they expect to find out!

    I am making split pea soup TODAY, so off to read how you do it. :D

  5. Pamela says:

    “I could still hold up my camera and hope for the best”
    This is, effectively, what I do everytime I take a picture.

  6. Deb says:

    My husband was recently told (after a surgery while in recovery he stopped breathing several times) that perhaps he should have a sleep study to properly diagnose Sleep Apnea. Is that why your husband did the sleep study? Just curious.

    I have never noticed him not breathing- just snoring rather loudly. Now I feel like I’m sleeping with one eye (or ear) open to make sure…..

    Chris says: Yes, that is exactly the reason.

  7. embee says:

    Martha says the whole carrot/vision thing is a myth. I have to agree seeing as I was practically orange from eating so many carrots all of my childhood, and now I am as blind as a bat. If I knew then what I know now, maybe I wouldn’t have been taunted so much.

  8. jwg says:

    Be prepared. You won’t get results for weeks. There seems to be a little gnome somewhere who is the only one who knows the secret code to deciphering these things. If he has apnea and they recommend the machine and he hates it be aware that there is a mouthpiece that goes over your teeth at night and pushes your jaw forward .It works pretty well until it doesn’t but you get a few years of not being tethered.

  9. Wicked Stepmom says:

    My husband has sleep apnea too. Did the sleep study thing after I noticed he would stop breathing and then make the GAWD AWFUL noises as the air was escaping through his closed-up throat. Kinda like the squealing sound of air escaping through the pulled-taught neck of a balloon… ya know? You’d think his ex0wife would have taken note or gave a crap about it… but, I guess that’s why she’s his EX. LOL!

    He has BOTH obstructive and central sleep apnea, so surgery wouldn’t cure him altogether. He was given the c-pap machine, wore it for about a year and now it sits somewhere collecting dust b/c the damn thing never stayed on his face! He had meds that he is supposed to take before bedtime that do help, but his late-night work habits get in the way of him taking them with any regularity.

    Good luck to you and Rob!

  10. Meg from Georgia says:

    I’m new to this site and I’m sure you have said before, but what kind of camera do you have? My husband and I really love photography and just got the Nikon D300. We are just learning day to day all the things it will do! I love your candid shots of the kids. Our son is catching on to my tricks on “catching” him in a good candid pic…

  11. Denise says:

    Blind people do blog and read blogs. Nickie from Nickie’s Nook (who often comments on BlogHer) would help you figure it out. Not that I think you’ll ever go blind, just sayin’.

  12. MamaMaven says:

    My stepson came home with his glasses managled and I asked what happened. He explained they got ruined dancing in gym class. After that I just stopped asking questions! If you have to wear them all the time they aren’t so hard to keep track of.

  13. Candy says:

    As I was reading this, the cursor on my computer screen was poised and pointing ever so perfectly at the two peas stuck between your fingers, and I thought you had put the little arrow on the photo yourself, to emphasize those two peas. And I looked for a good minute at some text or more arrows to indicate what importance those peas had for me.

    And then I realized it was my own cursor. I was disappointed. I felt the need to share.

  14. Lisa says:

    New-ish to this site so don’t know if I’m violating any rules/protocols but wanted to tell you about zinnioptical.com. We have 2 teenage boys that both wear contacts most of the time, but like to have glasses as a backup. I can’t tell you how much $$$$ we’ve spent in years past because they dropped/lost/stepped on/sat on etc.etc.etc. their glasses. A basic pair of glasses on the site is about $10, plus shipping and we’ve had good success with them. My children aren’t name brand fashionistas but at least I have enough money to feed them…not a small or inexpensive feat with teenage boys. ( :

  15. michele says:

    Oh my gosh, where do all those sunglasses go?? I mean really, I have several pairs going at once simply because I am lucky to find one pair out of the 3 or 4 wandering around. I think I leave them places…that is my guess anyway. How do you keep up with so many blogs?

  16. Cindy says:

    Hey, I know this is probably a really stupid question, but how do the peas get split? I’ve never eaten split pea soup & didn’t realize they were actually split…yea, I guess I don’t get out much??!! Love your site.

  17. Stephanie says:

    I’ve had with glasses since I was four years old. In elementary school I had the super cool plastic kind that took up half my face; they were dark pink on top and then faded to a lighter shade as the frame moved down my face. For protection, I also had an elastic strap attached that went around the back of my head, which went really great with my mushroom/bob-style haircut, so popular in the early eighties.

    I could never figure out why my mother would turn into such a shrew (that’s right, I said shrew) when it came to my glasses, it wasn’t like I broke them on purpose- I didn’t plan on getting hit in the face with the soccer ball, after all.

    Now as an adult, I understand, and I turned into a shrew with myself when I broke my own pair and had to walk around wearing prescription sunglasses for a week until my replacement glasses arrived. It’s freaking extortion, I tell ya.

  18. Yan says:

    I made your split pea soup recipe and it was A BIG HIT in my house yesterday. Variations on a theme were to add some seasoned and boiled chicken.

  19. PopMom says:

    My dad did the sleep study for Apnea and also barely slept. He ended up with the machine. My mom had the first good night sleep that night than she’d had in years. Now that she has the taste of sleep, I guess it’s the machine or separate rooms!

  20. Heather says:

    That old wise tale of “If you eat enough carrots you will have good vision” what a bunch of crap!!!!!! I too have always loved carrots and have eats TONS of them and I am Blind as a Bat. I have worn glasses since age 5. Hopefully you have better luck with the carrots.

  21. another Elizabeth says:

    The thing about carrots and good vision is that it’s good night vision. Beta carotene is what makes carrots orange (it was named carotene because it’s found in carrots). Once you eat it, your body can convert it to vitamin A. Vitamin A is also called retinol. Retinol is named that way because it’s good for your retinas. Retinol is required for the production of a compound called rhodopsin, which is the pigment in your retina that allows you to see at low light levels.

    The most obvious sign of vitamin A deficiency is nightblindness.

    In other carrot/vitamin A trivia, it is possible (and indeed happens to some small children who really like carrots) to eat enough carrots that your skin turns orangish from the beta carotene accumulating there. Also, vitamin A (along with D, E, and K) is a fat soluble vitamin, which means that if you ingest too much of it, you can’t pee it out. This is usually only a problem if you eat the liver of a carnivorous animal. It happened sometimes to polar explorers. So if anyone offers you a bite of polar bear liver, decline.

    I hope my biochemistry professors are proud of me. And thanks to wikipedia for providing some of the details.