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My Girl

My Girl

February 23, 2008

My girl

There are so many things about this age that I want to remember. Four and three-quarters is still a magical age, though decidedly less princessy. I am not sure when it happened, but suddenly the tiaras, boas, large fake jewelry, and fairy wings are not part of the picture. The princess dresses hang on their hangers collecting dust. I don’t recall the last time she wore any of them. I wish I could because I feel like I missed it. I missed the shift. What else am I missing that I don’t even realize yet?

And as much as I thought I wouldn’t miss the princess stage, I do.

I want to remember the way she puts her ipod on and sings along to the songs, loudly and with enthusiasm. Today she told me about a great new song… by the New Kids on the Block Backstreet Boys circa 1998. Unfortunately for her she seems to have inherited my singing ability. But she doesn’t let it stop her. And truth be told neither do I, though having your own toddlers put their hands up over you mouth and tell you to shush does destroy a wee bit of your confidence.

I want to remember how she has to have a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich every day for lunch.

I want to remember the elastic bands she is wearing as bracelets because her brother gave them to her.

I want to remember the wild mop of hair; hair that she tolerates being tied back with hair “pretties” when we are out but removes them as soon as we get home along with her shoes and socks.

I want to remember how tiny she looks curled up in her bed asleep at night.

I want to remember how all her pants are high waters because she is so skinny none of the pants that are the right length fit her waist.

I want to remember that for a short while I was the preferred parent, the one who she wanted to tuck her into bed, the one she wanted to go to the store with, the one she wanted to be like. I know this won’t last forever.

I want to remember it all.

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  1. Melanie says:

    Beautifully Written…

  2. Danielle says:

    I don’t want that stage to come. My princess is less than a month older than Miles and we are still in the dress up phase. I will very much miss it when the time it gone. Just something about it that I didn’t have with the boys. Sometime special.

  3. suburbancorrespondent says:

    Soak it all up now. The girls make you pay later.

  4. Mary@notbefore7 says:

    Beautifully recorded…how quickly we forget.

  5. Jane says:

    What a lovely tribute to your little girl, and the wonderfulness that is four.

  6. Angie says:

    Beautiful thoughts! They grow up so fast.
    I have a thin daughter too so all of her pants have adjustable waist bands inside of them.

  7. Heather's Garden says:

    I read this and wonder if my mother ever felt this way about my sister and me. How wonderful for your daughter that she’ll be able to see what you wrote when she’s older and know how much you love her, though you’re such a great mom I’m sure she’ll already know it.

  8. janet says:

    those little girls do touch our hearts.

    then when they’re teens, they rip them right out of our bodies.

  9. Jaime says:

    Thank you, Chris, for reminding me to be in the moment and soak in all the wonderful things about my children. Like you, I have seven, and in the chaos that is our life, it’s hard to remember to do that … but oh so important. :)

  10. Victoria says:

    *happy sigh*

  11. Brittany says:

    wow.. this is beautiful. I love your updates about your children and the memories that you have of them. I can’t wait for kids of my own.

  12. laura says:

    ah, i have one of those, too. what a great post. your daughter is beautiful!

  13. Julie Stiles Mills says:

    One of the things I wanted to remember was the last time I carried my son. I actually wrote it in my journal. I’m so glad I did. Now if I can just do the same with my daughter. This post reminds me so much of my recent one about my daughter (in my post “free to be different.” ) You’ve really “captured” the person she is today. So sweet. Bittersweet. I’m sad to see things pass, but I’m excited to see what comes next.

  14. salsaqueen says:

    In my next life, I’d like for you to be my mom.

  15. Katy M says:

    If I correct the date of the new kids song does it just show what a nerd I am?
    I am pretty sure it was more like 1988.
    I am such a nerd.
    I still love the post, NKOTB inaccuracy aside. :)

    Chris says: HA! You are right. I meant Backstreet Boys.

  16. Nicki says:

    My little girl is currently in the Princess phase. She is currently walking around in her Princess Belle Dress. Thank you for reminding me to enjoy it!!

  17. Debbie says:

    Continue to take as many pictures as you do. It’s such fun to look back at all those pictures and laugh later. What a beautiful blog today about your daughter!!

  18. Cary says:

    My daughter is 7 going on 13 and now in the Hannah Montana phase. However, my 3yr old son does love her old high heels and they are often worn with either his spiderman costume or completely naked. I love it, especially when he is crime fighting.

  19. mila says:

    Gosh– so bittersweet. My Princess turned 14 in January. As I continue to lug her 6 year old brother around, I know the days are numbered when I can scoop him up and hold him. The top of my 11 year old son’s head is grazing my chin and I know it won’t be long til we are eye to eye. I miss their littleness…….. but am proud of the kids that I am growing.

  20. steff says:


  21. Natalie says:

    Great post, Chris. What a great reminder to cherish each stage.

  22. Katie W says:

    This is such a gorgeous age, I’ve just spent the weekend with a 5 and 6 year old, and they are just such great company, I’m really not a little kids person, they have to talk before I can go gooey over them, but after having a little 5 year old nearly fall asleep on my lap this afternoon I am looking forward to having my own little kids, if only there was a way to bypass the baby stage!

  23. Jamie AZ says:

    So true! I want to remember much of these things about my boys. Except the princess parts. :)

  24. Fina says:

    I am not gonna kill your buzz with the enjoy it now stuff, and time flies, etc. etc.
    You’ll remember lots of it. You’ll forget the lousy days when she trashes her room and asks for daddy over you. Plus, you have awesome pictures and a pretty funny blog to refer back to!!

  25. Lilly says:

    Great post. I was thinking it would be interesting to see pictures of all your kids when they were little, at Miles’ age? Hmm, imagine having seven 3yr olds!

    Chris says: I didn’t have a digital camera until fairly recently, so most of those photos are in boxes somewhere. I know. I KNOW! But that does sound like fun maybe I’ll try and dig some out.

  26. Carly says:


    I had to wear boys’ pants ’til I was 12 because they make them longer and skinnier. I’m short and was ridiculously skinny but leggy.

  27. Ruth H says:

    This blog is a great journal. I wish I could have done one with each of my kids.
    When my daughter, the oldest, turned 13 I thought “I’m not hugging my kids enough!” They were slipping away, turning into pseudo strangers overnight.
    Even now I can see my little ones in their grown up eyes. They are still in there somewhere, and I won’t let them go. I don’t think they really want me to.

  28. Daisy says:

    You might share this with her when she’s a teenager. She’ll resist it and think it’s corny, but she’ll still hear and feel the love. Our teens still need us — they just don’t admit it.

  29. michele says:

    What a beautiful read! I understand, my oldest daughter is 16, almost 17, my youngest is 5. I am trying to enjoy it all, I know I will blink and the youngest will be looking at colleges… it just goes by too quickly!

  30. Jen says:

    Great post…only it makes me wish I had a daughter…sigh.

    mom of two sons

  31. Jeanne says:


    And thanks for the trip down memory lane - Strawberry Shortcake dolls, My Little Pony, Beauty and the Beast movie, Wonderwoman - to name a few of my daughter’s favorites. Who could forget New Kids On The Block - her very first “rock” concert at the dome!

    Yesterday was her son’s second birthday. Grab and hold whatever moments you can. They are fleeting.

    I don’t know how you do it, Chris. Your children, writing and stories are what keep us stopping by. The reflection of ourselves is what makes it personal.

    Chris says: Thank you, Jeanne.

  32. Norma says:

    My niece will be four in June. Does the princess stage end so quickly? That makes me sad.

  33. Meg says:

    You have such a nice writing “voice”. I too have a daughter that is the same age, quite possibly just a few weeks apart. She’s stuck in the middle of two boys and sometimes, I feel that I have forgotten to absorb what makes her tick. Sometimes I find myself in awe of her girlyness/sassyness/independantness and wonder if I am missing it in the day to day grind that is my life. Thanks for the reminder.

  34. Jordana says:

    I don’t remember when it happened either, but right about the same age my now five year old suddenly decided she liked green better than pink and the princess stuff mostly was handed down to her sister.

  35. Brigitte says:

    I didn’t realize the princess stage would end so soon either. Now I feel a bit melancholy.

  36. jody says:

    YES! They are so tiny curled up in bed!

    I think I will cry when Mia stops playing with My Little Pony and her Pet Shop creatures. I will have to hord and save them all, as those are just not something I will be able to part with.

    I want this ride to slow down a bit!!

  37. ctmommie says:

    My daughter is 4.5, and I smiled as I read this post because she is EXACTLY the same. I was just thinking the other day….what happened to the princesses? Now its Hannah Montana. My daughter sports the high waters too…its funny.

  38. Bri says:

    Is she eating bacon..love her

    Chris says: Nope a PB&J.

  39. Beth says:

    I just cuff the pants and call them capris!

  40. Jaime says:

    beautiful post

  41. WonderSpot says:

    What a beautiful post. Simply beautiful.

  42. Chrissie says:

    my girl turned 5 in january. every day i ask her where my 2year old daughter went because i MISS HER! when did she get so big!? when did she become so confident in herself. when did she stop needing me so much?

    she is my first born and my only girl and my heart is already aching at the thought of sending her to school in the fall. she will love it. i will miss her.

  43. carrie says:

    My daughter is right behind you . . . but still a princess. And I so get the pretties in the hair that get removed with the socks and shoes upon coming home . . . maybe one day, she’ll actually keep those things in!

    And yeah, the syrup thing is crazy. Basically I’ve been feeding my kids artificially flavored crap for years. Maybe you have a spare tree you could tap and sell us all your home made syrup, like there’s time for that! :)

  44. Lana says:

    Your blog is such enjoyable reading. And your photos are amazing. What kind of camera do you use? My daughter is 4 years, 4 months & 4 days old, but who’s counting :) So 4 3/4 is fast approaching … and your telling me that the princess phase is ending –already? Say it isn’t so! It makes such great scrapbook material. Do you scrapbook (by the way)? Where would you find the time … and I guess blogg-ing is like digitally preserving your photos w/journaling –so there you go. Good work!!!!

  45. Fancypants Jenn says:

    The princess phase ends? NOOoooooo! My daughter is about to turn 4 and she is very much the fairy princess. Every day after school she sheds her clothes the exact second she walks in the door, finds the nearest princess costume, shimmies into some tights and high heels 8 sizes too big. She will then turn to me and say “Oh Momma, look how beauuuuuuutiful I am.”

    I don’t want to lose that.

  46. Melessa says:

    All I can say to this is “me too.”

  47. crunchy carpets says:

    She sounds like the future of my daughter who is 3.5 and still at the princess stage but is burgeoning on the wild and independent young ladyhood.

  48. Heidi says:

    Me Too! to all of it.