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2008 February


February 9, 2008


God forbid this child take a nap in his bed in the afternoon. He is way to busy for that. But in the evening when I am making dinner he often falls asleep on the couch.

He is horrible after these naps. He screams and cries and has tantrum after tantrum about things that are apparent only to him. And then doesn’t want to go to bed at night, which means the “fun” lasts even longer.

Thank goodness he is cute.

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Elusive Teenager

February 8, 2008

The Elusive Teenager

This is his favorite spot in the house to sit with his laptop. I was just in the sunroom pretending to tidy up the bookshelf so I could nonchalantly chat with him. I have found that if I just walk in there and plop down and start asking him questions he gets annoyed with me.

This is a tough age. One moment he is mature and adult like. The next moment he can be a royal pain in the ass. But the thing is, he feels the same way about me.

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February 7, 2008

I had an appointment with my allergist yesterday. He still has no answers, which is upsetting. His suggestion that I just don’t worry about it and carry my Epi-pen does not exactly comfort me.

My endocrinologist called this morning to say that my blood work came back and my thyroid problem is an autoimmune disorder. I had thought he told me that years ago, but then he didn’t see it noted in my chart.

It isn’t surprising, or it shouldn’t be at least. And it shouldn’t be upsetting, but I have found that it is. Like my body is trying to kill itself. Autoimmune disorders are like the buy one get two free in the disorder world. I now have three. Go me. Always the over achiever.

Beef, It’s What’s For Dinner, recipe here.


Have I mentioned that we bought half a cow yet this week? I feel like I should be the beef council spokesperson.

My photo of the day, for 30 Tiny Moments:

Indoor Kite Flying

Kite flying indoors. Because we can NOT remember the last time we saw the sun.

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February 6, 2008


It has been really foggy here the past couple days. The temperature has warmed and there has been a fine misty rain falling. The snow is finally melting and in places the brown grass can be seen poking out.

As you drive down the road the fog obscures everything except for that which is right in front of you.

In the car today my 10 yr old son said, “It feels like we are all alone in the world.”

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Sick of me yet?

February 5, 2008

No? Well you know today is? Tuesday. Where I blather on and on all over the internet.

At Parenting I write about being Three:

There are things that I want to remember, like the way my 3-year-old son uses the adjective “favorite” to describe everything from the shirt I pull out of the drawer for him to wear that morning to his “favorite” Daddy to his “favorite” house he lives in. I love it, that zeal for life that only those who are three can have.

I love the way he calls his siblings his friends. Lately he’s been asking as I carry him up to bed, “Why are my friends not going to bed?” And I answer, “Oh, because you are three.” Which really is code for, “Because you have completely worn me out.”

Over at Work It, Mom, I have a recipe for making your own beef stock. Are you tired of hearing about the half cow I bought? I know you can’t possibly be. but on Thursday I’ll be posting the beef stew recipe I made with stock. So, so good.

And over here I wrote a post about making the election coverage accessible to our children.

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Waiting for the world to change…


In the elevator going to vote.

Or get a free donut. Whichever.

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The Super Bowl

February 4, 2008

Super Bowl Viewing

Judging by the way we are all watching the tv with rapt attention it can only be a commercial.

Also, should you decide to tivo the game, so you can pause and eat snacks, drink punch, whatever the case may be, just remember to add lots of extra time onto the end of the recording or else you will miss the end of the game. Uh-huh. The accusations were not pretty. And it was all my fault. I said 30 minutes extra was PLENTY of time. Ooooops.

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Fantastic Monday Followed by Super Tuesday

Today I had a thyroid ultrasound to check if the nodule I have had for the past five years has grown any larger, it hasn’t.

It is decidedly less exciting than a pregnancy ultrasound. A thyroid and it’s tumors just don’t offer up to get excited about. Heck it just LAYS there and doesn’t even try to kick the ultrasound wand.

And there is no keepsake photo to take home. No Mommy’s Little Tumor printed on the top. Nothing. I asked. I think I frightened the tech.

Tomorrow it is SUPER TUESDAY in these parts and I will be exercising my constitutional right to vote. Unless I forget, which is entirely possible since I am so not enamored with either candidate. I just can not vote for Hillary. I can’t. I think that it is lame that my entire adult life there has either been a Bush or Clinton in office. Can we please get some fresh blood?

Preferably someone who has inhaled.

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Freshly bathed

Watching the tornado

They have to stand at the tub after bath time and watch the water drain. The “water tomato” is very exciting. And also threatening. They are never really sure that it won’t suddenly suck them down the drain.

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The Story Behind the Photo

February 3, 2008

So many of you have commented or emailed asking if I have the camera attached to my arm, which how awesome would that be. Or if I had them re-enact the hug.

The story is that I really wanted to get a photo of my older children giving the two little ones piggy back rides upstairs to bed. It is really sweet, but I never have my camera out much at bedtime. Probably something about all the threats and yelling and begging people to JUST BRUSH THEIR TEETH already that is not conducive to picture taking.

This night I grabbed my camera as they were all heading upstairs, but they ran ahead of me and I didn’t get any photos of the piggy backing. Then I went in my daughter’s room and saw the mess she had made of her bedroom and I scolded her and told her she would need to clean it up. And then I took this photo:

The horror of having to clean your room

I know I am mean.

Right after that my husband came into the room and I took the other photo.

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