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2008 February


February 2, 2008


Looking for songs on iTunes. Moments later there was table dancing. Moments after that tears, because the table is pretty high to fall from. Moments after that laughter, because whenever anyone gets hurt the drama has to be re-enacted until the crier also sees the humor in his pain.

Maybe this is why I take myself so seriously. I had no siblings to convince me to laugh at myself when I was down.

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I scolded my daughter last night before bedtime when we all went upstairs and I discovered that she had trashed her room. Clothes, toys, books, make-up… everywhere.

She cried and ran to her Daddy, who dropped everything he was carrying to hug her. He told her not to cry, he would help her clean up. Somehow it ended up being me who did the cleaning up, but the moment was so sweet between the two of them. He is tender with her in a way that I don’t see with the boys.


Because I am a lemming, I joined the 30 tiny moments pool at flickr, a place to capture and celebrate the small moments that make up your life.


The wire has been fixed. I have no idea when they came and did it because none of us saw or heard them. So evidently it was between 12pm and 7am this morning.

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Ice Storms Are Comcastic

February 1, 2008


We are in the middle of an ice storm here. I was talking on the phone to my friend Jody, who lives on a warm Texas beach, when she asked if the trees ever came crashing down. And in a moment of bravado, or stupidity, I said that I thought most of the week branches had fallen off the trees already. A mere moments after those words left my mouth, my oldest son came running in to tell me that a big branch had fallen down across our driveway and taken a wire with it.

Of course we all ran outside to the skating rink that is our driveway and gawked. Weird, because our power and telephone still worked. I came back inside and called the power company. Within twenty minutes they were at my door. Too bad it was the cable wire. Oooooops. But really, how am I supposed to tell?

So I call the cable company that is known for their stellar service, you know the one whose name rhymes with, ummm, comcastic. They helpfully tell me that they can come on the 6th. Of February. A quick consult with my calendar, because I was sure five days must have passed without my even knowing, because surely they would not make me wait FIVE DAYS with a wire laying down over my driveway, and I tell him that is totally unacceptable.

“Well, ma’am. I realize that. I’ll ask my superior to try and do something about that.”

“Try? Isn’t it just a little bit dangerous to have a wire laying there across your driveway?”

“Yes ma’am, just keep your kids away from it.”

“I would hate for one of them to get hurt.” I say while thinking because then I will sue you. Don’t tempt me. I have kids to spare.

So now we wait. When I asked how I would know when they were planning on coming he replied, “Well ma’am you will know when you see the trucks outside.”

Oooohhhh, great! Thank you! SO HELPFUL!

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This Looks Familiar

Multi tasking

I’m busy, busy, dreadfully busy
You’ve no idea what I have to do.
Busy, busy, shockingly busy
Much, much too busy for you.

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