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2008 March

A Teaching Moment

March 31, 2008

Yesterday I was thinking that my keyboard looked particularly dusty. You know all around and under the keys. The last time I popped a key off to clean I broke it. And the time before that I put them back on in the wrong order, which wasn’t so bad if I didn’t look at my keyboard while I was typing. But, ooops, I do not know how to type in any other method than the patented hunt and peck.

So I had a better idea. I would vacuum my keyboard.

All was going well for the first few seconds, until the Mighty Dyson sucked the keys right off.

And that was why I found myself sitting on my kitchen floor going through the dust and debris in the cannister that I had collected from my floors and rugs at 2am.

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Random Monday Things

Diaper Cake

You can read about making this Unique Diaper Cake at Alpha Mom. You know you want to go read all about it. Go on. I’ll wait.

This morning I have to go and pick up some more wood pellets. Or actually direct some strong men to pick up the bags of wood pellets and deposit them in the back of my van. We were a little too optomistic about the arrival of Spring when we last had them delivered.

He also  decorated it himself

And this was too cute not to share. My son also decorated his own cake.


Recipe over at Work It, Mom. I made an extra dish of this and sent it over to a friend’s house. She called me afterward to say how much they loved it. When I gave her the recipe she didn’t believe that it could be so simple. But it is. And delicious too.

So go make it or something.

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Ninth Birthday

March 30, 2008

We celebrated tonight.


I love this photo. It feels happy and loving. Like you could just pull up a chair and be let in on the laughter. I don’t even remember what was so funny.

This snapshot, this is how I hope they remember their childhood.

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Al Gore Looks Scornfully Over at Me

Yesterday I had to call AAA to come and jump start our van, proving that our membership is good for something other than getting slightly discounted hotel room rates. Someone had turned the lights on inside the van and the battery went dead.

I called and the guy who came out and jump started it said to let it run for at least half an hour to recharge. That seemed so wasteful, especially with the prices of gas these days. But I had nowhere to go. So I said I would and happily went inside where it was not bone chillingly cold. (Spring, hello? Where are you?)

Three hours later I suddenly remembered the van.

Yes, it was still running. In the end it probably would have cost less to go buy a new battery.

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Rest Easy

March 26, 2008

Keeping the World Safe

He is keeping the world safe for you.

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Playing Catch Up

March 25, 2008

Today is Yesterday was a typical Monday, filled to the brim with annoyances compounded by children who are were on a serious sugar rollercoaster.

“Oh, you are cranky. Go eat a jellybean. And bring Mommy one too while you are at it.”

The good news is that by tomorrow today there will be is no more candy left. Except for my one child who doesn’t like candy and saves it for “later.” Later being when I toss it all in the trash.

(I wrote all of this last night right before I crashed and burned with a migraine that had me clutching my head and willing myself not to vomit, hence the editing.)

We have a handy man working on our house, which is a good thing. In theory. He is getting work done. But he is getting it done so slowly that it isn’t quite visible. Case in point yesterday he logged in 8.5 hours. Spent about an hour putting in the insulation, um okay. And the next 7.5 hours hanging two sheets of sheetrock. For those of you not familiar with home improvement type things, that is really FREAKING slow.

The funny thing is that he gave me a list of supplies that Rob would need to buy before he came back. On the list was two more sheets of sheetrock. We already have about 10 of them waiting there outside the bathroom. I am not sure what the rush is all about because at the pace he is working we have enough sheetrock to keep him busy for at least a month.

I am still not used to the time change. Every night at 6:30 I am suddenly shocked by the time and scrambling to make dinner.

Yesterday Susan called and I was forced to reveal to her that I was feeding my children chicken nuggets and frozen vegetables, and serving it on paper plates. And then during the course of our conversation I realized that I had not put out any silverware. But that didn’t stop my children. One child was holding his plate up in the air pushing the peas and carrots and green beans off the plate and into his mouth with a chicken nugget. I wasn’t sure if I should be proud at his resourcefulness or horrified that he would not think to get up and get a proper utensil.

At least I know that they are well suited to dorm life. Or prison.


It’s his ninth birthday so he whipped himself up some Monkey bread. Recipe over at Work It, Mom!

Over at Parenting I wrote about girls and boys and the differences between them.

My children would be different. They would break free of these gender stereotypes. My boys would play with their Waldorf-approved gender neutral dolls and my girls would do boy things. Granted, I was not really sure what those boy things would be since I was an only child and didn’t grow up around boys. I assumed it had something to do with playing with cars, burping contests, and making fart noises in your armpit.

And guess what? It is 5:30pm and I have not resolved the question of what is for dinner.

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I Hope You Dance…

March 23, 2008


When you have the choice to sit it out or dance…

I Hope You Dance

I hope you dance.


Even if all your dancing skills end at spinning around until you collapse on the ground.

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The Year of Hummus

March 20, 2008


I love hummus. I shared my recipe over at Work It, Mom! today.


Miles loves lemons. No really he says he loves them.


Even when the sour sucks his face into his skull, he says he loves them.


Bangs. Cheaper Than Botox.

Especially when you do them in your bathroom yourself. With tiny nail scissors.

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Salad, Anyone?


Three years old is the age of the helper.

As soon as I went into the refrigerator and pulled out the lettuce Miles went running for the salad spinner. His salad spinner.

He shoved me out of the way in front of the sink, banging me in the shins with his chair. Frantic that I might dare to wash the lettuce without him, despite the fact that I repeatedly assured him that the job was all his.


If only they were that eager to help as they got older.


I may have to start making salad at 2 o’clock in the afternoon to have it ready in time for dinner when he helps, but could you deny that blurry little face?

Why yes, he is wearing hot pink nail polish. Sometimes a boy just feels the need to be pretty.

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Geeks Gone Wild

March 18, 2008

We take our American Idol viewing very seriously over here at our house.


Here we are tallying our votes to determine who we are going to vote for. If you think that this would be an easy process you would be mistaken.


The younger ones insist on giving everyone a “one” except for the person they want to win.

I was laughing so hard that I was crying and clutching my stomach.

Rob has decided that for next week he is going to make us some individual spreadsheets. Yes, really.

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