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View From Inside

View From Inside

March 5, 2008

View from inside

They haven’t grown weary of the snow yet. The past two days it has been warm enough to play outside in the snow. The previous days were so cold that your eyeballs froze into icy sheets.

Over at Parenting I also wrote about snow, or rather its removal.

And at Work It, Mom I share a recipe for Roasted lemon chicken with green beans and potatoes.


I love green beans. And I especially love one pan meals. I think you would love it too.

Posted by Chris @ 12:13 am  

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  1. Sarah says:

    I love green beans too. Now I want them. Thanks.

  2. balconygal says:

    Drat nab it. It’s the middle of the night and your picture makes me want to run to the kitchen and get a big bowl of green beans. I’ve already earmarked the chicken meal for next week because I know it will be a big hit.

  3. Jamie AZ says:

    I saw the green bean recipe earlier and thought it looked really good. It will be on the menu for next week! I love the view of the snow from inside, too. Unless I’m snowing in it, I tire of it quickly, and I don’t even have to live in it!

  4. Brittany says:

    I can’t imagine that amount of snow. It was 75 here yesterday. Today is a chilly 64. I love the warm weather but for once (and probably one time only) I’d like to go where there’s snow for a few days. Want to trade lives for a week?

    I love green beans. Now I want them, and it’s 7:30am!

  5. suburbancorrespondent says:

    I’ll eat anything. I’m starving. Dang this Weight Watchers!

  6. Jamie AZ says:

    Duh, my comment above makes no sense! I meant “Unless I’m SKIING in it…”

  7. Kelly says:

    I love your recipes, thank you so much for taking the time to post them. The Italian Sausage soup you posted awhile back (I sure hope that was yours!) is really, really great and has become a staple for us. And the bottle of wine that goes with it.

    I’m so ready for spring!!

  8. OMSH says:

    What is it about green beans in a bowl that makes me want to play Laura Ingalls Wilder?

  9. Janet says:

    I once lived where it snowed a couple of times each winter. I enjoyed watching it fall. I really liked how excited the children were and how much fun they had playing in it. I didn’t even mind all the wet play clothes.

    However what I did HATE was when it began to thaw and started that never ending drip, drip, drip, drip. Chinese water torture I tell you!

  10. Laurie says:

    Chris, I have just stumbled on your blog within the last month or so. You are making me laugh with each post and I just finished reading your latest Parenting post - now I feel a sisterhood with you about clearing snow and those mysterious children that we never see. Thanks for the laughter!

  11. Lana says:

    Where do you live that you get that much snow? I am in Lou. KY and people here panic when there’s even talk of snow, can’t remember the last time we saw that much! Also, what kind of camera do you use? Your pictures are outstanding! Are you trained in photography or just naturally good at it?

  12. SouthernBelle says:

    We haven’t even had snow this winter. Well, we did have a few flakes but nothing that sticks or accumalates. We had flurries yesterday and predicted again for tomorrow but I am at the point where I don’t even want it anymore. Bring on spring already!

  13. Maia says:

    Thanks for the chicken and beans recipe - I’ll have to try it out. I love one pan recipes too. I really enjoy reading about your family - thanks for sharing.

  14. Burgh Baby's Mom says:

    They may not be weary of snow yet, but I sure am. Ugh.

  15. Kathy from NJ says:

    I would love a close-up of that snowman/woman. Is it wearing a wig?

    Chris says: Haha! No, it is wearing a hat.

  16. Mary W says:

    You know all that “it’s 60° here in Texas a few weeks ago?

    Karma bit or some one bit us in the butt - it’s 35 right now and the threat of SNOW - after the 1/2 inch we got Monday.

  17. Randall says:

    Yum - I love green beans too (but maybe I love broccoli a little more). I’ll have to give the recipe a try!

  18. Marcea says:

    Hello there, been reading your blog for awhile but this is 1st time commenting. :)

    I am about to try your meatloaf in cupcake pan this weekend. My daughter has diary and egg allergy as well. Hope it works out good for us!
    I wanted to ask you, what kind of camera you are using? I enjoy your pictures.


  19. Debbie says:

    We had your corn chowder last night and this tonight–so good! I just love the pictorials, and love the new layout! :)