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Another Friday

Another Friday

March 7, 2008

Yesterday Miles was running outside and fell. He cried, but he was fully dressed and wearing a coat to cushion the fall. The palm of his hand had a tiny virtually invisible abrasion. This of course necessitated that I carry him the rest of the way. Regardless of the fact that it was icy, uphill and I was wearing shoes that were not appropriate for icy, uphill, child carrying events.

After a little while he was fine and forgot all about it.

Because there were new things to be indignant about, like not getting to monopolize the puck during floor hockey.


Later that night when getting his clothes off for bedtime he noticed that he had an abrasion on his elbow. The TRAGEDY. He was injured. Oh the drama. Finally he put on what looked like a brave face and very seriously said to me, “I okay. It’s alright. I okay.”

Then he ran to the doorway of the room and called to his siblings, “Guys! Guys! I okay, guys! I okay!” And from the sounds of them ignoring him I could tell they were relieved.



Miles has developed a habit of drinking out of a tiny cup. An espresso cup that they use for their pretend kitchen.

It is adorable. I honestly have to restrain myself from squeezing his cheeks and then eating him right up.

Except for when I have to get up during dinner and fill it every time he takes a swallow. Because that is all the water that it can hold. The plus side? When he spills it there isn’t very much to clean up.


We are having dinner guests tonight. In anticipation the pellet stove got clogged and began spewing smoke into the room and not up the chimney. I then had to take it all apart and clean it. It is a long involved messy process, but the worst is that my hands were covered with black soot that doesn’t easily wash off. My hands look like I have been out in the garage working on some engines.

I am looking forward to saying, “I made this dinner with my own hands.” And then holding them up for effect.

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  1. Mel says:

    Oh that is sooo funny. I dare you, then have the camera ready for their faces !!

  2. Sara says:

    We have a wood burning stove so I know what the cleaning process is!!!(MESSY) Not a good sign when the smoke is inside.My husband came up to our room one night(of course it was below 0) and said “you need to help me clean the chimney outside ,it is clogged” We ended up looking like we were in a coal mine!!!! LOL on the plus side our house is always toasty warm!!!

  3. Heather's Garden says:

    I guess keeping a pitcher of water on the table is a frightening thought with all the kids at your table? I want to see a photo of those hands!

  4. Dianna says:

    My gosh that kid is adorable.

  5. carrien says:

    YOu are always good at making me laugh. I hope when I grow up I can have a sense of humor like yours. I’m getting there, slowly. Miles is adorable and all, but you make him hilarious when you recount it all.

  6. suburbancorrespondent says:

    I swear, my kids only drink water at meals just to see me get up 16,000 times to refill cups.

  7. Lilly says:

    Lovin’ the Milesisms… He’s so cute! Sorry about your stove. Serve some blackened cajun catfish or something and your hands will look just right!

  8. kalisah says:

    OK I have a question. I hope this does not offend. I live in the south so this is very foreign to me - you’ve mentioned wood stoves before and now a pellet? stove? Does everyone have these where you live b/c it sounds to me like you guys are reenacting Little House on the Prairie.

    Chris says: It is a wood pellet stove. I’d say quite a few people have wood stoves or pellet stoves here. Especially in the last few years since the price of oil has sky rocketed. It is much more economical.

  9. Sarah says:

    I’ve been a long time lurker but never posted. I love the little espresso cup. Have you thought of providing a small pitcher so he could pour his own water?

  10. Marti says:

    Thanks for the pellet stove question. I too live in the south where we heat our houses with natural gas or electric and very few houses have an actually basement, so I kept wondering why you would mention the price of oil so much when talking about heating your house. Then you posted about some strange, alien, oil type machine that lives in your basement that you have to feed gallons upon gallons of oil at a time and I understood why. It’s still a foreign concept to me, but I understand where the price of oil comments are coming into play.

  11. D52R says:

    Chris, could you explain what a pellet stove is, i.e. what are the pellets composed of? I’ve had wood stoves, gas logs, etc. but a pellet stove is totally new to me, too.

    I enjoy reading your blog and really appreciate how often you post.

    You are a very blessed woman to have such a lovely family.

  12. Marci says:

    Thanks for asking that question Kalisah. I was wondering the same thing. My mind was imagining the same Little House on the Prairie scene.

  13. Earl says:

    My wife was SO in the habit of NOT filling their glasses (less to clean up when they spilled) that she just HALF filled my Dad’s glass at dinner one night. He just held it and looked at her………..

  14. Stephanie says:

    The phrase, “it’s okay, I okay,” and the espresso cup are both so cute I can’t contain myself.

    There isn’t a Thomas the train stuck in the pellet dispenser or anything, is there?

  15. Gwen says:

    I love the look on his face! It’s awesome that he knows to look up during his disappointment because, sure enough, Mom’s got a camera ready! Too cute.

  16. Chris H says:

    “When he spills it there isn’t very much to clean up. ” When my kids were small, the rule was (ok, let’s face it, STILL IS, even though they are 10 and 13): Never pour more than you are willing to clean up.

    Oh, and make sure someone has the camera handy when you holdup your hands. I can just imagine the faces…

  17. Keri says:

    I just laughed out loud. What are you making the dinner guests. It would be even better if when they arrived, the hood of your van was up to show that you in fact, had been doing some additional work :)

  18. Victoria says:

    Your Miles stories are the most adorable things. : )

    And, can I ask a question too? What are wood pellets? Are they wood that has been compacted somehow? Or… wood shavings? Chips? Chunks of wood? Where do you get them? Oh my goodness I sound five!

    Yours confusedly,


  19. genpoco says:

    Oh that is all priceless! Miles is just a doll. We are going to have to replace our woodstove this coming year and I’ve heard great things about the pellet stoves. We filled the oil tank in December and thankfully haven’t had to fill it again. Of course we’ve burned close to 7 cords of wood - which was still cheaper than going only on oil. We also wear alot of fleece and wool. Inside.

  20. Christy says:

    My grandma always had teeny tiny espresso cups for us to use. I still LOVE that she let us drink out of them. She even gave me my own set when I got married!

    How cute are his pink cheeks?!

  21. Tracy D says:

    I want to see pictures of your guests’ faces when you say that to them! LOL. My middlest child has an itty bitty cup he loves to drink milk out of. So much fun to have to refill!

  22. Wendy says:

    You know what is weird. I live in New Orleans and rarely have the heater on, because hey, it is like hell down here, but the people before us had a wood burning stove in the fireplace. You can’t even use the fireplace, because it was built to accomodate the stove. The first thing we did when we moved in, rip that bad boy out. The fireplace still can’t be used, but we have gas heat, so no big problem and you know it feels like hell.

  23. Sandy says:

    Have you tried toothpaste on your hands? My uncle is a car mechanic and he taught me that it cuts engine grease. I laughed at him hysterically until I tried it and wouldn’t you know it actually works for alot of things that soap doesn’t cut through. I use plain old Colgate and they smell minty fresh afterwards :)

  24. carrie says:

    Miles is too cute!

    Have a wonderful dinner . . . never a dull moment, huh? :)

  25. carrie says:

    And yes, there are pellet stoves here in Washington state too — even near the big city!

  26. Brigitte says:

    At least three of our neighbors heat their homes with wood stoves! And it’s not like we’re miles from civilization (though I have some friends who may beg to differ).

    I’m a day late reading your entry, how’d dinner go?

  27. Nat says:

    LOL!!! I love your combinations of spot-on photographs and gotcha mummmying!

  28. Hatchet says:

    I love how big the ego can be on small children.

    Why yes, the world does revolve around you, doesn’t it?

    *furtive cheek squeeze*

  29. MaryP says:

    “And from the sounds of them ignoring him I could tell they were relieved.” Speechless with relief, they were. Good to know your boy has a solid self-esteem. Heh.

  30. Shannon says:

    Cute little boy + tiny cup = Adorable.

  31. Beth says:

    I’m glad I wasn’t drinking water when I read about your dirty hand display idea. Very funny!!

    Reading about Miles reminds me to enjoy my nearly 4 year old–though he is often exasperating, his absolute cuteness tears me up sometimes. Thanks for helping me to enjoy these small moments.

  32. {heather} says:

    He is so adorable, but you already know that. ;) I am totally new to the whole idea of any type of heating that isnt gas or electric. I was also floored when I found out that ALOT of homes on the east coast dont have air conditioning. I would have never imagined a home with no air conditioning, mainly because I live in the closest climate to hell in my opinion. ;)

    Are you going to share your dinner recipe?? :)

  33. Cindy says:

    Miles is so cute!

    OMG!! The stove thing?! Ours did that a few weeks ago. The house had so much smoke in it is was nasty and unbreathable.

    Worst part was the HIGH temp for the day was 5 degrees. F. Above zero. Bummer.

    Good luck with your dinner tonight! What did you end up making?