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Maybe Someday Our Snow Will Melt

Maybe Someday Our Snow Will Melt

March 13, 2008

If I had a sound track playing in the background of my life today it would be “The Bitch is Back”

Not that I ever really went anywhere. But today I took the number one rant from my Monday list and confronted someone. And even when they were defensive I made my point. Nicely, I think. Or at least I hope. I do not like confrontation in real life. I talk big, but in reality I just usually smile, nod politely, while simultaneously imagine tearing the person’s face off.

But the home school class situation has been irking me to no end. At our co-op today it was someone with an 8 yr old who thought their preshus child should be in the class with older kids.

I may have uttered, “Oh, for the love of God,” out loud, while my eyes rolled involuntarily back in my head.

::Deep breath::

The school year is almost over.

Completely unrelated:


Want to make this? You know you do.
The recipe is here.

The carrot cake recipe is here. In case you feel like making dessert to go along with it.

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  1. jody says:

    Go you! I was thinking about you today and wondering how it went.

    We are having ’sgetti tonight…will click over and see what I an add to the sauce to spice it up.

  2. nancy alv. says:

    Know how ya feel when people just need to join those of us in reality! LOL!

  3. suburbancorrespondent says:

    Good for you! It really isn’t fair to the older kids.

  4. Laney says:

    Hey! First time commenting and completely unrelated to the snow, but I had to give you mad props for the Curry Chicken with Sweet Potatoes. I made it today and my family loved it.


    P.S. We homeschool and I totally get the “preshus” child thing. *eye-roll*

  5. Christine says:

    I feel your pain there. My daughter recently signed up and paid for a dance master class out of her own money. On the phone when we were registering her for the class they kept insisting that she had to be over 15 or she couldn’t attend. Low and behold on the night of the class who shows up, not one but 2 little girls ages 6 and 8. They are special and not like “normal” kids, they are advanced for their ages! There was a lot of time wasted explaining things and giving the definitions of words that they did not understand and not to mention that 6-8 can not dance the same as 15 year olds.

  6. Jane says:

    I just had to tell you again that I love your blog. It is the pick me up I need. You rock!

  7. Sleeping Mommy says:

    How long left in your school year? I personally have about five weeks in mine. The kids have a few more than that.

    Deep breaths…summer is coming. :)

    Did you say carrot cake…?

  8. Jeanette says:

    You were probably the voice of several other moms who felt the same way you did, but whose bitchiness, I mean courage, was failing.

    Love the blog!

  9. LammyAnn says:


    Why…for the love of all that is holy…do people feel the need to do this!? Exceptions to the rules for their preshus.

    Heavenly looking eats. THanks for sharing!

  10. elizadoohicky says:

    Dear Chris,

    I stumbled upon your blog via effortlessly average a few days ago and I have been hooked ever since, going back and reading old posts, feeling a bit like a stalker thanks to my obsession with your beautiful family and amusing home life, but hey, you ARE blogging publicly here! And I’m NOT a stalker, just a mom of a 2.5 year old girl and a new blogger and a hobbyist photographer, and I just feel a little kindred spirit in you.

    I must tell you that after reading the posts about your “allergies” my heart is full of compassion for your plight and I have felt compelled to share with you a few things, that I am sure you have heard of, but in the off chance that you have NOT, here I go:

    First, let me tell you that I experienced terrible allergies growing up, underwent the million needles testing (HELL!), the blood testing and every conceivable medication available. I too, was told I had “no food allergies” by every doctor and specialist I saw. They insisted it must be “regular” allergies and gave me more medicine. Then my uncle, a chiropractor, began delving deeper into the realm of holistic medicine and nutritional healing. I endured an elimination diet just like you have done (no gluten, dairy, etc.) but it was even stricter than what you have done, as I eliminated all red meat and especially pork, due to his findings on the subjects. I gradually added one food at a time and found that dairy and citrus were big problems for me, as well as all pesticides found on anything non organic. (I was a broke college student at the time, by the way!) I found that by avoiding all dairy and citrus I had NO HAYFEVER LIKE allergies no matter what barn I rolled around in. I also lost a lot of excess weight and stopped experiencing joint pain.

    Now I KNOW you are having more obvious “food allergies” than hayfever type symptoms, what with the swelling and the ER. I am sick and scared for you and I KNOW that with ONE child this kind of debilitating sensitivity is a pain at BEST, and with 7 I can’t even begin to imagine.

    BUT, let me encourage you on your quest. Try something OTHER than western MEdicine. Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Nutritional Healing, Holistic and Naturopathy.

    Also let me link you to this lovely couple: http://www.loveraw.com/aboutus.asp

    I have NO IDEA how a mother of 7 would manage this kind of change, but I know I would want someone to at least tell me about it if I were in your shoes. (esp the cute Clarks you got on sale—that was a DAMN good deal!)

    I would also like to encourage you to find a holistic practitioner that uses Standard Process Food Supplements. THere is a weird almost voodoo-esque testing process. You will have to experience it to believe it, trust me, but it works, and when explained by a competent healer makes perfect sense.

    I can hear your frustration even through your soldier tone in the blogs you mention all this in. I just want you to know that here, in 70 degree Houston Texas (not to rub it in!) I am sending you warm thoughts and hoping you will find an answer to your troubles!

    Best of Luck, and keep up the wonderful blogs, photos, etc. You guys are beautiful!