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Bathroom Wannabe

Bathroom Wannabe

March 17, 2008

Bathroom Wannabe

Today my husband took the day off of work on the spur of the moment. He never does that. He likes to plan these sort of things days, weeks, even months in advance if possible. Spontaneous is NOT his middle name.

But our handyman was over working on this bathroom and Rob decided that he wanted to stay and help him get started.

Plaster walls came down. Old moldy wainscotting tossed out the window. The vent fan and light hard wired into place. The plumbing that our licensed plumber put in incorrectly (yet still charged lots of money) was redone. Locations for light switches and outlets determined.

It doesn’t look like much, yet. But it is a huge step.

To quote my 7 yr old son, “I can’t believe that soon we will be able to PEE in here! Well, in a toilet, I mean.”

Thanks for clearing that up!

Though in his case it is more like the the two foot wide section surrounding the toilet, but why point that out and spoil the moment.

Posted by Chris @ 7:54 pm  

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  1. kalisah says:

    yeah, ’cause I’m thinking you can totally pee in there now if you really wanted to.

    But that’s not what I meant my comment to be. I was wondering, does “licensed” mean “you get your money back if they do it all wrong”? Because it seems like it should mean the guarantee of SOMETHING.

  2. Rebecca says:

    I always love being let in on all of your house projects. Is this a community bathroom or off of one (or two) of the kid’s bedrooms?

  3. Cheryl says:

    We too stripped our bathroom down to the stud walls and paid a bucket of money to have a 2 person soaker tub, new vanity, paint, wallpaper, light fixtures - everything done. It was beautiful!! Then, 6 weeks later my husband’s job transferred him and we had to sell.
    On the upside (I guess) it was the new bathroom that sold the house so quickly for us.
    But - I really miss it. *sigh*

  4. Ani says:

    Killer invention for the moms of the world…a big funnel contraption that goes over the pot so the pee goes INTO THE TOILET. Cause, seriously, can they not AIM that thing?


  5. Janet says:

    Oh God…. My son was like that! He just aimed in the general direction. One time I just about killed myself by using bleach in a tiled area around the toilet that had ammonia (pee) on it. The fumes were like WW1 mustard gas.

  6. Kristina says:

    Good to know that my 7 year old isn’t the only one his age who still has bad aim! Also, my husband just ripped down our downstairs basement last week, and then decided he’s going to finish the attic before he starts on the downstairs again. Men!

  7. Kristina says:

    I meant bathroom, not basement! :)

  8. suburbancorrespondent says:

    I would like to take the day off “work” on the spur of the moment…

  9. pickel says:

    Well, that is what our kitchen will probably look like in about two weeks…well, kitchen and dining room. We’re combining the two. At least you have a spot to eat. :)

  10. Debbie H says:

    In my house of three bad aiming boys, my battle cry is…”I don’t want to see a shiny-hiney standing in here, sit and pee please.” Wondering if a urinal would be a good thing or not…

  11. Tracy D says:

    Oh man. I am about to seriously potty train my 2 year old boy. Is THAT what I have to look forward to? Are they really that bad? Oh boy.

  12. GrimRealityGirl says:

    How do you do it? Your photos would make a war zone look pretty. Do you have the flash turned off? Do you wait for the perfect morning light? Do you have a tripod on your hip? Is your camera 6000 mega pixals or what???

    Chris says: Hahaha, Thank you. Um, yes I have the flash off. This photo was taken in the evening. I don’t have a tripod, but try to stand veeeeeeery still.

  13. Rae says:

    So, even two years down the road my toilet will smell like a fire hydrant? Great…

  14. Brigitte says:

    Standing to pee when indoors seems like some holdover from when people lived in sod hovels with their goats (well, some people still do, but you know what I mean). It seems we should be evolved enough to SIT DOWN when we’re in the house!

  15. Lorraine says:

    Now see… We are remodeling our main bathroom too, but not to this extent. We’ve merely scraped every bit of the horrid brown paint that was everywhere in this house off the walls and ceiling, Spackled the dry wall, replaced the baseboards, the vanity (was rotted out from a leak which was so simple to fix it drove me crazy why didn’t they fix it? AHH!), and the faucet (kept the sink though, it as nice). Now I just need to get in there and Prime and Paint the thing, hopefully before family gets here for Easter. *S*

    And yea, I’ve got one of those 7 year olds too. and a 3 yr old who insists that he can “‘tand up yike a Big Boy,” except he’s about an inch too short to be able to aim it down and in, so he winds up spraying the back of the lid, and the hinges. Ugh. Steamer works great for getting it all clean without tearing it apart.

  16. CathyC says:

    PRETTY!!!! love that window.

  17. Jeanne says:

    Is that the bathtub that was in your yard? Maybe the boys could use that in place of a toilet, seems hard to miss. My 14 year old still has trouble with that.

    Be sure to post after pics!

    Chris says: No it was not in our yard. Peeing in the bathtub, ugh, no thanks.

  18. Sarah G. says:

    Having three little boys with very poor aim caused me to strip the wallpaper in the bathroom (which was disgusting)and paint the room with (yellow!) washable paint.

  19. Jamie says:

    Beats the Pringles can I found today in my daughters’ room. I’m guessing it’s my son’s.

  20. Amy says:

    I can SO identify right now, except my master bath AND kitchen look that way. We are two weeks into the project now and are finally seeing some progress. I keep telling myself it will be worth it in the end. Oh, and I have a 7 year old who can’t ring the toilet also and we are having to share his bathroom right now.