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The Year of Hummus

The Year of Hummus

March 20, 2008


I love hummus. I shared my recipe over at Work It, Mom! today.


Miles loves lemons. No really he says he loves them.


Even when the sour sucks his face into his skull, he says he loves them.


Bangs. Cheaper Than Botox.

Especially when you do them in your bathroom yourself. With tiny nail scissors.

Posted by Chris @ 11:48 pm  

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  1. Evi says:

    “Bangs. Cheaper Than Botox.”
    Best. line. ever!

    I hate hummus. The consistency reminds me of cat barf.

    Chris says: Mmmmm, cat barf.

  2. Kelly says:

    I’m sure you know this, but just in case…


  3. Jean says:

    That’s exactly how I did my bangs when I had them!!!!

    And I LOVE hummus, all flavors.

  4. Rae says:

    LOVE hummus. And my kids love it too, which is awesome.

  5. Headless Mom says:

    Can’t wait to try it-Ive been looking for a recipe. What’s the difficulty on the Susan scale?

  6. Julie Stiles Mills says:

    Now, what lens is that? I got the camera, but now I need a few dominoes. like a new lens. a new case. another memory card. a couple of Blurb books . . .

    Bangs. hmmmm.

  7. Amanda says:

    I love hummous.

    And congrats on the “very self-aware shot” we all love.

  8. Jenny says:

    My four year old does the exact same thing with lemons. She has since she was 1. She makes awful faces and then wants more. We have always found it disturbing. I’m going to stop worrying now that another little one loves them too.

    Your bangs look fantastic!

  9. salsaqueen says:

    Hummus=garbanzo beans/chick peas=yuck!

    I still eat lemons. And my face still puckers like Miles’. I find it easier to cut them into slices than in half.

    Like you’re anywhere near ready for botox!

  10. suburbancorrespondent says:

    I tried trimming my hair into bangs once. Someday, my husband will give me my hair-cutting shears back.

  11. rain says:

    Bangs cover a multitude of sins. I do the tiny scissor thing myself and then lie when the hairdresser asks me if I cut my own bangs. WHY NO!!! WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT!!!

    Hummus. Cat barf. Agreed.

  12. Carolyn says:

    OK…I gotta know. How the heck were you making hummus before the food processor purchase?

    Love the bangs. But I don’t have a fore head, I have a five bordering on a six head so it’s really necessary so that I don’t scare young children. I suggest hitting Sally’s Beauty supply and purchasing a pair of really good and sharp scissors. Yes, I have them hidden but, yes, my children have still been threatened with murder if they even THINK about using them to cut out a picture of SpongeBob. I do mean too.

  13. Anne says:


  14. Paulla says:

    Looks like that last shot made the driving interesting. ;)

  15. Ivy Six-Pack says:

    Please tell me that’s a 15 passenger van…it would make me feel so much better about driving my own “day care”/”church” van!

  16. kalisah says:

    I’m guessing Kelly’s link says something about how the acid in lemons eats the enamel off your teeth? Not to be one of those crazy cyber chicken littles, but I worked w/ a girl who had to spend big $$ getting her teeth repaired from sucking lemons. Her two front teeth were so thin at the bottom you could practically see thru them. But I guess since he’s still got baby teeth it may not be an issue yet.

    Chris says: It’s not like he sucks lemons EVERY day either.

  17. Woulda Coulda Shoulda » Cadbury Hummus Eggs all around says:

    [...] this morning, and saying how maybe if we hadn’t spent so much time the last couple of days talking about hummus recipes I might’ve gotten it together to go buy some Easter candy, and then of course we started [...]

  18. Tresha Swickey says:

    I ALWAYS cut my bangs in the bathroom with my orange handed kitchen scissors! ahhahaahaa….and I always regret it but I cant stop!

  19. Sue says:

    I LOVE it in the pepper! What a great idea. I love me some hummus!

  20. April says:

    A kid after my own heart! I loved lemons growing up, I love lemons now. Mmm, good! haha

  21. melissa6 says:

    you would love it here in israel chris because we eat soooo muuuuch hummous…goes really well with salads and bar-b-q and just about everything really!

  22. halloweenlover says:

    I sucked lemons when I was a child practically EVERY DAY and my teeth are fine. Didn’t have a cavity until I was 23 or some such nonsense. He’ll be fine.

    Gabe threw his first ever tantrum in public the other night at a restaurant when I took a lemon away from him. SCREAMING in public. And it was a kind of fancy restaurant. We haven’t been out since. I’m still traumatized.

    Are you sure making the hummus is worth it? I just buy it. I do love hummus, though, our whole family is a big fan. I might have to try your recipe.

    Chris says: It is sooooooo easy to make.

  23. D52R says:

    Chris, totally OT but I thought of you when I was scanning Outback’s menu for our treat tonight. Did you know they have a gluten free menu?

  24. Damsel says:

    Chris, you totally inspire me with your photography. My shots aren’t nearly so awesome as yours because my digital camera is almost 5 years old (practically medieval) and I have no clue what I’m really doing… I just wanted you to know that I always look at your blog and think that I should take and post more pictures. So I did today! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  25. Maddy says:

    Happy Easter to you and your family Chris, hope you got that shopping done. I love the new hair cut, you did a great job.

  26. Anna says:

    Have you tried roasted red pepper hummus? Just throw a whole roasted red pepper in the old food processor with the rest and give it a whirl…de-licious! Hmmm…now I want some.

  27. amanda says:

    I gave myself bangs while driving down the road a few weeks ago with kitchen scissors.

  28. a suburban housewife says:

    I LOVE the fingernail polish on Miles!! My youngest son has an older sister too!

  29. girlymom says:

    I love the bangs~ they look great! I tried bangs for awhile, but I have this nice little twirl of hair that never wanted to go forward…just straight up! Yikes! I’ve been debating on getting it all chopped, but then chicken out. My two oldest and I have been growing out for Locks of Love, but then I can’t seem to find the nerve to cut theirs either. Maybe another day.

    Love the lemon face, my children are always begging for mine~ I don’t get it, but whatever.

    Have a wonderful Easter Weekend!

  30. GrimRealityGirl says:

    Can’t do hummus… just can’t. Love the bangs on you. No courage for that here. It takes too darn long to grow them out!!!!

    Happy Easter! As always, I admire your photography skills!

  31. Stephanie says:

    I use the scissors from my husband’s beard trimmer kit to cut my bangs…they are for cutting hair, no?

    Also, I too say no to the hummus, but my husband loves it. Jury is still out on which side the munchkin will be, I am hoping she will err on the side of having a more adventurous palate than myself.

    Finally, Red Robin has a gluten-free menu as well, but it mostly has really insightful items like “cheeseburger, no bun or seasoning.”

    Oh, and one more thing, I really like Mile’s sweater, very dapper.

    That is all.

  32. kate says:

    i love hummus!

    Great cut with the nail scissors. sadly mine would not look as good.

    Kids and lemons they want to love them so bad.

  33. evie says:

    ok, so, like anything, some people do ok ,and others not.
    My sister always sucked on lemons when she was a kid, and
    had the most cavities of all her siblings. She’s in her late 40’s and still has bad teeth. But, I love hummus and am going to try the recipe.

    Chris says: I suppose if you sucked on lemons every single day it would be bad.

  34. Sarah says:

    I love the picture of the lemons. I’m told that I did the same thing, but I was only about 9 months old. My mom had me out at a restaurant and gave me the lemon from her iced tea. I made horrible faces, but wouldn’t stop eating it. Her 18 year old brother thought she was torturing me!

  35. Fold My Laundry Please says:

    I hack away at my bangs with a pair of kitchen scissors. And yes, it is much cheaper than botox.

  36. michele says:

    Hate to sound like a broken record, but at a hygienist, the lemons are bad news, any at all, You might ask your own dentist about it. I had a patient once that NEVER had cavities for years, then one 6 month check up she had 6 at once!! We couldn’t figure it out and after talking and talking she had started having limes with her beer! Only once a week!! Just FYI, for Mile’s sake…

  37. Betsy Bird says:

    Love your blog almost as much as I love hummus. Paired with multigrain pita chips, it is indisputably the crack cocaine of foods.

  38. Robyn says:

    Ok, I drink about 3 diet 7ups a day– that has lemon AND lime! If I didn’t have veneers I’d be worried……

  39. Anne says:

    happy easter

  40. Mishel says:

    Okay, I just had to let you know how I fared in my making of hummus. I didn’t have any lemon, despite being in the grocery store twice before making it, so I put in lemon pepper seasoning:) Then I had to find Tahini which I finally did and I followed your recipe but I don’t think I did it right b/c it didn’t taste too great. I had to put in more salt than called for and that helped and now it’s okay but I think no lemons made it bad and lemon pepper didn’t help. BUT I like hummus so I’m going to do it again one day:)

  41. dona says:

    What I love more than the hummus, silly lemon face, or your gorgeous bangs…The finger nail polish. So cute.

  42. Heather B. says:

    Did I ever tell you that I’ve started eating hummus with chips after I ate it at your house? Delicious and addictive and remind me to thank you for that someday.

  43. Sonia says:

    I am cracking up so much over your comment about your new bangs. Which? Look great!! I’m laughing because that is EXACTLY why I had bangs cut into my hair. I can’t afford Botox. LOLOLOL!!!!

  44. Ashlee says:

    Is that Mile’s fingernails painted? TOO CUTE! My daughter paints her daddy’s toenails, I think it’s sweet. :)

  45. Carol says:

    I came across your blog while browsing through other blog sites.. I hope you don’t mind my popping my toe in to say hello. You have a really lovely blog and I have to admit, the photo of your son pulling the lemon face had me laughing out loud. Bless him.