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2008 March

Tuesday, or Titles Are Too Difficult

March 18, 2008

Over at Work It, Mom, Pasta with Chicken and Roasted Pepper Pesto Sauce:


So good and so easy to make.

A lot of times I will be telling Susan about something I have made for dinner and she will ask if she could make it. And so I have developed a Susan Scale, which rates the difficulty of meal preparation from a 1 to a 5. 1 means that it is easy enough for Susan and small children to accomplish. 5 means that Susan should just admire the photo and consider ordering something similar next time she goes out to eat.

This meal rates a 1.

Over at Parenting you can read about karma biting me in the ass.

Here is a hint:


I also have just realized in what could be called something of a panic, that I have not done ONE thing for Easter. Not one.

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Bathroom Wannabe

March 17, 2008

Bathroom Wannabe

Today my husband took the day off of work on the spur of the moment. He never does that. He likes to plan these sort of things days, weeks, even months in advance if possible. Spontaneous is NOT his middle name.

But our handyman was over working on this bathroom and Rob decided that he wanted to stay and help him get started.

Plaster walls came down. Old moldy wainscotting tossed out the window. The vent fan and light hard wired into place. The plumbing that our licensed plumber put in incorrectly (yet still charged lots of money) was redone. Locations for light switches and outlets determined.

It doesn’t look like much, yet. But it is a huge step.

To quote my 7 yr old son, “I can’t believe that soon we will be able to PEE in here! Well, in a toilet, I mean.”

Thanks for clearing that up!

Though in his case it is more like the the two foot wide section surrounding the toilet, but why point that out and spoil the moment.

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At the Library

At the library

Otherwise known as our home away from home.

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Don’t Hate Me Because I Am Perfect

March 14, 2008


Today I finally made it to the eye doctor for an eye exam. The last time I went to the eye doctor it was the late 1980’s and really I have had no need to have an eye exam since then.

But the past few years I have noticed that I don’t see as well. I used to be able to read street signs from really far away, like almost as soon as I noticed there was a sign. But not anymore. Of course being me and slightly melodramatic, I had convinced myself that I was going blind.

So I sat down at the eye doctor’s office and read the chart. All the little letters and numbers. But I couldn’t see the bottom row. Dammit, it must be worse that I imagined, I thought.

He put that eyeglasses machine on me and flipped the little lenses around.

I was already mentally preparing for the cute glasses I was going to pick out. Oh, okay, I’ll admit it I was kind of looking forward to having glasses.

He then broke the news to me, I have perfect 20/20 vision. I apparently used to have better than 20/20 vision and now have slipped down to merely perfect.

Then I had the glaucoma test and some other eye drops that were orange. I passed whatever those tests were. I left the office without any cute glasses, which is really for the best anyway since I can not even seem to keep track of my $10 Target sunglasses.


From there I stopped at the grocery store for a few things. Then I went home and picked up the kids to bring them to a maple syrup place for a field trip to learn about tapping trees and making syrup, where I spent my children’s college education fund on Grade A maple syrup.

On the way home I looked at myself in the rear view mirror and realized that all around my eyes were stained orange. ORANGE. Like I had colored in my eyelids and under my eyes with an orange magic marker.

I turned to my son and said, “Look at my eyes! Why didn’t you tell me that I looked all orangey.”

You know what he said? “I thought that was just your makeup.”

Clearly I need some makeup lessons.

Those of you who wanted to see the whole stove cleaning mess that I am forced to endure weekly, here ya go. It takes days for my hand to look normal again. Just giving you a glimpse into my glamorous life.


I know. Try to contain that jealousy why don’t you.

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Maybe Someday Our Snow Will Melt

March 13, 2008

If I had a sound track playing in the background of my life today it would be “The Bitch is Back”

Not that I ever really went anywhere. But today I took the number one rant from my Monday list and confronted someone. And even when they were defensive I made my point. Nicely, I think. Or at least I hope. I do not like confrontation in real life. I talk big, but in reality I just usually smile, nod politely, while simultaneously imagine tearing the person’s face off.

But the home school class situation has been irking me to no end. At our co-op today it was someone with an 8 yr old who thought their preshus child should be in the class with older kids.

I may have uttered, “Oh, for the love of God,” out loud, while my eyes rolled involuntarily back in my head.

::Deep breath::

The school year is almost over.

Completely unrelated:


Want to make this? You know you do.
The recipe is here.

The carrot cake recipe is here. In case you feel like making dessert to go along with it.

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Those Darn Kids

March 12, 2008

Tonight I was on the phone with Susan when my daughter came running into the room asking me a question.

“Sure” I answered.

“Did she just ask you if she could have blueberry vodka?” Susan asked.

“No, she asked if she they could watch Denise Austin’s Daily Work-out.”


“My little kids all like to work out to it. I don’t question why. I am hoping to get in shape vicariously through them.”

“Is it working?”

“Not so much. But the kids do look too cute doing it.”


A week or so ago Miles fell and scraped his elbow. He has been wearing a band-aid on it ever since even though it is mostly healed now.

Today the bandaid was falling off so I removed it, while he screamed like I was chopping his arm off with a dull plastic knife. I showed him how it was healed and that it shouldn’t hurt anymore.

He went to throw the band-aid away and said, to no one in particular, “It’s okay. It not hurt. It is just my imagination.”

I love that little kid.

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Books and cake

March 11, 2008

Peg left this comment for me asking for some advice:


Not a comment but a question. You have a large library of books and was wondering if you have a suggestion for a book to give to my daughter (the card on her shower gift) as she awaits the birth of her first child. It’s been a long time since I bought a children’s book.

Wise internet, what would you suggest?

My brain has turned to mush this morning as I try to upload photos and write a post about carrot cake. Yes, carrot cake! My 12 yr old son bakes it for his birthday cake every year and I thought I would shamelessly steal share his recipe.

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Sunday Morning

March 10, 2008

Sunday Morning at Our Place of Worship

Just dropping off our tithe at our place of worship. You know the place whose motto is “You can build it. We can help by taking all of your disposable income.”

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Another Friday

March 7, 2008

Yesterday Miles was running outside and fell. He cried, but he was fully dressed and wearing a coat to cushion the fall. The palm of his hand had a tiny virtually invisible abrasion. This of course necessitated that I carry him the rest of the way. Regardless of the fact that it was icy, uphill and I was wearing shoes that were not appropriate for icy, uphill, child carrying events.

After a little while he was fine and forgot all about it.

Because there were new things to be indignant about, like not getting to monopolize the puck during floor hockey.


Later that night when getting his clothes off for bedtime he noticed that he had an abrasion on his elbow. The TRAGEDY. He was injured. Oh the drama. Finally he put on what looked like a brave face and very seriously said to me, “I okay. It’s alright. I okay.”

Then he ran to the doorway of the room and called to his siblings, “Guys! Guys! I okay, guys! I okay!” And from the sounds of them ignoring him I could tell they were relieved.



Miles has developed a habit of drinking out of a tiny cup. An espresso cup that they use for their pretend kitchen.

It is adorable. I honestly have to restrain myself from squeezing his cheeks and then eating him right up.

Except for when I have to get up during dinner and fill it every time he takes a swallow. Because that is all the water that it can hold. The plus side? When he spills it there isn’t very much to clean up.


We are having dinner guests tonight. In anticipation the pellet stove got clogged and began spewing smoke into the room and not up the chimney. I then had to take it all apart and clean it. It is a long involved messy process, but the worst is that my hands were covered with black soot that doesn’t easily wash off. My hands look like I have been out in the garage working on some engines.

I am looking forward to saying, “I made this dinner with my own hands.” And then holding them up for effect.

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View From Inside

March 5, 2008

View from inside

They haven’t grown weary of the snow yet. The past two days it has been warm enough to play outside in the snow. The previous days were so cold that your eyeballs froze into icy sheets.

Over at Parenting I also wrote about snow, or rather its removal.

And at Work It, Mom I share a recipe for Roasted lemon chicken with green beans and potatoes.


I love green beans. And I especially love one pan meals. I think you would love it too.

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