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Second Verse Same as the First

Second Verse Same as the First

April 10, 2008

Second Verse Same as the First

I am in New Jersey in a hotel.

Unlike last week, this hotel is gross, or at least my room is. I have a door that connects to another room and I can hear a man snoring LOUDLY in there. No wireless so I am tethered by a short cord to a desk. Wireless has spoiled me.

I did bring a big bag of guilt with me this trip, however, to keep me company.

What am I doing here? Speaking at a conference. Tomorrow afternoon I will be on my way back home, hopefully in time to bring my son to baseball practice. That is if New Jersey will set me free.

Posted by Chris @ 12:10 am  

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  1. Heather's Garden says:

    Bummer! I remember the day I realized that our income level had risen enough that our house was nicer than most hotel rooms. And that I will never get a rental car nicer than my car, and in fact most times the rental will suck in comparison to my car. I bet if you could get over the guilt, you would be happy that your kids are learning that their mom has interests of her own and that other people will — gasp — go somewhere on purpose to listen to her speak!

  2. Lindsay says:

    eeek. My laptop died a watery death due to my husband sitting with his feet perched just like yours, with a bottle of water positioned just like that coke. Thank goodness you have the presence of mind to keep a cap on it - a trip without wireless is one thing, but a trip without a working computer altogether would be TORTURE.

    Hope ya rock out at your conference…

  3. Carol says:

    Nothing worse than a horrible hotel room. I hope that the conference goes well :)

  4. freedom73 says:

    That’s your time, not mine.

  5. Poli says:

    I didn’t know there are still hotels with no wireless;) Apparently, there are! Wish you to come back home soon..

  6. Brigitte says:

    Did you pack your daughter’s artwork to remind you of how you are “betraying” your children’s trust? ;-)

  7. A Lost Writer says:

    Isn’t it gross when you get a bad hotel room? I had one like that a couple of years back. Bleah!!
    Big bag of guilt? Why? We moms wallow in it all the time anyway. You really should have left it at home. :-P

  8. Woman with Kids says:

    Remember, no gigantic lollipops… we’d hate to have to beat you with them. Good luck escaping New Jersey!

  9. suburbancorrespondent says:

    Is New Jersey magnetic North for mommy bloggers?

  10. sharon says:

    Not all of NJ is like that. We swear!

  11. lora says:

    New Jersey never lets anyone go free.

  12. Deb says:

    Just so you know, I get the title reference. Just thought you should know at least some one does. (Maybe everyone does.)

  13. Busy Mom says:

    Joisey? Yer in Joisey?

    Maybe the kids are feeling guilty they’re not with you with that hotel and all.

  14. kris says:

    I’m with Iora. I still feel the pull. Wish I was there to use my killer accent on you. ;)

  15. usafinks says:

    so jealous…

    how can you look so fit AND drink regular coke?

  16. Annie says:

    Congratulations on having your blog name mentioned in the Wall Street Journal today! You are definitely worth the fuss.

    May I suggest a yummy Indian meal at Poojas while you are in New Jersey? Order the mango lasse.

  17. Amy says:

    i move to NJ about 8 years ago and i think of leaving every day! you can get in for free, but you have to pay to get out!

  18. Candy says:

    Why didn’t you just ask some of us NJ Bloggers if you could stay with us. Sheesh! My house is probably dirtier, but I’m better company than snorer!

  19. JayMonster says:

    And the reason you didn’t ask for another room was? Yes, seriouosly!

    They have been building hotels in (most of) New Jersey so fast and so plentiful that the hotels are bending over backwards (in most cases) to keep people happy. Next time, demand better accommodations.

    Oh, and always carry a Cat5 cable in your bag… just in case.

  20. Law Student Hot Mama says:

    New Jersey SUCKS! I feel like the nicest hotel in the world (whatever that place in the UAE is called) if it were in New Jersey would suddenly have a guy snoring next to your room. It’s a fact of New Jersey.

  21. amy says:

    I hope you know that you are in the wall street journal today! It is hard to get any stories online with the WSJ so I hope someone will pick up a hard copy for you. I think it is very cool and well deserved.

  22. Penny Rene says:

    Be careful. NJ seems to grab the most random people and keep them. - All the while attempting to prove it is just as nice as, say California.

    That wire from your laptop to the wall is just the start. Get away while you still can!

  23. Shannon says:

    No wireless? Hotels and their services are funny. The last one we stayed in boasted wireless. We had a three percent signal in our room, lol.

  24. Kimberly Coleman says:

    It was great to be on the panel with you today. I’m glad that you made it home safely from NJ!