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Buying into the hysteria

Buying into the hysteria

April 24, 2008


I replaced all our bottles two weeks ago with SIGG bottles. They took forever and a day to arrive. I think they rolled them here. I was half afraid that by the time the bottles got here there would be some new study pointing out the dangers of these particular water bottles.

Because this is it. I am not buying all new bottles again. Next they can go cup their hands outside in the rain for drinking water.

Posted by Chris @ 1:28 pm  

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  1. stephanie says:

    sigg must be rolling in it. i too replaced my bottle. my only complaint..the top is a pain to put on sometimes. but the water stays cooler..oh and we wont die…from the water bottles @ least.

  2. cristen says:

    two weeks ago? you are ahead of the curve! i just heard about nalgenes’ dangers yesterday! and i thought of you (we have them as well, but i know how much you and yours have loved and used them).

  3. Emily says:

    I, too, have been considering buying SIGG bottles, but I haven’t made the plunge yet (and largely for the same reason– what if they, too, turn out to be bad?!?). So, you must tell us what you think of them.

  4. Katie says:

    I was telling my husband about the plastic bottle dangers last night, I think we’re going to spurge on SIGG bottles soon too (especially before we go camping again). I’m actually kinda happy because I’ve been looking for a good excuse to get rid of all the plastic anyway. Now if someone could come up with a decent non-plastic replacement for plastic ziplock baggies, my life would be complete.

  5. Jen says:

    I must be living under a rock… I’ve never heard of Sigg!

    - that little cheek in the corner looks very smushable!!

  6. Grim Reality Girl says:

    I hang my head in shame…. It has been crazy at work and school so I’ve missed out on all the hysteria (I thought we were okay because the news that I caught focused on baby bottles). Off to research Sigg. Thanks for making me aware!

  7. CathyC says:

    Oh no, you didn’t get all Sport’s caps???? ***BIG SIGH*** those other caps will end up in the dirt while they are watching/playing baseball, and then you will remember this.
    —From another Sigg mother.

  8. carrien says:

    I love my Sigg bottles. This may sound weird but I like how they feel to drink out of. Their shaped just right for a mouth.

    FYI These to can be ruined if you try and freeze water in them. So sad.

  9. carrien says:

    They’re NOT their. Sheesh. I can spell, usually.

  10. maddy says:

    Those are some gorgeous water bottles!

    Have you read this? Cracks me up.


  11. Rhi says:

    But, what if their HANDS ARE DIRTY? Then what?

  12. Nextcommercial says:

    I succumbed to the hysteria last year.

    I ordered five Klean Kanteens, and one sigg. I really like the red sigg with the waves design on the sides.

  13. DramaMama says:

    I finally bought a Nalgene bottle 2 months ago. Yeah, pretty frustrated about that…
    You can replace your ziploc baggied w/small containers. I use some small T-ware ones, I know still plastic, but at least they are reusable. We have recently started scarfing up all the pyrex/corelle leftover dishes at the thrift stores so we can quit microwaving in plastic. It’s hard to find good ones w/lids and all but it’s so free-ing to dump all the stained, warped leftover containers! We’re making small steps toward some lofty goals but appreciate that others are talking about it and giving us ideas. We’ll start looking into SIGG soon, for camping like someone mentioned. We’re just hoping a store will start to carry them around here!

  14. the planet of janet says:

    i’m guessing the hello kitty bottle belongs to miss 5 ;-)

  15. Misty says:

    We got two Sigg bottles last month. So far they’ve been pretty nice. My daughter isn’t old enough for one yet, but we’ll probably get her one when the time comes.

  16. EG says:

    I did it, too. I JUST ordered new Nalgenes so I held off for several weeks after I heard about the potential dangers. But when I saw that Nalgene is phasing out their BPA bottles, I placed my order.

    Waiting on Klean Kanteens for myself and Baby, and a Sigg for my sister-in-law’s birthday this week, ’cause she’s a Nalgene user, too. And clearly whenever there’s another baby down the road we’re ditching the BPA bottles. Sigh.

  17. Trudie says:

    I am blessed!
    If I’m thirsty, I take a glass and drink right from the tap at home - water filtered through sand and gravel on our own land. If we’re out in the bush, I can drink the water from just about any stream or lake. (If the dogs drink it, it’s fit for human consumption, is an old saying.)
    Should I ever need to bring water with me, I think I’ll survive bringing it along in a rinsed out giant pop bottle.
    At work we have water from the deepest lake in Sweden - no additives.

    Every now and then it’s good to be reminded about the advantages of living in the boondocks!

  18. Jenni says:

    I’ve been wanting to get some kind of reusable bottle. My husband has two that are nalgene-type (but not brand) bottles that he uses. I like the look of the SIGG bottles however right now I’m a little annoyed at them because there are two bottles shown on their main page that aren’t listed anywhere to buy. And of course those are the two that I absolutely love. :(

  19. Coleen says:

    Chris -

    I went to buy one of these but I’m not sure which bottle top I would prefer. I see you both some of each… any reason why?


  20. dcfullest says:

    I love my SIGG! (I know I said it before, but I love it so much!)

  21. Crisanne says:

    So your’s in the Hello Kitty one, right? :)

  22. Rebecca says:

    I was wondering about you when the Nalgene bottles turned out to have the “bad” number on the bottom. Which totally sucks because I had bought my Nalgene on your recommendation. Perhaps I’ll have to move on to Siggs, too. . .. *sigh*

  23. kalisah says:

    are these two different sizes? Please advise what sizes you purchased as I can’t tell from the web site. Thanks.

  24. Sarah says:

    I love my Sigg bottles. I bought some for my kids, too. I use Kleen Kanteen myself, even though the brand’s spelling drives me nuts.

    I can just tell from the pictures which one is meant for your daughter. I bet she’s a big fan of pirate sharks. :)

  25. kati says:

    has sigg written to thank you for all the $$ yet? i bought one a while ago and i like how cool it keeps the water and how lightweight it is (besides the obvious no-toxic-plastic factor) but i don’t like that it can’t go in the dishwasher and that i can’t see how much water is in the bottle. kind of a pain!

  26. Heather says:

    I got a SIGG as a gift, and they are AWESOME. Now I want more.

  27. Ann from St. Peter MN says:

    Mother Nature thanks you!

  28. PopMom says:

    Love the SIGG bottles, but they are a pain to clean unless you also splurged for the special bottle brush as they can’t go in the dishwasher. I can’t seem to find a baby bottle brush that is wider than a baby bottle nipple brush but slimmer than those huge brushes in the grocery, target, etc.

  29. Catherine says:

    did each boy choose his own design? I assume HK is for your daughter, because I’m all about genderification like that. At my house HK would be MINE ALL MINE.

  30. Heather says:

    I just ordered all of ours this week, thanks in part to the coupon provided by the lovely Mir. I laughed when I read this because as I was pushing send on the order, I told my husband that I bet him $10 that by the time they arrive, there will be a new study out saying that we will surely die if we drink from them. We loved our Nalgene for so long.

  31. Kirsetin says:

    It’s so true that every new thing ends up with a downside. We’ll try the SIGG bottles, too, and wait for the next, newest, study. Maybe the Amish have the right idea…

  32. jody says:

    LOL! I ordered mine too finally. I hope they get here before sailing season is over.

  33. lani says:

    I haven’t given in yet, but I think I probably should. When I do, it will probably be for more updated “safe” Camelbaks.

  34. Dawn says:

    I bought SIGG’s over a year ago and yes I like them BUT Klean Kanteen are easier to clean and can actually fit ice cubes in the top. I have bought lots of both as gifts. Try both before investing everything!

    Chris says: Hahaha too late.

  35. rebecca says:

    The Hello Kitty one is Rob’s, right? ha ha

    Chris says: Of COURSE it is!

  36. Aisha says:

    I nearly ordered one about six months ago- I was carrying bottled water with me ALL THE TIME and was getting sick of recycling all the bottles- when my friend happily told me that I should find something made of stainless steel (I think), because the coating on the inside of SIGG bottles could wear out and then the aluminum would get into my system and deteriorate my brain.

    It sucks having informed, well-meaning friends.

    Chris says: I figure by the time the inside is wearing out they will have discovered that these bottles are killing us too and we will move onto something else. ;-)

  37. Lilly says:

    I count 11… 7 kids + 2 parents = 9.

    Are you prepared for the inevitable loss? Or do you have some other use for the extra two?

    I’m so sad to have to give up my Nalgene. But, as I plan to have children (in the far, far, future!) I’m sure it’s worth it.

  38. Kristi says:

    I’ve been waiting for my order for a few days now. I wish they explained all the different tops better, for pete’s sake. I was clueless and confused. I ended up with all the transparent ones, hoping they flip up instead of coming completely off. I could just see the tops getting lost if they have to screw it off. I see you got some of each. Maybe you could give a tutorial???

    (I actually tried finding SIGG on the NYSE. Does anyone know if they are publicly held? It may be worth investing in!)

  39. Christy says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Sigg. Seeing that many just make me want to faint. I know how much they cost!

    I’m currently giving away three on my blog right now.

    Did I mention that I LOVE my Sigg? (And hubby’s and DD’s!)

  40. Michelle says:

    I bought SIGG’s for my girls about a month ago and they’re wonderful. My only complaint with them is the “mud” covers (the round ones like on the hello kitty bottle) are sort of fragile, if you drop the bottle the cover cracks and while the cover isn’t terribly expensive, the shipping is. I bought a couple replacements to have on hand (the glow in the dark ones are exceptionally cool btw).

  41. nrp says:

    Miles is thinking: “Oh good grief, does she have to take pictures of everything? Can’t she see I’m dying of thirst over here?”

    We’ve been using Sigg bottles for a long time over here (I used to live in Switzerland and bought my first one there). I do find that using their special cleaning tablets every once in a while (once a month or so) helps keep our water tasting nice and fresh–though that could be placebo effect. They get really, really cold if you put icecubes in them!

  42. tori says:

    Doesn’t rain have toxins in it though?

    We bought a bunch of these a few weeks ago. My kids always take water to bed with them and these are perfect. Then I had to buy more for their school lunches and sports too. I think there is another company that makes similar bottles too. They are all just as expensive, but a small price to pay for our children’s health, right?

  43. Abby says:

    Should have bought stainless steel (Kleen Kanteen). SIGG are aluminum with what I can gather (via the internet) a mysterious inner liner that the company will not disclose what it is made of.

  44. Abby says:

    I should have mentioned that aluminum is dangerous. I learned this after I bought three aluminum water bottles.

  45. Brandie says:

    I haven’t bought the Sigg bottles yet, but man, I really want to! =)
    Hope you at least enjoy them!

  46. Jacki says:

    So jealous! I want a SIGG so bad but haven’t gone to get one yet. OK well I went to REI but didn’t like the designs they had :)

  47. Stephanie says:

    Well done you!
    We too plan to make the switch, as soon as we find bottles with a wide mouth for the ice cubes.

  48. Jen says:

    Tupperware, glad lock containers, zip lock bags, soft plastics and such are made from Polypropylene and Polyethylene plastic, not from plastics with BPA…..

  49. Angela says:

    I was just thinking about this a few days back. AND, now that I see there’s a Hello, Kitty option, well, I’m sold. Next up? A panic room.

  50. Taysha says:

    I thought buying 3 SIGG bottles was expensive, but 11? I hope you had a discount code:) I just got an email that mine have been shipped…can’t wait to get my hands on them.

  51. MamaGeph says:

    Everyone got SIGGs in their stockings last Christmas around here. Yes, I am such a fun mom. Who needs toys when we can avoid death? It’s so festive!

  52. The 6-S Ranch says:

    #3, #6, and #7 plastics are the ones that you want to avoid. Most of Nalgene’s bottles are made from #7 plastic, but their cheapest bottle is an opaque one that is made out of #2 plastic.

  53. Not June Cleaver says:

    We got the Sigg bottles last summer. Luckily I found a 30% off coupon online somewhere (we only bought 5 of them, so I hope you found a coupon before buying 11 of them!!). They are great bottles. We’ve banged them up pretty badly, and they still work great.

    We also got the standard tops like you did. My oldest son invented a leash for his lid. Basically, it is a thick piece of copper wire wrapped loosely around the neck so it will spin, then he tied a piece of string about 3″ long from the loop on the lid to the copper wire. Works great!

    Chris says: Yes, I did have a 30% off coupon. I searched for it.

  54. Lynne says:

    I did the same and I love my new Sigg bottle! But man, my wallet was aching after that purchase.

  55. Crystal says:

    I have been waiting for info on the perfect water bottle to fall into my lap. It seemed like nothing was safe.

    I like that they test them for no leakage, and they have the patented coating. I’m a little concerned about the Aluminum aspect. But it sounds like it would be safe for at least a while as long as the coating stays intact.

  56. Meg says:

    I am still drinking out of my toxic Nalgene bottle for now, but when my current one gets too beaten up I’ll switch to metal.

    Let us know how the bottles withstand kid abuse … if they hold up well, I’ll definitely be sold! I have to admit, they look cooler.

  57. Kim says:

    That many must have cost part of the kids’ college fund. I’m thinking of waiting for a Target or Walmart knock off. Or maybe I’ll use a tree to carve wodden ones. Is wood dangerous yet? I’m sure it will be soon.

  58. Rae says:

    I love the one Hello Kitty sigg in a field of boyish siggs.

  59. Julia says:

    We just replaced our kids’ bottles as well… with Sigg :) and I agree with Stephanie - tops are a pain to put on…

  60. suburbancorrespondent says:

    Never heard of Sigg either…is that they are the one type of water bottles not made out of the dreaded #7 plastic?

  61. CathyC says:

    Me again, I just noticed there are 11 bottles on that table. Aren’t there only 9 of you? I know I’m not the only one who has noticed this.

  62. kate says:

    we did this too - how about the lead in lunchboxes? its used as a stabilizer during the manufacturing process - on all those soft style character lunchboxes. some are now tagged with fda? whoever- “approved” which only means it meets the guidelines - not lead free. the standard still allows lead to be present in the interior area- I dont know about you - but my kids open all their food and let it roll around the lunchbox (getting a good ‘ol coating of lead, I’m sure) and snack all day long. the fda stand was that they thought kids over 3 using lunchboxes wouldn’t do that. ummm…. idiots? I don’t know , some people may dismiss it as hype- but how many times have these protective agencies been wrong? remember the kids playing in the clouds left by the fumigation tank tr

  63. Cary says:

    We have been using them for over a year now, and love them. They sell them at Whole Foods and REI, as well as on Amazon. They range in price from about $16-$20, but you won’t forget it anywhere.

  64. kate says:

    sorry - hit send - trucks- told it was perfectly safe? —food dyes, pesticides. I lived in europe and they dont have any of this stuff..its not allowed. period.restraunts cant micro your food in styrofoam, certain plastics arent allowed to contact food at all - and hasn’t been for years We bought the born free bottles, use glass refridge storage. I buy organic fresh foods (berries, etc) whenever I can and am about to start doing it with meats & chicken.I have also started checking the country of origin on the frozen veggies etc… they are not req to adhere to the same standards as products with a USA origin. Pesticides that are outlawed here for apples, say , are still being used in chile - and being put in your motts apple juice. It will effect our budget but I can’t help but think that there must be a real reason that girls are developing breasts so young and antibiotics are being rendered useless. its just common sense. And until someone can tell me without a doubt that this is all hype, I will err on the side of caution when it comes to my kids. end o’ rant . :)

  65. Brandi says:

    Can you please give some links into the hysteria research you used that convinced you to change water bottles?

    I bought our Nalgene bottles last year (and loved them) based in large part on your comments that they let water taste like water, not plastic. That is true. Now it seems we need to give them up but I’d like to know what put you over the edge?

    Thank you.

  66. Fina says:

    I bought my Nalgenes because you used them so I guess I will look to convert to Sigg. Man it’s hard keeping up with the Joneses - I mean Jordans.
    So price wise, where are we with Sigg vs. Nalgene?

    Chris says: Imagine how I feel replacing all of these ;-) Ours were wearing out, getting scratched, and I had always put them in the dishwasher which I read was a big no no. If ours were still in perfect condition I would have continued to use them.

  67. Karly says:

    They do take forever to ship. I hate slow shipping. I also don’t like the caps. Have you figured out how to work yours? Am I just dumb? I DON’T GET IT. Do you turn it to open and then suck it like a bottle? Or do you push it in with your teeth so the water flows out? Both ways work, but ONE MUST BE WRONG.

    I’m grumpy. I need to go to bed.

    Chris says: Well I only got the sports bottle tops for the little kids. The rest of us have the twist off tops which we all preferred. I didn’t want to have to suck the water out of my bottle.

  68. Ruth H says:

    I counted eleven bottles, like I’m sure the kids do, I want to know who the extras are for. Are you hoarding rice, too?;>)
    And who would the little pink kitty be for??

    Chris says: Well, I bought one 1L sized bottle because I wanted to see the size and I thought my husband would like it. And then I got an extra because you just *KNOW* someone will lose one though I am considering grafting them right to their palms.

  69. Sue says:

    I was wondering what you were going to do. Our Nalgene bottles are still sitting here, but we haven’t used them. I guess to Sigg we will go.

  70. Alice Wills Gold says:

    I don’t want to know the dangers of plastic…i’d rather be in the dark…i will resist the topic the next time on google

    I was just discussing with a friend the other day: “what did we do before water bottles?” We never had them as kids….we all used to drink out of water fountains back then…remember?

  71. Heather's Garden says:

    I’m really glad I never got around to buying the nalgene bottles. I will probably buy the SIGG ones though since I put the Brita water filter on the kitchen faucet, I keep looking around for a bottle to put water in for a walk and then deciding not to walk because I don’t have a bottle. My fat ass will only allow me to do that so many times before it explodes out of my jeans.

  72. jen says:

    Been contemplating what exactly to buy - some of the new Nalgene or Sigg or Kleen Kantene. Please, please, please tell us what you think of the Siggs in a month!

  73. Jade says:

    We have the stainless steel Kleen Kanteens. I bought them about six months ago. Love them.
    Have to watch when you are buying them though because some caps are stainless steel and some are plastic. The sip lids of course are plastic and they do have lids that hold the Avent sippy spouts.
    We went with the stainless steel lids because I figured if I was getting rid of plastic I should really get rid of it all. I also figured the kids would just chew up the sip spout and I’d have to find replacements. The kids do fine twisting off the lid and drinking out of the neck.
    I would recommend them too.
    Love the look of the Sigg bottles, the Kleen Kanteens were just the first ones I came across.

  74. Kristy says:

    We have these too, and I love them but they were a pain because I hate handwashing so they would sit next to the sink for days (or weeks!) but then I decided to put them in the dishwasher. I’ve only put them in once, but I don’t understand why it is a no no? Are there any that can go in the dishwasher? Because that would be worth the investment for me!

  75. Victoria says:

    Yeah, but hands have germs on them and that’d probably be bad too. They should probably just tip their heads up towards the rain.
    ; )

  76. The Lazy Organizer says:

    Now that that’s done you can become hysterical about your cookware that’s leaching aluminum, lead, nickle and any other toxic metal you can think of. Don’t even THINK about using your crockpot ever again. Maybe we should just start free ranging ourselves.

    Chris says: Maybe we will start grazing out in the yard.

  77. Carrie says:

    A few weeks ago I posted about using my nalgene bottles in an effort to be more earth-friendly (I even took a photo of the little poisonous beasts) - guess where those bottles are now? Yup, in the recycle bin. I don’t know if they will contaminate the batch, but the professionals will figure it out, I have enough to worry about. I guess it’s back to the costco bottles until I can get myself some new, non-toxic ones like you have! UGH!

    And about that Brita water pitcher, is it even safe? I dunno.

  78. Katie says:

    I think the slow delivery is because we all ordered them on the same day. Mine arrived Wednesday. The kids love them, and the water does stay cold.

  79. annie says:

    Be sure and tie those regular screw tops to the bottle with a string! Other than that I LOVE these bottles. I have been using the ONE I have for 20 years.

  80. Erin says:

    I just order those for us too. It doesn’t keep my water cold enough, I like really cold water. But the hubby and the baby seem to like theirs. I am sure the 2yr would like hers but it didn’t come in. They didn’t have the one I picked out.

  81. t in h says:

    You should like them well enough, as long as you don’t mind the paint chipping off five minutes after you get them. You can’t prevent it, so don’t bother trying.

    I don’t know about the U.S. but Sigg is everywhere here. Every Kindergartener and school child owns at least one or two. Hence, cheaper, identical knock-offs are also easy to find.

  82. NoMasNinos says:

    Do you know what the inner liner is made of? I tried looking on their site but they won’t say and just claim it’s FDA approved, but really, what does that me? There have been plenty of things we’ve used and continue to use that can kill us and is FDA approved. I know that the liner in coke cans is just made out of some plastic material. Is it possible for this to be the case for the Sigg bottles as well? I was just wondering if you did any research on this you can share.

  83. Lilly says:

    Kleen Kanteens are great also. They come in a small size for lunchboxes or a larger size.

  84. Natalie says:

    Oh yes, we are also singlehandedly supporting Sigg. The only bummer is they get dented when the kids drop them. Which seems to be often. And it makes a terrible noise when they go crashing to the concrete. Well, at least we’re safe. . .for now.

  85. Nicole says:

    We’ve had Siggs for about a year and I LOVE them. I’m, uh, getting that Hello Kitty one for my anniversary. I swear to God.

  86. Elizabeth says:

    My kid’s been through three Siggs. They dent really easily when chucked, and the tops crack/implode, etc.
    Um? But we keep buying them.

  87. Joan says:

    Whatever happened to coming into the house for a drink of water? I don’t understand this constant need for water everywhere you go. Nobody in going to dehydrate between point A and B. I don’t know…I don’t get it.

    Chris says: Um, we need water bottles because my children play sports. And those of us who are forced to sit and watch get thirsty too. And none of the playgrounds we go to have water fountains. And I don’t buy juice boxes or sports drinks.

  88. To Think Is To Create says:

    Funny, ours took forever to arrive as well and I thought it was just us. Seemed like they had to swim the bottles straight from Switzerland and then put them on a sloth to walk them to my house. At least they’re cute.

  89. Steph says:

    Wow there are a lot of Sigg bottles there you must have spent a fortune!

  90. Kelly says:

    Mine just arrived, but I didn’t feel like I ordered them all that long ago, sometime last week.

    But i’m very excited, and was very happy with whoever supplied us with the promo code. i only had to buy 4, but $70 for 4 seemed pricey.

  91. Kelly says:

    thats 70 after the promo code :)

  92. OMSH says:


  93. Sue says:


    As far as I have been able to tell, Brita containers do not have BPA. Not to say that they might not have other toxic things leaching into the water, but nothing that is on the front page of the paper this week.

  94. Jeff says:

    Water for sports? Whimps; my dad’s coach turned off the water fountain during varsity b-ball practices when he was in high school. The conventional wisdom of the time was water gave atheletes cramps and reduced performance. I think ‘coach’ may have been on to something :-)

    Forget the containers, forget the hands, drink it straight from the tap. Of course you really don’t want to know what kind of earth/soil, rock/minerals, machinery/oil and plumbing/metal&plastic that water went through to get to your lips…

  95. Fairly Odd Mother says:

    I’ve thought of you ever since I heard about the Nalgene recall. We have Kleen Kanteens which are awesome but not nearly as cute as that Hello Kitty bottle. I may have to get that just for my 5 year old!

  96. Eden says:

    I am not a water bottle commenter, but I have been reading your blog for awhile now, and I was wondering what type of camera you have. Your pictures are stunning, and we are in the process of shopping for one so I thought I would ask.

  97. Janera says:

    um, never heard of them until just now. Must try to stay more in the loop. lol

    Love your blog! I’m listing it as a favorite on mine, if that’s ok.

    Come over and visit anytime.

  98. Not June Cleaver says:

    Am I the only one who is completely grossed out by water fountains? Has anyone WATCHED people use water fountains? Ewwwwww!

  99. Lovebabz says:

    I did the same thing! But I am with you, if they say something is wrong with these bottles, my kids will have to trap their own animals, gut them for their skins and make water pouches out of them. I am sick of being at the mercy of some report! LOL!

  100. Sarah says:

    We cant afford stainless water bottles. Fortunately my toxicologist husband has reassured me that the plastic danger is all hype.

  101. jenny says:

    not all plastic is very bad–just avoid the hard/brittle crystal-clear plastic or #7 labelled on the bottom. Other kinds of plastic are better–the softer or opaque kinds, those labelled #1,2 or 5. So SOME Nalgene bottle are okay just avoid those hard, brittle kinds (ie like Avent baby bottles too)
    Klean Kanteen also sell stainless steel bottles with all different type spouts–some like sippy cups and others like sports bottles. The sippy spouts are handy for little ones who cannot turn those SIGG spouts open or get them closed properly.
    If in doubt about plastic you have, you can always call the company and ask! Also, search on the web for plastic cheat sheets or lists of products (plastic wraps, sandwich baggies, tuppreware type containers, baby bottles, etc–everything!) that are better plastics vs. very, very bad…check out the green guide, http://www.ewg.org I thihnk they have lists.
    I started learning more about plastics and that this #7 is bad YEARS ago…it is only now that the media has taken hold of the sorty that there is hysteria.
    Something to get REALLY worked up about, this BPA is in EVERY can of food we eat EXCEPT for Eden Organics…they somehow have BPA free cans. So be sure to cut our canned foods for young children if you are worried!
    Off my soapbox now…. :)

  102. cagey says:

    Regarding the comment about “whatever happened to going in the house for a drink of water?”……….. I carry water with us whenever we leave the house because water fountains are so rare these days. Besides, it is healthier than picking up a soda, juice or tea and it is cheaper. Also, I am a breastfeeding mother and when I get thirsty, it makes me want to crawl outside my skin. Not sure how to explain that incredibly painful feeling of thirst when it hits me, but it makes me a little crazy(ier).

    I did have Nalgene and just recently chucked them. I am now going with Rubbermaid #5s. They are CHEAP - about $3.5 per bottle and very convenient.

    As a general rule, I rarely put plastics in the dishwasher - there was always something about it that bothered me since Heat+Plastics=Seems Like A Bad Idea. Nice to know that for once, my anal-retentive behaviour has paid off! Not that my husband will be high-fiving me anytime soon. *shrug*

  103. shortmamaof2 says:

    LOL - “go cup their hands…”, i luv it!

    as for the siggs, we did that a while ago (purchased off ebay for a bargain) & i have to admit, i luv my sigg. it’s so much prettier than our old rubbermaid ones (yes, we never upgraded to the nalgenes). whenever i leave my house i make sure we have our waterbottles. why pay $ for bottled tap water when i can carry my own & cut down on the waste, right?

  104. Lori (one of many) says:

    If I can’t see through the bottle, can I just assume there’s nothing growing in it? It drives me crazy when I can’t tell whether or not it’s clean inside! Although at this point, everything we touch, breathe, eat or drink is toxic and it’s just a matter of picking a poison. Mold or bpa?