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So busy

So busy

April 25, 2008

Seriously, I have been the sort of busy that leaves me incapable of doing anything but fretting about how busy I am and mentally tallying all of the things that I have to do in my head. Over and over again. And yet, mysteriously, doing none of them. It is a great system.

I have found the time to vacuum my entire downstairs.

And I have quiche. That has to count for something, right?


Quiche, It’s Not Just for Brunch Anymore

Posted by Chris @ 11:41 pm  

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  1. Shannon says:

    Mmm…looks good.

  2. Mary Smith says:

    Hey, I just wrote a post on a very similar topic “my to do list”. Those quiches look delicious and it’s so great that your kids are involved!

  3. Scout's Honor says:

    Funny how that same pa system cycles endlessly in my head too…when I am trying to go to bed… when I need sleep the most.

    Must clean playroom, call dentist, get dogs stitches out, buy seedlings for third grade veggie garden, sign up for swim team, send lab fee check, get 2006 taxes done, find rotten smell in car, get milk, eggs, bread, bagels, meat, veggies, edible food…

    Then there are the what ifs and Did-I?s: Did I lock the car? What if I left my camera in the car? Oh my god did I set the alarm for the swim meet tomorrow…

    Finally, we have the guilts. God, I need to lose weight before my brother’s wedding. I need to read to my kindergartner more. I need to stop snarfing. I need to start my eleven year old’s baby book.

    I remember that my Mom, as a mother of six, always looked shell-shocked with a huge helping of memory loss. Now, with only three kids, I realize it was the stresses and pressures and, yes, guilt of motherhood that killed those brain celds…cewls…er…cells. Looks like I lost some just in the making of this comment, eh?

  4. Caren Story says:

    Looks good. whats in it?

  5. Damsel says:

    Wow, are you in my head? That’s exactly the reason why I haven’t posted in two weeks. (The busy, list-running-in-my-head part. Not the quiche part. OR, unfortunately, the vaccumming part. *sigh*)

  6. Brittany says:

    I agree with the business. It’s the exact way I feel at the moment. May I borrow your words (with credit of course)?

  7. Alissa says:

    man, i love quiche. i mental list in my sleep. i hate that!

  8. Christy says:

    Yum. I heart quiche!

  9. Rocks In My Dryer says:

    Oh how I loathe that kind of busy. I’ve found that when you have so much to do you can see straight, a very excellent solution is to sit in front of computer and read blogs. VERY efficent. ;)

    Hang in there–

  10. Hatchet says:

    Mmmmm! Quiche!

    So what do you eat after making dangerous food for the family?

    As for the list making? I do it, too, and fret over how I’m not getting any of it done. I think my brain needs a break.

  11. OMSH says:

    My mom used to have an apron that said:

    “Quiche and Fondue me.”

    I wish I had that apron.

    Chris says: I wish I had that apron too!

  12. Heather's Garden says:

    It’s those darn baseball practices, games, scrimmages, meetings, etc. Life will be easier when you’re not a chauffeur, but it’s a double-edged sword since you won’t get to see them as much. I can’t wait until we have fresh veggies for a frittata, your quiche looks great and I love how the kids are helping.

  13. Jeanne says:

    I fear that one day my head may explode with all that running around up there before I can get it all accomplished.

  14. Rae says:

    And you have little boy knees. That also has to count for something. In adorable-ness.

  15. Susan says:

    Unfortunately I’m using the same system. I keep making lists of what I need to do hoping that will help. Nope.

  16. BetteJo says:

    I love the kids up on the table helping. So cute!

  17. mom8k says:

    oh man, that busy–frozen and unproductive, deer in the headlights feeling…I can’t seem to be in one place long enough to get into anything…(except blogs, you’re right, “Rocks in my Dryer”!!) I know it all too well!–it’s good to know I’m not alone. Well said, Chris!