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All Baseball, All the Time

All Baseball, All the Time

May 22, 2008

I am trapped in a never ending baseball cycle. I see the other mothers in the parking lot and we look at each other all dazed and confused, because is this real or is it deja vous? Who knows anymore. I do have to pay attention to what I am wearing so that I don’t show up in the same outfit two or three days in a row. Does anyone else do that? Get stuck in a fashion rut and put the same jeans, shoes, t-shirt (or identical one) on every day?

field of dreams

Some three year old children have imaginary friends, Miles has a whole imaginary baseball team. He talks about his team, his practice, his games. He tells me long involved stories about what his coach said. Also, David Archuleta is on his team. When he is done playing baseball, according to Miles, David goes inside the tv for American Idol.

Even though I like to complain about it all I wouldn’t trade it. The kids love it. It is only this crazy for a two months or so and then we settle down to our normal level of craziness.

I wrote about, what else, baseball this week at Parenting.


And then at Work It, Mom! I posted a quick and easy black bean and beef burrito recipe that is perfect for nights when you have spent the entire afternoon and evening at the baseball field.

One day I will have something else to write about. Maybe. One day I might even have a life of my own. I know. I dream big.

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