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Before the Storm

Before the Storm

June 12, 2008


This photo was taken right after he shoved his glasses in his back pocket and broke them. He was sweating so much they were getting foggy. Luckily his vision isn’t that bad.

Is it just me or does his leg positioning remind you of the Karate Kid? It makes me want to break out my rattle drum or yell wax on, wax off.

Tuesday was so incredibly hot. All of the kids were dripping in sweat like they had been dunked in a pool. We were saying that we wished that the field had hoses hooked up so we could hose them down with cold water. Like zoo animals. They are 11 and 12 yr old boys, there isn’t much difference.

I couldn’t help but think that this is what separates athletes (them) from non-athletes (me), because I found it trying just sitting on the bleachers sweating. I could not fathom running around wearing long pants and knee socks. Much the same way that I can not fathom that all of these athletically inclined people came out of my body.

This is the last week of the season. Next week the playoffs start. Why we have to have playoffs is beyond me since it seems to me that all the teams make the playoffs. My oldest, HWSNBM (He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Mentioned), just began his baseball season this week. In case you were worried that I was suddenly going to start talking about other things. Never fear.

Posted by Chris @ 10:54 pm  

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  1. Leeann says:

    Oh Chris, we live the same life, except I had fewer kids than you! lol

    We too have been sweating through baseball, through last week’s horrendous heatwave where parts of me sweated and pooled in areas that I didn’t even know had sweat glands!

    My son is in the final weekend of playoffs. Had he won tonight, they would have taken the title but alas, why make it so easy? So last game is tomorrow night, under the lights.

    Still and all, it has been very exciting and I will be sad when the time comes that he no longer is playing baseball in the spring. Baseball IS spring!


  2. Hums says:

    I remember being a kid at “P.E.” and being forced to play kickball. This was back when black high-tops where cool. I remember standing under the blistering sun on a mound of hot sand wondering if my toes looked like overcooked weenies, while my “P.E. teacher” sat under the only tree with a visor and a HUGE mug of ice tea.
    I like basketball. It’s indoors.

  3. Michelle says:

    Baseball season is finally over for us! My 12 yr old loves it. I’m with you when it comes to playoffs. Why did we have to win the 20+ other games when everyone starts in the playoffs with the same chance????

  4. Brittany says:

    You know, with all this talk about baseball I’m starting to forget about your two youngest… we need to fix this! Good luck in making it through the rest of baseball season though.

  5. debi says:

    This is just a great shot. 2 of my grandsons are in their last week of baseball also. I have missed 2 games due to the fact that I am a punk about intense heat and sun. Gotta make those last games.You have a handsome son there.Too bad about the glasses.

  6. debi says:

    OH, I am mamarazzi.On Mollys blogroll. Heck, I don’t know what I’m doing.

  7. Mary W says:

    My oldest just made a swim team - for the love of all that is holy - why are pools not air conditioned? I mean really - lets sit in chlorine scented metal shacks in Texas and June.

    Youth Hockey thankfully starts in August. I can handle 32┬░ ice when it’s 115 billion┬░ outside.

  8. Headless Mom says:

    He really looks like your husband!

    Mine are still too young for playoffs. We were done before Memorial day! I know my day will come, though.

  9. Lori says:

    I remember being a kid and having to bargain with my mom to wear shorts when it hit 50 degrees. Since then, I’ve decided that I hate wearing shorts unless I’m working out. I think I’d die if I had to do an all day baseball extravaganza wearing jeans.

    Good luck in playoffs!

  10. Amy says:

    Wow. He is so tall. It probably makes you hold your baby that much closer! My oldest just got the dreaded “boob buds”. I can’t BELIEVE puberty is on it’s way already.

  11. Jane says:

    He looks like a pro! Bummer about the glasses - you can’t blame him . . .

  12. lizinsumner says:

    Come on out to Washington (state, that is)…..always low humidity, and right now - highs today in the low sixties, and probably some rain……

  13. jennielynn says:

    All I can think is, dear God, the SMELL! I have a girl and even she is kind of stinky.

  14. threeundertwo says:

    Sorry about the glasses. I too wonder where my athletic progeny came from, since my best sport was music.

  15. Abbigale says:

    Found your blog through 3kids2jobs1dog’s blog and am enjoying it and I just have to say you have the most incredible pictures on here. Such perfect moments you have captured that tell quite the story!

  16. Becky says:

    LOL at your zoo animal comparison, so true!

  17. Shannon says:

    Hah, when you refer to your oldest son now, it sounds like you are talking about Voldemort. (I’m assuming you’ve read Harry Potter?)

  18. Lilly says:

    My gosh he seems to have grown so much taller! It’s great that they all love baseball. My kid chose swim team over baseball. I highly suggest trying to get your kids to morph to swimmers just for your sake. You get to sit by the pool! and listen to splashy sounds while you sit in the shade! Swim meets are noisy and crowded though.

  19. Jordana says:

    We’ve lost so many pairs of glasses. The insurance I bought for the frames has been so worth it.

  20. Smilf says:

    I have two (step)kids who are playing softball and T-ball right now - I can’t imagine having anymore. Sweating through my clothes 3 nights a week is enough for me!

  21. Tracey says:

    Your baseball is our hockey :-) My eldest son has worn glasses since he was 6 (he is now 13) and they would fog terribly under his hockey helmet. This was the year that we decided he HAD to have contacts (since he plays almost daily, with his team and also at school)…he was somewhat resistant to the idea at first (big wuss when it came to putting ANYTHING. NEAR. HIS. EYES!) but now he LOVES them and wears them every day. Contacts are a ‘good thing’ for jocks. Which you appear to have ;-) Now I am going to go break up a fight between my boys…and pour a limoncella!

  22. Stephanie says:

    Time for the Uber cool plastic Nike glasses with the rubberized frames. Because, you know, they are nice and cheap.

    Speaking as an athletic “type,” somehow, the knee socks help wick the sweat away from your body whilst you’re on the field in the blistering sun. And if not, it’s better to have skin there than no skin if you slide…at least that’s always what I was thinking.

    I was never hot while playing, but I’m hot now as a spectator. Of course, as a female, we got to wear shorts playing softball. Shorts, visors and the sleeveless tops with the cool velcro straps that held the little shoulder sleeve part (that remained) off our shoulders more. Because we women-kind are practical.

  23. Kathy says:

    My oldest is finishing up this weekend. I so love travel ball because you can pick when you play. We started in February but at least this way, we beat the intense southern heat. Other son finishes up later this week, once all stars is over. And then…what will we do?? LOL Everything since February has revolved around their schedules!

  24. Heidi says:

    Our league must do it different. All teams are “IN the playoffs” which is really called a tournament. But the teams that have won the most games over the season get a “Bye” for the first round. Then they are paired up with teams that don’t have a very good record, almost insuring they move to the next round. I used to think this was unfair when my son was on a team with a losing record…now I get it. Now that we are on an all-star team…we have at least another month of this!! 3 hours a night at the ballfield!

  25. julie@love,laughter&laundry says:

    We just finished our season also. Does it make me a bad mother that I would prefer that my child not make an All-Star team? Football starts in a month and I would really like a little break.

  26. Kathy from NJ says:

    When I saw this picture I was sure it was HWSNBM.