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June 18, 2008


Happy Birthday, Bug.

Posted by Chris @ 12:18 am  

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  1. Annika says:

    Aww, Happy Birthday! (Also: how is that possible?)

  2. threeundertwo says:

    Happy birthday! Great photo. Looks like a yummy dessert.

  3. Jane says:

    And a happy birthday from here, too!

  4. Carolyn says:

    Trick candles? (some still lit?…giant smile)It’s the silliest things that make it all worth while.

  5. Ruth H says:

    I always like to see the smiles on your children’s faces, they smile with their eyes, too. If there are two in the photo they always share their glee. Great pictures, and Happy Birthday to the eleven year old.

  6. Leeann says:

    I love how your kids are always laughing at the table!
    Happy birthday!

  7. Lori says:

    Enjoy your birthday! They’re so much fun at that age!

  8. Haley says:

    Birthdays are so much fun! I love how each of your kids are so unique in their birthday cake choices.

  9. Mir says:

    Is that a birthday cheesecake? I always liked that kid. ;)

    Chris says: It IS a birthday cheesecake.

  10. Mary W says:

    mmmmm cheesecake :-)

  11. Dani says:

    Happy Birthday!

    (my next birthday WILL be celebrated with cheesecake….)

  12. Rocks In My Dryer says:

    We were busy giving birth at the same time 11 years ago–I have a boy turning 11 on Saturday!

  13. Kirsetin says:

    Oh, I love that smile!

  14. Sarah G. says:

    My very soon to be 12 year old also loves having birthday cheesecake.