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2008 September

No Space For This Milestone in the Baby Book

September 29, 2008

Yesterday we were talking about Halloween and the kids were planning what they want to dress up as this year.

My oldest son casually says that he is too old for trick or treating. Which I guess he is. At 5′10 he kind of looms over the toddlers and small children. Last year he had said he was only going to see how happy his baby brother would be trick-or-treating. Something we both knew wasn’t entirely true.

But it was more the way he said it yesterday, like it was just completely matter of fact. I had thought he would have held on to this last vestige of childhood while I had to pry it away from him kicking and screaming.

“Will you come and walk around the neighborhood with us? You know to see the joy on your little brother’s face when he realizes he is getting free candy?”

“Uh, I think I will stay home. I can see the joy on his face when he comes home and shares his candy with me.”

So really I guess he has become the proverbial lazy teenager and realizes it will be less work for the candy to just come home to him.

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Sweeeeeeet potato

September 25, 2008

Meet my latest obsession, the sweet potato.

Sweet Potatoes

And just in time because I have eaten myself sick of hummus, my previous obsession.

I used to only eat them at Thanksgiving, smothered with brown sugar and butter. So fattening and full of sugar that I would end up 20 pounds heavier and in a diabetic coma by the time I got up from the dining room table. Which is why I only made them once a year.

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September 24, 2008


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Hello there

September 20, 2008


I feel a lot like this frog lately. One minute just hopping around, happily living my life, the next thinking, “What the hell is going on?”

My 7yr old son found this little frog in our yard today. After loving him precariously close to death, the kids let him go. They hope to find him again another day.

Personally, based on the frog’s expression, I think he has smartened up.

Completely unrelated…

Mir is auctioning off a Wii at her site. All the money goes to her children’s school. Every single cent. So if you were thinking of buying a Wii and want to contribute to a good cause, go on over.

It is tax deductible. Maybe. I don’t know. I am not a CPA. But it sounds like it should be, right? Then again I thought I knew about building permits so you best consult some sort of professional rather than tell the IRS hey some woman said I could deduct this on her blog. But go on over and bid anyway. I would bid, but I already have one and let me tell you, they are so much fun.

In another unrelated segue…

Crazy Dad was given a warning that should he ever behave in that manner again he would be banned from the field, and all games whether home or away. Instead of facing the coaches and parents he dropped his son off to practice waaaaay before it started and left him there alone at the field. Then had someone else pick him up when practice was over. This caused one parent to ask, “Who is the pu$$ie now?”

Who indeed.

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