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Beautiful Girl

Beautiful Girl

October 14, 2008


I remember being a kid and sitting on the counter in my kitchen. For whatever reason it was always the best place to hang out and have a snack. Or to have phone conversations, because of course back then the telephone was attached to the wall by a long curly cord that I would wrap around my finger over and over again.


Now my daughter has discovered sitting on the counter. She climbs up there to talk to me while I am cooking. She tells me stories about princesses in her animated way. And tells me about all the shoes she wants to buy. She is my daughter.


She asks me questions about when I was a little girl. And I see the same look on her face that I used to have when my mother would talk about her childhood. It seemed so long ago. The photos were all so old looking pasted with black corners onto yellowing scrapbook pages. Friends that she had, that she no longer talked to. “But where are all those people now?” I wanted to know.

I see on my daughter’s face the same sort of disbelief that I could have ever been anything other than a grown-up. Anything other than what I am at this exact moment. A disbelief that the world itself could have existed without her in it.

A disbelief I share most days.

Posted by Chris @ 1:20 pm  

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  1. maria says:

    What beautiful pictures and an awesome full circle moment in your life. Love the wrap up.

    She is beautiful.

  2. Janssen says:

    Your new kitchen is GORGEOUS.

    And I am still all about sitting on the counters (except in my own kitchen which has approximately two square inches of counter space and my bottom is bigger than two square inches).

  3. Debbie says:

    Some day you will be standing in HER kitchen and watching her make something she watched you make in your kitchen when she sat on the countertop and shared stories with you. Enjoy your time with that beautiful little girl!

  4. Andrea in IN says:

    Gorgeous… and a touching post!

  5. Beth B. says:

    That is beautifully written; thanks.

    Beth (mommy to a busy 5-year old)

  6. Ramblin' Red says:

    Awww….that is so sweet, Chris. Both the pics and the thoughts of the kitchen counters (which I totally relate to!) and mom-daughter bonding going along with it. It is really something when they start to make sense of our worlds, huh?

  7. Brigitte says:

    Seeing that I’m about to turn 45 and my daughter’s not even 4 yet, she’ll be utterly horrified by how long ago MY youth was.

  8. Aileen says:

    My 3 girls share the same disbelief — “you used to do what?” “How many bad guys did you put in jail?” It’s odd to them that I’ve ever done anything other than their laundry.

    Thanks for the reminder to let them sit on the counters every once and a while.

  9. EG says:

    Now I feel bummed that she and all the other little girls will be robbed of the opportunity to wrap the phone cord around their fingers around and around.

  10. Niki says:

    I was a teenaged counter-sitter, and my two girls have both picked it up. I think as a kid part of the fun is being higher up and looking down at Mom instead of the other way around.

    BTW, I absolutely love the way the kitchen came out. It’s gorgeous!

  11. Melissa says:

    Awww, how cute. I did the same thing as a kid. I still sit on counters, especially when I go to my parents’ and my mom is doing something in the kitchen.

  12. eko says:

    Beautiful daughter, and a beautiful (inside and out) mom!
    A disbelief that the world itself could have existed without her in it. To me - that says you are raising her right, she should think the world could not have possibly existed without her, how could it have!?

    I sometimes dare (still) to think the same way - but struggled over the years with that because of self esteem issues (many unfortunately developed because of how my parents raised us - with a harshness, that they likely now regret.)

    Lovely, touching post!

  13. aimee says:

    Oh those kitchen conversations are so important, aren’t they?

  14. Lauren says:

    I have the same counter top memories with my mom! Thanks for reminding me, but thanks mostly for shedding a great, realistic, entertaining light on being a mom!

  15. Kelly says:

    I used to do the same thing with my Mom when I was little girl.

    She is beautiful…love her dress!

  16. Jamie AZ says:

    So sweet - those last two sentences - so true!

  17. t in hd says:

    Spiffing. Now I feel guilty for yelling at my kids for sitting on the kitchen counter.

    My son was looking at a book about ancient Rome last night when he paused and looked at me and said “Mama, you know back in the time when you were living….” ????????

  18. dc says:

    ur kitchen is sexy…im jealous. of course, i dont really cook…so what would i do with all that kitchen anyway….?? but it’s really nice.

    and ur daughter is gorgeous…with a really cute dress :-)

  19. twolittleducks says:

    Yes - I remember doing exactly the same thing with my mother, although her kitchen wasn’t much bigger than a shoebox.

    I think it’s one of those things that brings mothers and daughters together - all those happy hours of just hanging out in the kitchen chatting and enjoying each others company.

    Gorgeous photo by the way - she’ll break many hearts when she’s older!

  20. jody says:

    She is amazing. What a doll.

    And I share the disbelief as well. How could I have existed before my kids. It is like a dream.

  21. chanelireli says:

    i love your new kitchen! It’s beautiful! I have kitchen envy :) my mom never let me sit on the counters, and I have all boys, they don’t so much sit as they climb on the counters.

  22. Ann-Marie says:

    She is beautiful. And I used to sit on the counter, too. Sometimes still do!

  23. Candace says:

    Your daughter is a beautiful girl. And so begins wonderful memories of kitchen talks with your little girl. How fun it will be through the years, as you and your daughter grow closer through time spent together.

  24. Laura says:

    My daughter got to buy a phone and she picked a red phone with the curly cord. How that brought memories of bringing the phone into my room so I could have private conversations (we never had the nailed to the wall phone). And then she went and did the same thing. It’s amazing how they “follow” use unknowingly. One of the joys of life.

  25. midlife mommy says:

    What a lovely post, and what a beautiful daughter you have.

  26. kate says:

    I loved loved loved sitting on the counter talking to my mom. I still sit on her counter sometimes and talk to her.

  27. Nicki says:

    The kitchen counter is still the best place to sit and have a conversation. Only now it’s with friends not my mom, at least until my daughter gets old enough to hike herself onto the counter. She getting close.

  28. Paula says:

    OMG I am the shallowest person ever…

    what color is that tile backsplash? is it irridescent (sp?)



    Chris says: No, it is tans and browns and greyish tans

  29. Amanda says:

    Ditto on the beautiful kitchen/gorgeous daughter comments.

    Is that a rack over your stove that folds down when you need it? Or a cookbook rack? Either way it’s awesome!