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Crazy Assed November

Crazy Assed November

November 11, 2008

Praline sweet potato pie

I asked some friends to guest blog for me over at Work It,Mom! November is turning into a crazy assed month with working for utterball-Bay and fundraising for the football team. Have I hit you up for a donation yet? No? Want to donate? Wait don’t run away….

Seriously though, I have sent out the following email to friends and family and people I hardly know but happen to have their email addresses.

I always hate getting these mass emails and yet here I am typing one.

My oldest son’s football team has been invited to compete in the National Championships. It is very exciting for all of the boys, okay and I’ll admit the parents too. Woooo Hooo! Unexpected sunny Florida vacation! However, the boys only have three weeks to raise enough money to go on this trip. The league has no extra money. In part this is because they spent it buying brand new top of the line helmets and equipment for all of the boys. Also, in 40 years that the town has had youth football they have never had a team make it to the national playoff level.

And this is why I am emailing you. They need to raise upwards of $20,000 in order to go on this trip. That’s a lot of bake sales and standing outside of the grocery store in the freezing cold, in between school and practicing four days a week. They are all doing it joyfully and working hard, but let’s be honest there are only so many rice crispy treats you can sell in three weeks.

To be clear, it isn’t for my son that I am asking for donations. Many of the kids on this team have never been on an airplane. Many have never been on a vacation. Their parents simply can not afford it. If enough money isn’t raised they will not be able to go.

And so with that I am asking you to consider making a donation. (It is tax deductible, if that matters to you I will pass on the info you need)

If you only have a dollar or two to spare, that is perfectly okay! Clear out those excess dollars in your paypal account. Every little bit helps. If I lived close by you I would come over and dig the spare change out from between your couch cushions. If you happen to have $20,000 extra laying around and want to part with it well, feel free.


If you would like to donate any money you can email me and I will give you the paypal information for the team. Seriously even a couple of dollars makes a difference. I don’t quite feel comfortable putting the team information out here for all the crazy stalker people, unless of course, you are crazy stalker people with money. Then, bring it on.

Metalia is the first guest blogger up and this recipe is making me drool. Seriously, it sounds (and looks) that good. Are you all reading her blog? Because you totally should be.

Recipe blogged at Work It, Mom!

New post also up about my most memorable Thanksgiving

Posted by Chris @ 2:08 pm  

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  1. deanna says:

    Send me the info…I’d like to make a donation.


  2. t in hd says:

    Chris, I tried to click on your Thanksgiving link, but it only brought up a WordPress login page for your “Notes from the Trenches” blog (whatever became of that blog?).

    I wish you the best for your fund raising and hope the team can make the trip to Florida. I wish I was in the position to help out, but we are unfortunately heading into the holiday season with no income, several kids and a lot of school debt. ;-) Otherwise, I’d have loved to have sent a bit your team’s way. Instead, I’m sending lots of positive “raise-lots-of-money” vibes!

  3. Beth B. says:

    Hi - I just sent you an e-mail….. Hang in there this month!

    Beth (mommy to a busy 5-yr old)

  4. Kate says:

    Since I absolutely hated doing fundraisers when I was a kid, you can send me the info. I’ll chip in a little to save some poor kid a few minutes of standing in front of a grocery store.

  5. Deb Finch says:

    Me, too. Send a link or whatever to Paypal.

  6. Holly says:

    Send me the info, too. I can’t do much, but every little bit helps, right?

  7. Missy says:

    I have a few dusty dollars in my paypal account, and as the mom of a son who plays competitive youth sports, I feel your fundraising pain. Send me info, I’d like to help.

  8. Katherine says:

    Please send the info to me, too. Thanks. Also, the link to your Thanksgiving post doesn’t seem to work.

  9. CaliforniaGrammy says:

    I’d be happy to help the boys out. Send me the PayPal information please. And good luck to the team . . . hope they raise enough money and they play their hearts out. How exciting!

  10. eko says:

    ME - too, I have a few extra dollars, and unfortunately, I mean just a few ;-(

  11. Deputy's Wife says:

    Next time I am fundraising for something, remind me to have you write the email.

    Email me, I’ve got a couple of Hamiltons for the team.

  12. Jeanne says:

    I can help a LITTLE. (Wish I could do more)

  13. Jennifer says:

    I am back from reading your Thanksgiving post. Damnit. Now I am going to have to do Thanksgiving this year. Even though I thought my Nov. 26th due date gave me a free pass to skip it.

    But we will be having a chicken. And I’ll make my husband do the mashed potatoes.

  14. Heather B says:

    Email me the info too please. I can spare a few bucks! I’d do it if they were standing outside my grocery store, so why not through a paypal account :)

  15. Brandy says:

    I am recently pregnant with my 2nd child. My first was born 2 days before thanksgiving a few years ago. I guess I am just a hormonal wreck right now because your thanksgiving post made me cry…. trust me, I am not a cry-ie person. Thanks!

  16. Cheryl says:

    “heavyweight’s” mom has a couple of dollars…send me the info. Good luck.

  17. JoAnn says:

    I would be happy to send a check your way. I don’t have a paypal account but if you could email me a snail mail addy I’ll send some out today. Good Luck with the fundraising.

  18. Anna says:

    I absolutely hate walking past groups of kids/parents fund raising outside Wal-Mart, partly because I feel bad for them needing to do it, but also because I never carry cash. Where’s the donate button? I’ll happily contribute to the fund just to keep those kids from having to beg!

  19. Jo Anne says:

    Yahoo!!!! When I read that the boys were going and that money was needed, I wondered if you would do this. Isn’t PayPal grand? I can’t do a lot to help (I have my own sad financial story), but like someone before me said, I would throw a couple dollars in the can in front of the store-so I should be able to do the same now. I sure do hope all these bits and pieces add up and the boys (and their loved ones) don’t have to spend too much time fundraising and you can all just get ready for that trip. Good luck to all of you.

  20. DW says:

    I would be happy to help.

    And if I can post here rather than going to the computer and searching for you email all the better.

    I hope the team earns enough and then some. Good luck!

  21. Leslie says:

    I’d love to make a donation if I’m not too late. Thanks! Leslie

  22. leatitia says:

    I did it and it’s very good cold! :)