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8 of 365

8 of 365

January 8, 2009


My oldest son and I in the elevator. Yes, I really am that short next to him, even with 3 inch heels on my boots. Note the WHITE sweatshirt.

her: what are you doing today.

Me: at the Wizard, also known as the concussion doctor, to see if 14 yr old has a brain

her: good luck with that

Me: ARGH, we are an hour early for our appt. Scarecrow says he knew we left the house an hour early. Don’t have high hopes for finding the brain

her: Hahaha.

Me: Scarecrow taking assessment test right now. So nervous. Why???

her: Because you just don’t want him living with you for the rest of your life.

Me: Oh hell no.

her: I am shopping for furniture. SO very stressful.

Me: you need a shopper

her: I need a cocktail.

Me: yes, drunken shopping. Then you wouldn’t really care what you bought.

Me: Oh happy day. Scarecrow haz brain.


We went to the concussion specialist today and my son was given the okay to begin doing small amounts of school work and reading. He can also resume physical activities that pose no risk to him injuring his head. Like shoveling.

Ok, maybe the doctor didn’t specifically mention shoveling, but he meant to. Along with unloading the dishwasher. I just know it.

Posted by Chris @ 9:58 pm  

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  1. julie@love,laughter&laundry says:

    What great news.

  2. Keyona says:

    I’m pretty sure he meant folding laundry as well. I heard him. Yup.

    Good luck with the awards, you got my vote chick! :o)

  3. tammy says:

    love the photo glad to hear he is doing better

    good luck on your award

  4. Carolynn from Western Australia says:

    That’s Great News.

    What a fantastic photo too.

    I hope too you get the award, you deserve it so much Chris, you are One Amazing Mother.

    Take Care and Love to you All.
    Lots of Love Carolynn :-)

  5. becky says:

    Just a small warning….. while shoveling doesn’t normally hurt one’s brain, I sustained a head injury as a small child. Walking up to tell my older brother it was time for lunch, he swung a shovel full of snow over his shoulder and hurt me square in the forehead. I think about 10 stitches were required. And I wasn’t allowed to be the messenger anymore, since I obviously lacked the judgment of how to approach a shoveling teenage boy. Whoops!

  6. dangitAnge says:

    LOVE the picture. You both just look so content. Was this after Scarecrow got his brain? :)

  7. Julie says:

    How is it you look younger than your son!? How!?

    yay for resuming normal activities!

  8. lizinsumner says:

    You’re too funny - who else would think of taking their picture from the reflection of a mirrored elevator ceiling??!! Also, my (almost!!) 15 year old son is that much taller than me - so, I know what it feels like. It’s gotten a lot harder to intimidate him now….so, I’m using a new weapon. It’s called my wallet. So far, it’s working pretty well!

  9. Brigitte says:

    Egads, where have you left your mommy, little girl? ;-)

  10. t in hd says:

    You two look quite alike in that photo, Chris. ;-)

  11. Amy says:

    That’s great news! Love the picture too!

  12. Jennifer says:

    Oh my, if a person didn’t know you were his mom they would think you were his girlfriend. I know that conjures all sorts of disturbing images but hell, you both look the same age. Glad to hear he has a brain. I think cooking and cleaning bathrooms would be good for his gross motor skills as well. If you feel guilty having him do that stuff you can send over to my house, I wouldn’t feel guilty about it at all.

  13. SassyPants says:

    I’m glad that he is alright.

  14. Brian says:

    To the best of my knowledge, a mop can be used with no risk to the head. At least, no risk to the mopper.

  15. bethany says:

    How the heck did you get that picture that’s apparently from the security camera??????????

    Chris says: No, I have my camera in my hand.

  16. Dodinette says:

    but on that kind of pic, one can see why people would think that they need to talk to your mom when ringing at your doorbell :)

    wew, I wish i could look that way when my oldest will turn 14 in, hem, 10 yrs.

  17. Becky (StinkyLemsky) says:

    So glad to hear that all went well.

  18. jody says:

    Cute photo!

    YES! on the great news about his brian. Now wrap him tight in some bubble wrap and pack some straw around him for good measure. Precious boy!

  19. Lynn says:

    Congrats!! Now there’s no excuse for schoolwork or chores!

    Terrific pic!

  20. Katie in MA says:

    Ha! If the specialist had been a mom, you just know she would have had a mimeo of household chores he is able to resume!

  21. Marie says:

    Glad to hear he is doing better. My 12 year old is taller than me. He gets great pleasure out of looking over my head.

  22. Heidi says:

    so glad he is doing better!

    And he can SO unload the dishwasher :)

  23. Kathryn in NZ says:

    Love the photo.
    Yay, the Scarecrow can do some chores, LOL.
    Glad that’s turning out ok.

  24. Anne says:

    Congratulations on the report from the doctor. And the picture is adorable.

  25. Crisanne says:

    You sure he’s feeling well? You’ve written about him several times lately and-AND-he’s smiling in the picture!!

    That’s truly a picture to treasure.

  26. Elizabeth says:

    He is THAT tall at 14? Very glad to hear he is all recovered from the concussion. Great photo!

  27. Baby Favorite says:

    I’m still trying to figure out how you gave birth to your son two years before you were even born.

    Seriously, you look about 12 there.

    I think I have to hate you now.