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‘Round the Net

‘Round the Net

January 15, 2009


Story of a Crock of…. Leftovers

The third installment in the Disney World series.

Ahhhh, the Happiest Place on Earth


This is at the Beauty and the Beast show. They wanted everyone to know that they were NOT enjoying anything princessy. AT ALL. Do not for one minute think that they were.


Waiting in line. Miles thinks that it is lots of fun, too.

Posted by Chris @ 11:06 pm  

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  1. Tricia says:

    Love, love, love the sneer- I’m sure he could do better- this is a bit more subtle, eh?

  2. Laura says:

    I love the pictures of the boys.

    My boy is only 2 and the thought hasnt even crossed his mind that it may be uncool to like pricesses. He likes nothgn more than putting on some pink dressing up shoes and a Cinderella dress!

  3. Elizabeth Aquino says:

    Don’t you just love ‘em? The top picture is really priceless. The disdain, the contrived boredom, the entitlement! I’m new to your blog and loving it!

  4. Debbie98 says:

    Your picture capture the moment totally with their faces. They are lucky you were in a good mood because if they would have even slightly smiled I am sure you would have posted that photo’s with the caption the Boys ENJOYING the Beauty and the Beast show.

  5. Shannon says:

    The second picture is priceless!!!!!

  6. Keyona says:

    Good lord that first picture made my stomach grumble at first site! Yum!

  7. McM says:

    Great pics. I think Boys are just not into Belle!

  8. Rose says:

    Miles is so photogenic! He is the cutest little guy. I’m laughing about the first two pictures, that looks exactly like my two boys at the My Little Pony Tea Party Live show last year. Sure, they *tried* to look uninterested, and they were practically the only boys there, but deep down, they did enjoy it even if they didn’t want to admit it! *giggle*

  9. Lottifish says:

    I need to know where to get that California shirt that Miles is wearing!

    Chris says: I bought it in California when I was there last year.

  10. Monique says:

    You bring back so many memories to me!

    I have our Disney pics too..and we have some like yours.
    I was in my 30’s when we went and by the time the Electric Light Parade came by.I think I look 60:)
    Cute cute shots!

  11. Karen says:

    I’m sure your life is full of sneers with all those boys around. Life is so unfair.

  12. maggie madison says:

    Love that tough guy body language–had no idea it started so young!

  13. Nextcommercial says:

    They look like they could burst into tears at any minute.

    Too bad it wasn’t an audience participation. I would have waved my arms and pointed to their heads so that they were sure to be chosen.