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18 of 365

18 of 365

January 18, 2009


This is my partner in crime, or shovelling, as the case may be. The two of us have a system down. It has turned into a time for the two of us to spend alone talking, because Lord knows the other kids scatter at the mention of shovelling.

He gets to tell in my excruciating detail about the latest episode of How It’s Made. Or Mythbusters. Or ask me questions like, “What percentage of people do you think actually buy things from telemarketers?” and tell me trivia he has picked up from his voracious reading.

I mostly nod and smile and throw out an occasional, “Wow, that is fascinating!”

And while the questions themselves might not be fascinating, or constant stream of “fun facts,” it is fascinating to listen to him and hear how his mind works.

Posted by Chris @ 2:58 pm  

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  1. Heather's Garden says:

    Yeah, my policy with the boys is to listen with great interest whenever they’ll deign to speak to me. Sad isn’t it?

  2. Amy says:

    You know, I have one who likes to re-cap his shows for me in incruciating detail, too. Certainly, we didn’t subject our parents to this, did we? But it is fun to see how they think.

  3. Bronnie says:

    Fantastic pic!
    It’s great you get one-on-one time :)

  4. suburbancorrespondent says:

    “Fascinating” isn’t the first word that comes to my mind when I talk to my teens. “Worrisome,” maybe, or “scary” - especially when I consider how close the oldest is to leaving home.

  5. Corey says:

    Great picture!

    I would like to know what percentage of people buy things from telemarketers, too. My company encourages me to telemarket, but I refuse to do it because I know I’d never buy anything over the phone.

    Let us know if you find out.

  6. Lorie says:

    Brrrrrr! That picture makes me cold!

  7. The 6-S Ranch says:

    Oh lordy!!! I have that kind of son too. Maybe it’s just a boy thing…not sure. But, I get to hear EVERY minute detail of his dream from the night before, the latest show he watched, or the book he is reading. It takes everything I’ve got just to let him keep talking.

  8. Jennifer says:

    that sounds just like my 10 year. It is a steady stream of random tidbits of information. Sometimes it makes my ears and head hurt.

  9. Paulla says:

    This is such a sweet post - and I can so relate. My oldest is now 21, but we have the same type of friendship. I homeschooled him as well; and since his dad traveled a lot, he was my buddy. We did so many “grown up” activities together even when he was only 12 or 13 - and I got to listen to the incessant talking which consisted mostly of statistics and facts such as you mention here. Such delightful memories. He now calls me (every day) from his third year in college, where he is an RA in the dorms. I treasure our relationship, as I know you do. It is so unusual for boys to be so open and relational - enjoy it, it’s such a gift. :)

  10. tammy says:

    I think this is my new favorite photo great job Chris

  11. jodi says:

    My oldest is a Physics major. When he and I talk, it’s about energy, stars and things that I will never understand. But like you with your son I love to hear him talk and I marvel at his mind because it sure didn’t come from me!!

  12. Chris says:

    OMG….I consider it an honor to be first! That or I have no life. I digress, what an awesome way to get to know the workings of a child’s mind…Um, through work! He sounds like a great kid. Apples really do not fall far from the tree! ;)

  13. Heidi says:

    Don’t you love being able to have a little together time with them. I feel the same way. I don’t always remember every reason why a king cobra can eat up to 5 times their body mass. I just like hearing his mind work…….

  14. Keyona says:

    I know how important alone time can be. Glad you two get lots of bonding time, you know with all that snow you get.

  15. Jill says:

    That is an awesome photo and a PRICELESS way to spend time together!

  16. Misty says:

    Great picture! :)

  17. Robin says:

    what a great picture! I am sure you to are truly enjoying your time together shoveling, where as I volunteer to shovel just to get out of the house filled with little kids.

  18. Janet says:

    My grandson is that same kid!

    Tell him to keep at it. He can go on JEOPARDY or WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE in a few years. Or maybe have fun making “bar bets!”

  19. Tater Mama says:

    That picture is impressive!

    And I think the question about telemarketers is great!

  20. kelly says:

    Sweet picture and post.

    Which son is that?

  21. Jill says:

    Awesome pic!

  22. junebug says:

    that’s the coolest photo!!

  23. kate says:

    I am wishing for snow. We got a little tonight, but I want snowed in snow. Still hoping!

  24. Lilly says:

    Wonderful that you’ve both turned a chore into a time to be together! My own son who is the same age and just came in and started telling me something just like what your son talks about. I also have gotten good at making encouraging comments about things that usually go in one of my ears and out the other. I honestly don’t care so much about what he’s telling me but I love that he wants to tell me.

  25. Lilly says:

    My last comment was typed while “uh-huhing” to my son… and you can tell because those are some odd sentences I wrote…

  26. fidget says:

    The how it’s made theme .. i hear that in my nightmares. My husband is an avid fan

  27. CathyC says:

    He is one lucky boy, and you are one lucky mama!

  28. Brigitte says:

    Hah, sounds like the trivia and “fun facts” from MY voracious reading that I’m always throwing at my husband. I guess I can’t really blame him too much for the classic tuning-me-out thing.

  29. Sus says:

    I’m impressed that he’s talking to you at all…you must be doing something right.

  30. dangitAnge says:

    He sounds like my oldest. She’s been reading “Oh Yikes” which is full of gross facts and quoting random bits of it to me. Lovely.

  31. Sue says:

    Good to know that he helps with shovelling. Can’t wait for my baby to grow up :-)

  32. Katie in MA says:

    I used to do the same thing with my mom. She would wash dishes while I stood at the radiator and talked and talked and talked. She didn’t care what I talked about, as long as I stood there and kept her entertained. If I didn’t stick around, she’d come ask if I was upset with her. Those are some of my favorite memories of my mom (yes, she’s still here), knowing my company meant that much to her. I bet your son will feel the same way 20 years from now.

  33. jody says:

    He sounds so much like Cody.

  34. momzen says:

    I love this photo. You are quite creative with the camera. I have four boys, and my ears are constantly bleeding… but I try to enjoy it. :)