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2011 December

My Favorite Week of the Year

December 28, 2011

I feel like this week we can finally enjoy everything about the holidays. No rushing to buy presents. No wrapping things. No prep work. There is nothing that has to be done.


The kids have all new toys to fight over play with.


My daughter got one of those potholder looms. When my 15 year old son was about this same age he became obsessed with making potholders. Every single person we knew was given a potholder or twenty from him. One day I was making dinner and went to grab a pot holder out of the drawer and there was only a neat little stack of his homemade potholders. He had decided that I no longer needed any of those other ones and threw them all away.

To this day I have never bought new ones and I continue to use his little woven ones, cursing frequently when I burn my hands. Now that is love.


My daughter also got a donut maker. Which really is just waffle maker with miniature donut shaped wells. She has made donuts every morning. Now we just need to figure out a recipe for her to make from scratch because the mix stuff she was using is disgusting, according to the children since I can’t eat it. Not so disgusting that they wouldn’t still eat it though. Because according to them, sugar sprinkled on the top makes anything palatable.


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Annual Destruction of a Small Forest

December 25, 2011


I think there might be a small child still lost among the paper…

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Merry Christmas

Oh that Stalker Elf, taking a photo of Santa with my phone as Santa tries to sneak out of the house, up the chimneyless fireplace.


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Twenty Four

Too excited to sleep.


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Twenty Three

December 24, 2011


Tracking Santa.

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Twenty Two


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Twenty One


Falling asleep watching the classic Christmas cartoons on tv.

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Part of the tower of boxes. I wait to wrap until the last minute. Apparently I like the thrill of not knowing whether or not I will be done before Christmas morning.

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I chaperoned a middle school choir trip to sing at the State Capital.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well behaved all the students were. And even more pleasantly surprised at how much better they sounded inside the capital than the school cafeteria.

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He adores her.
She tolerates him.
Typical older sibling/younger sibling relationship.

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