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December 24, 2011

Two of the many, many letters my daughter wrote detailing what she wanted for Christmas.


In the first letter she wants a Figit and lots more except underware. I thought, what the hell is a Figit?


This letter was typed and printed. As if one could no possibly deny her requests when they were presented so persausively. There is that damn Figit on the list again. And a motorized scooter and red Converse sneakers? I almost feel like those last two were put on the list to make the Figit seem like the only reasonable option. She already knew I wasn’t spending $200+ on a motorized scooter when she leaves everything out around the neighborhood. Nor was I buying her another pair of shoes. She has no less than 20 pair of shoes/converse/boots and wears one pair almost exclusively.

Ah well, I thought, there is still 24 days for her to change her mind. I can always find one of those Figit things later.

Famous last words.

Posted by Chris @ 2:01 am  

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  1. emily says:

    Google it. There’s a youtube video on them… god help you if you have to end up buying one.

  2. Ashley Irion says:

    I had not one but TWO asking for that damn Figit. I talked the older one out of it, thank God, but the younger wasn’t budging. I even waited until almost Christmas thinking she would change her mind. Then they were sold out EVERYWHERE. I ended up finding one at Kroger of all places and only paid ten bucks extra. She played with it for a total of 30 minutes and now it just sits on a shelf. WTF??? lol