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2011 December


December 24, 2011


The mess they make.
So few cookies. So big a mess.

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Make a joyful noise.

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People ask all the time if the kids all buy each other presents. Years and years ago when they were all very young we started the tradition of shopping at the Dollar store. If I had let them all buy each other whatever they wanted at the toy store, there would be no more money left for Christmas. As they have gotten older it has forced them to become more and more creative. The older kids had me laughing at the store with the choices he was making.

Miles is the only one who still shops thinking about what he wants for himself. He kept saying, I hope they share with me!

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Remember that toy my daughter wanted? The only toy she wanted? Turns out everyone else wanted it also. It was sold out everywhere.

Even Mir, the queen of shopping on the Internet, could not find one for me.

I was finally “forced” to buy one from a third party seller and was price gouged for the dumb thing.

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They had been sitting there on the floor, each of them playing with the toys separately, completely embracing their gender stereotypes. She is playing school with the little Playschool people. He is playing with Star Wars action figures that just seem to make shooting and dying noises.

Suddenly he turns to her and says, “Hey, let’s play together! My guys can come fly in and shoot all your people!”

The look on her face says what the hell is wrong with you. It speaks volumes about male-female relationships every where.

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A present for his girl friend. Not girlfriend. Girl (pause) friend.

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I miss those babies in the picture frame next to Stalker Elf. They were 2 years old, 1 year old, and just a couple months. Those were some crazy days. Now they are all teenagers. The days are still crazy.

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The joyous tradition of gathering around the laptop to pick out things you want for Christmas. I think they were actually watching skateboard videos on youtube, but regardless it captured a moment when no one was saying “Dude, your like breathing on me. Move over.” or just shoving the person next to them off their chair.

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