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2011 December

“You are basically a hashbrown!”

December 20, 2011

In honor of the first day of Hanukkah we are reading this book tonight for Advent.


I found this book at a used bookstore this past year and it has been cracking my kids up.

We have a Kindle, but I am not a convert. Sure it came in handy when my son forgot his novel at school and needed to write an essay for
his AP English class and failed to mention it until 9pm on a Sunday night. A Kindle can never replace the smell of a bookstore. Or the crack the binding makes in your hands when you open it for the first time. Or the texture of the pages and the look of the typesetting But mostly it can never replace the experience of browsing and finding unexpected treasures at a used bookstore, feeling the weight of each individual book as you turn it over in your hand. It seems like so much of the experience is lost when you read on an electronic device.

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You Might Think Twice Before Inviting Us to Your Party

This is an example of the type of note that my daughter leaves for Stalker Elf.


So many questions. Its like she wants to set Stalker Elf up on an online dating site.

Last night my daughter had a girl scout Christmas party. She reminded me of this approximately two hours before it started. This wouldn’t have been a problem except that we had to bake and bring 2 dozen cookies and bring an ornament for an ornament exchange.

Luckily we had a cookie mix in the house. You know the kind where you add an egg and a teeny bit of water and it magically morphs into cookies. Then we spread some frosting on the top of them. My son said we should call these cookies “reindeer droppings” because they looked like poop with snow on top of them. Yes, that’s exactly what we will call them! So appetizing! Thanks for the advice, son!

When we got to the party, I was glad to see that I was not the laziest mother. Amid all the overachievers, someone brought store bought cookies and put them on the cookie table still in the plastic container from the store. Someday I would really like to go to one of these cookie exchange things and bring Oreos, still in their plastic sleeves. I think it would be funny, but then again I think a lot of things are funny that other people don’t.

Also lucky for us, we have a Christmas tree full of ornaments, most of which have no setimental value and fall conveniently in the $5 range. My daugher told me after the party that she felt bad for the girl who got her ornament because all the other ornaments were more like stuffed animals or covered with glitter or peace signs. I don’t understand, what 8 year old girl doesn’t want a rustic wooden goose with a Santa sitting on its back?

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