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2012 January

That’s My Boy

January 24, 2012

Making an 80 yard* touchdown run.


We spent the weekend at a tournament in the middle of nowhere Texas. I’ll have a weekend recap of the craziness later. But look! That’s my baby!

(*according to him. 70 according to my eyes in the stands.)


I have a new post up over at Alphamom. Does the thought of your children turning into teenagers one day frighten you? Don’t worry. It turns out teenagers are a lot like toddlers, only bigger and potty trained. And you have successfully navigated that stage before, right? Don’t run away crying! It’s just nature’s way of making sure you aren’t too sad to see them move out.

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Sums Up My Weekend

January 23, 2012


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The Beginning

January 20, 2012


The first 20 miles are pure bliss.

And then it begins. “How much longer?”

“Just another 250 miles or so!”

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It Feels Like Monday

January 17, 2012

Why is it that when I make appointments for the kids… doctor, dentist, orthodontist, etc, it always seems like a good idea to group them together in the same week? You know, to get it all over with. But what invariably happens is that the rest of life doesn’t stop for these scheduled appointments and I am overwhelemed by busyness.

One of my kids ended up with a staph skin infection last week. So that was a fun way to spend a few days, going to the doctor, getting him antibiotics (for the first time in his life), and slathering him with antibiotic cream. And then bleaching and laundering everything possible. At one point I was spraying Lysol on the doorknobs stuff around the house… my way of coping, and my son turned to me and said, “Are you spraying everything I touched like I am some sort of a leper?” I assured him that I was not and then sprayed his water bottle when he set it down on the counter. He spent two days home from school and on the second day we compromised on the tv watching and I allowed him to watch a foreign film with subtitles and count it for his reading for the day.

Mercifully today is free of any appointments that would take the kids out of school. It is 11:30 am and thus far the only thing I have done is sit on the couch, eat, put some food in the crockpot, and think about doing the laundry. I have also searched Netflix for something to watch and come up with nothing. I refuse to take that as a sign I should get up and do something more productive.

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Might As Well Jump

January 16, 2012

This is a fact. It is impossible to be unhappy when you are jumping on a trampoline. And as an added bonus it is a good time to practice those Kegels.


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January 8, 2012


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Winter in Texas


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Eskimo Kisses

January 5, 2012


Miles is obsessed with this now. After one too many accidental head butts, I had to tell him that Eskimo kisses require warning.

My daughter wanted to know all about Eskimo kisses. Why are they called that? Who are Eskimos? Why would they live somewhere so cold? Do they really kiss like that? When I told her I knew none of those answers she looked at me with disgust. “Haven’t you ever heard of google?”

And being a mature adult I replied, “Haven’t you?”

“Sheesh, I’m only eight.”

Children. Always with the excuses.

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You Know, Easter Decorations

January 4, 2012

I dont know why I imagine that as soon as the kids go back to school I will have a huge void, an empty space of time with nothing to to do. I am less busy when they are here.

The kids have only been back in school two days So far I have had:
two orthodontist appointments (with two more tomorrow),
a meeting with the counselor at the high school,
chiropractor appointments times three,
a trip to the DMV for a license renewal for one son (Did you know that teenagers here have to renew their license yearly based on their birthday not the date the got their license? So glad my son got pulled over and the policeman was able to point that out and write him a ticket.),
football practice,
grocery shopping,
and a trip to the office supply store for school supplies and a gigantic wall calendar so I can keep track of what is going on in my life.

Today I also had to write a check for a field trip. Answering my own question of who the hell writes checks anymore. I also wrote 2011 on the check so now I have become everything I make fun of. Serves me right.

I have not put away one Christmas decoration. Soon I will be one of those people with a Resurrection wreath on my front door.


I have made some resolutions for the new year, though. You can read about them at AlphaMom.

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So It Ends

January 3, 2012

Vacation is over. Back to the early morning sandwich making.


My 17 yr old saw my daughter’s little heart shaped sandwich and was confused by how small it was. Is it a bite sized snack?

“I hope you aren’t packing me one of those!”

I laughed. But honestly I’d pack him one, or a dozen, if I could only figure out how to be a fly on the wall of the lunchroom when he opened it up.

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