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You Know, Easter Decorations

You Know, Easter Decorations

January 4, 2012

I dont know why I imagine that as soon as the kids go back to school I will have a huge void, an empty space of time with nothing to to do. I am less busy when they are here.

The kids have only been back in school two days So far I have had:
two orthodontist appointments (with two more tomorrow),
a meeting with the counselor at the high school,
chiropractor appointments times three,
a trip to the DMV for a license renewal for one son (Did you know that teenagers here have to renew their license yearly based on their birthday not the date the got their license? So glad my son got pulled over and the policeman was able to point that out and write him a ticket.),
football practice,
grocery shopping,
and a trip to the office supply store for school supplies and a gigantic wall calendar so I can keep track of what is going on in my life.

Today I also had to write a check for a field trip. Answering my own question of who the hell writes checks anymore. I also wrote 2011 on the check so now I have become everything I make fun of. Serves me right.

I have not put away one Christmas decoration. Soon I will be one of those people with a Resurrection wreath on my front door.


I have made some resolutions for the new year, though. You can read about them at AlphaMom.

Posted by Chris @ 11:28 pm  

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  1. Arnebya @whatnowandwhy says:

    I just took the wreath off the door last night, tree’s still up. Laziness is the devil. The devil clearly owns me.

    Your schedule is insane! And familiar. And I must admit I’m giggling about the checks. I recently reordered a box b/c I found that there are some places that I still write checks to, don’t want to pay a money order fee, things I have to mail that (still) don’t accept credit cards (or don’t offer that on the reply envelope). Oh, guess I’ll need to actually get a stamp or 12 too. I’m stuck in the 90s and I don’t mind.

  2. Donna says:

    Chris, you’re not the only one who hasn’t taken down their holiday decorations. I’m a WOHM, and I’ll be lucky if I get mine down and boxed up this weekend!

    As for your wall calendar - I’ve used a similar system for years. I got a write-on/wipe-off 2′x3′ calendar & use a different color pen for each family member. Of course, I only have 4 people in my family - but I know they make packs of markers with loads of colors.

    Good luck with 2012!

  3. Ann says:

    Glad you’re back posting more often. Has there been any particular reason for the change?

  4. Maclaine says:

    Even though I’ve lived in Tx for a long time, I had no idea. His birthday is in a few weeks and I’m sure neither of us had any intention of him renewing his license until he’d had it a year (or more? the expiration honestly hadn’t crossed my mind). Thanks for the heads up!

  5. Suzanne says:

    I love your more frequent posts. I missed you!

  6. Nicki says:

    Thanks for the DMV tip. I checked my son’s license and it was expired on Nov 1! oops! That is so strange but I’m glad you said something. Sorry you all had to figure it out the hard way :(