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It Feels Like Monday

It Feels Like Monday

January 17, 2012

Why is it that when I make appointments for the kids… doctor, dentist, orthodontist, etc, it always seems like a good idea to group them together in the same week? You know, to get it all over with. But what invariably happens is that the rest of life doesn’t stop for these scheduled appointments and I am overwhelemed by busyness.

One of my kids ended up with a staph skin infection last week. So that was a fun way to spend a few days, going to the doctor, getting him antibiotics (for the first time in his life), and slathering him with antibiotic cream. And then bleaching and laundering everything possible. At one point I was spraying Lysol on the doorknobs stuff around the house… my way of coping, and my son turned to me and said, “Are you spraying everything I touched like I am some sort of a leper?” I assured him that I was not and then sprayed his water bottle when he set it down on the counter. He spent two days home from school and on the second day we compromised on the tv watching and I allowed him to watch a foreign film with subtitles and count it for his reading for the day.

Mercifully today is free of any appointments that would take the kids out of school. It is 11:30 am and thus far the only thing I have done is sit on the couch, eat, put some food in the crockpot, and think about doing the laundry. I have also searched Netflix for something to watch and come up with nothing. I refuse to take that as a sign I should get up and do something more productive.

Posted by Chris @ 1:57 pm  

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  1. Brigitte says:

    Good girl! :-D

  2. Amanda @ Confessions From HouseholdSix says:

    My 5yo is the first one to get pink eye, and I have totally done the clean behind him like he’s a leper thing. I have hand sanitizer in every room he goes in that doesn’t have a sink for hand washing, and Clorox wipes in every room. Being 5, he still wants me to throw away his tissues for him, and he doesn’t understand why I get another tissue first, and then I practically bathe myself in bleach afterwards. Poor kids.

  3. Navhelowife says:

    Ugh. Sorry about the Staph infection.
    I do the same thing, thinking that grouping the appointments will save time. OR something like that. Mostly it just makes the week crazy. But when I don’t do it, it means three weeks of appointments dripping like a leaky faucet. Sigh.

  4. Maggie says:

    Re: Things to watch on Netflix, check out a new documentary called “Life In A Day”…really cool look at people all over the world, composed entirely of videos taken on one day (in July, 2010) & uploaded to You Tube. Really interesting, and even the kids might like it!

  5. Katie says:

    I do the same thing with dentist appointments, I did 5 in one day and about wanted to kill myself in the waiting room after 2 hours. I told the receptionist to never let me do that again.

  6. Lisa says:

    Hi Chris; love reading your blog and have been reading for the past several years. I have 3 sons who have all played football and we have dealt with the dreaded staph issue quite a bit. It can be very challenging to eradicate. One son only had 1 go-round with it, a second got it twice but our other son has had it numerous times; I don’t know if he is more susceptible or what, it has just been a pain. after seeing numerous specialists we’ve hit on a couple of things that have seemed to really help. Forgive me for offering unsolicited suggestions, but it took quite a few different doctors and several years to gather all the pieces that have helped us. Hopefully you don’t have recurrences or other kiddos getting it and this info is unneeded, but here goes. I bought a bunch of basic white towels at Costco and that is all my sons use…one time, then in the dirty laundry basket and I wash the towels seperately with bleach in hot water; during really trying outbreaks, our entire family used Hibicleanse in the shower a couple times a week, infected son used 3 or 4 if I remember correctly; dr suggested he continued to use it 1 or 2 x a week for several months after cleared up; Walmart sells a small bottle of it, but it was cheaper to ask the pharmacy for a quart bottle of it which they ordered for us. It is strong stuff and can stain your tub so be careful if you end up using it.(it’s over the counter) A physician/friend also recommended we use tea tree oil because studies in Australia(I think?) are promising. I keep Dr. Bronner tea tree oil gel in shower and they use it pretty frequently, tho not every day. forgive me if I have overstepped…I hate when people throw advice at me; I just know our experience with this nasty stuff was very frustrating and a lot of the medical people we dealt with initially didn’t have much helpful info. Good luck and take care!!

  7. Kelly Ozlsey says:

    I do the same thing… and then wonder what the hell I was thinking. Because kids… just love to go to multiple appointments. My first time to your blog. Really enjoyed it.

    Kelly Ozley