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Scenes From Sunday

Scenes From Sunday

April 2, 2012





The same scene played out over and over again.


And then the little kids’s team was eliminated. And after 5 trillion more games, no I’m not exaggerating, my 11 year old son’s team lost the championship game and got second place. This was wonderfully unexpected because they have not had a good season thus far.

If the energy level of my children that evening is any indication, watching a game is WAY more tiring than actually playing. Sitting in the bleachers in the sun, cheering, was exhausting.

Posted by Chris @ 8:45 am  

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  1. sonja lange says:

    I swear the sun at the ballpark sucks the soul out of me every freaking weekend.

  2. Carol says:

    I agree…being a spectator is exhausting! My daughter plays volleyball nearly year round. I LOVE watching her play, but those weekend tournaments clearly wear me out more than her! It’s a sad testimony to my fitness/age when sitting on the bleachers for 6 hours or so will make my back hurt for three weeks! Not even kidding. When she graduates and goes off to college, I will miss weekends spent cheering her on. I am under no illusion that she will play college volleyball because at 5′4″ her volleyball star days are numbered. Lol So I endure and cheer and enjoy… just like we all do knowing that someday I will miss every aching and exciting moment of watching my child play a sport she loves.

  3. Grammy says:

    The sight of your daughter all suited up just makes me smile. I can’t help but think that, not only is she showing confidence and joy at doing what all her brothers enjoy, the brothers themselves are getting an extra helping of respect for the fairer sex. All their future spouses will reap the benefits of your children being reared the way they are. Thank you for sharing your family with us.