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New Firsts

New Firsts

April 19, 2012

First steps, first teeth, first time sleeping through the night…the milestones we try to commit to memory. Over at Alphamom I wrote about the lasts. The last time our kids do things and how it has made me wistful and yes, teary. Go on over and tell me how you feel.

First time renting a tuxedo…


I went with my son and his girlfriend to pick out his tuxedo for the prom. I’d like to say they invited me for my stellar company, but the reality is they invited me for my credit card. Though I will continue to pretend it was the former. The humored me by asking my opinion, which they promptly, though nicely, discarded. For some reason they didn’t really like my suggestion of the purple pimp hat and rhinestone encrusted cane. I know, there is no accounting for their taste.

The prom. PROM!!! You guys, my baby is wearing a tuxedo and going to the PROM! Didn’t I just go to the prom?

He also opened up a bank account of his very own for the first time. I took a photo of him and his girlfriend in the bank, my son luckily has a good sense of humor, but I was laughing so hard that it was blurry. Baby’s first bank account! Is there a place for that in the baby book? Right next to Baby’s first traffic court appearance and Baby’s first poor fashion choice that will one day make Baby laugh? There should be.

One unexpected benefit of growing up is that they want to spend time with you again. Last weeked my son and his girlfriend (and his girlfriend’s mother) joined me, my younger kids, and some friends at a restaurant/bar/arcade/ outdoor band playing place. It was so nice to hang out with them. They have gotten through the angsty teenage stuff and now are people. Fun, interesting, adult-like people.


The funniest part was at about 12:15 (well past their curfews) they came back over to our table, looking exhausted and said, “Why aren’t you guys tired?” Yup, the teenagers got in their car and left before their old mothers.

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  1. Nicki says:

    I am in denial. They don’t grow up..right? Tell me it’s a vicious rumor… oh, wait. I grew up. Ahhhhhhhhh………….

  2. Jo says:

    Oh My God!!! He is so incredibly good looking. I joke with my 16 year old daughter that I will be picking out her future husband—your son will be perfect for her:)

  3. Brenna says:

    This gives me hope. I’m just now entering the angsty teenage drama stuff with my oldest, and it’s killing me. Its nice to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  4. Beth says:

    I am so glad you call it “the Prom” When did people start calling it just Prom. My son is going to Prom…. Hate that. Like nails on a blackboard. Congrats, by the way, he’s very handsome, even without the pimp hat!

  5. Cran says:

    A shining ray of light for me!!! My son is 15, my daughter 13 and there are a LOT of excess hormones in play at any given moment. Thanks, Chris. Your oldest is stunningly handsome.

  6. Samantha says:

    I can’t believe he is old enough to be going to prom! Time sure does fly!

  7. Leeann says:

    1) Good to know they come back to us as they get older.

    2) He’s a mighty nice looking young man.

    3) He has some GUNS!

    4) I feel a little creepy commenting on 2 and 3. But it had to be said.

  8. CherylM says:

    Oh - I remember our son’s prom - my hubby went and did the tux rental with our son. They picked an awesome tux, and all the extras to go with it. He looked amazing - and I sat with tears in my eyes on his Prom night - wondering where my toothless 6 year old went. And then!!! Two years later, my daughter needed a prom dress, and the hair-do, and the make-up, which we had a blast doing together. And then I sat and wondered where my other toothless 6 years old was. Oh man - those were the good old days!!! Enjoy it Chris!! Those lasts are amazing times!

  9. Ann says:

    Love the relationship I have with my adult children. Back in the day I wondered if it would ever happen.

  10. Carmen says:

    How’s this for a first? “Girlfriend, whom son has been anxious about for a LOOOOOONNNg time now, tells son that she’s been reading his mom’s blog and following her on twitter, AND SO HAVE HER ROOMMATES.”

  11. Grammy says:

    Oh, wow. He’s really grown! What a great eldest kid you’ve got. It’s such fun to see them live to turn human again, and this guy’s obviously done his mama proud.

  12. Jackie says:

    My oldest boys are 18, youngest is 8. I love that you write about these same experiences that are happening in my own life.

  13. Bethany says:

    Wow, your son is a hunk! Hope you post a prom pic later!

  14. Jackie says:

    Yes I remember those days. Now my son is in college over 4 hours away. Hate it but, getting used to it. They need to add the things you mentions and so many more to the baby book. Ok now I’m weepy. haha

  15. Kathleen says:

    Awww.. I feel it coming… it does go fast. Thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to enjoying the company of my future adult-like children. Sniff.