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Day Two

Day Two

December 2, 2012


This morning began with me bolting upright in bed at the crack of dawn remembering that I had not moved the damn Elf. Only the second day! I can’t fail yet. So I quietly got out of bed and tiptoed through the house and moved the Elf. Moments later my daughter woke up. I forgot how annoying she was last year forcing herself to wake up early so she could be the first to find the Elf. But this morning it all came flooding back. Way too early. And with no coffee.

We are building memories with these holiday traditions, dammit! And one of them is me yelling, ‘Why the hell are you up so early?’ for the month of December. I feel certain it is a tradition they will want to pass down to their own children.




He loaded up on his carbs on the way to the field. Wore the same clothes (washed, of course) and did the same “lucky” pre-game rituals.


The thrill of victory: yesterday my son’s football team won their first game 25-0. It was a great game. It is a single elimination tournament with teams from all over the country competing for a national championship title.


The agony of defeat: today my son’s football team lost 18-0. It was still a great game. This was the end of the road for them.

Any given day. And today wasn’t theirs.

On the bright side, at least we don’t have to travel to Missouri this week. No offense Missouri dwellers, but I checked the weather and it’s cold there!

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