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Notes from the Trenches — fighting the war on tantrums since 1994

And So It Goes

April 1, 2012


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March 31, 2012


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A Break Between Tournament Games


Ice cream is a necessity.

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The Baseball Girl

March 30, 2012


People always tell me that they feel sorry for my daughter because she has so many brothers. I never know quite how to respond, because I feel the opposite of sorry for her. Boys hold absolutely no mystery for her. She knows how to relate to them. In fact, she is very confused by some of the girl drama that already is going on at 8 years old.

This year she decided to play baseball. She is the only girl on her team. When people asked her how it is being the only girl in the dugout, she says it’s just like being at home. I wasn’t sure how she would fare athletically on the team, but I can now say confidently that she is not the worst player on the team. And, in fact, she is the fastest runner.

She confidently strides out to the plate, with her bright pink shoelaces, her crazy knee socks (the team ones are so boring, mom), and her braids. Everyone cheers for her. It’s hard not to admire all that spunk packaged into a tiny 45 pound body.


Miles is on the team with her and whereas he would not recognize any of his team mates should he happen to see them not wearing the uniform and sitting on the bench next to him, my daughter knows all of their names. She knows where they go to school, what they like to do, how many siblings they have, their favorite color, what they ate for diner last week, their parents’ social security numbers… and I am only slightly exaggerating.

I don’t know that this changes much as boys and girls get older either.

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Ominous Sky

March 27, 2012


It did not stop us from riding every ride at the rodeo. And by us, I mean my kids because I don’t like fast rides, spinning upside down, or anything that makes me want to vomit.

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Just Like That

March 26, 2012

Another teenager.


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The Unsick Day

March 21, 2012


So Miles is home from school again today. Though he is completely fine. Hasn’t had a fever all morning. This is the worst because he is tired of being home. And after lying quiet on the couch with a raging fever for two days, he has realized he has lots of words saved up that he didn’t speak. It is now his duty to use up three days worth of talking in one day! I have no doubt he will accomplish this. If only his high school aged brothers would put forth such effort in anything, well other than texting.

Miles has decided that we should pretend like he really is at school. And follow the schedule they do at school.

I didn’t know that there was so much talking and SpongeBob watching that went on at school. But apparently I DO NOT KNOW these things because I have not been in first grade for a long time. Miles assures me this is JUST LIKE SCHOOL.

He made me make him a lunch like I do for when he goes to school. Complete with the “good” snacks. The ones I keep locked in my closet. Oh yes, I do.

Then it was time for recess. He was going to go jump on the trampoline. He stood at the door expectantly, “At school the teachers watch us play outside…”

“Well since this is pretend school, the pretend teacher is outside waiting for you.”

He thought about this. How could he argue with my superior logic. Ha! He went outside for a few minutes.

He came back in and announced that it was going to be indoor recess because of the pretend bad weather. Indoor recess is when you jump up and down on the furniture in your underwear.

Is it elementary school he attends or some sort of frat house training facility?

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A Break

March 19, 2012

So I took a break writing here. Not intentionally (ha, my auto correct just replaced intentionally with internally, which probably works even better in the sentence, because I write in my head constantly) but because every time I went to open my site I just had nothing to write.

A combination of things which are weighing on me, but are not my stories to write. I have a kid that isn’t doing well. Last night I couldn’t get in touch with him and realized no one had heard from him in a few hours. I almost lost my mind, what’s left of it, with worry. Turned out that he was in his room sleeping. I don’t know why that never occurred to me. Well, YES I do. That has NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE, that’s why. My mind immediately went to all sorts of horrible scenarios. Which I think says more about me and my active imagination than it does about him.

There are many things that are boring and occupying my time– like trying to force my children to do their damn homework every single day. Seriously if they put forth one quarter of the effort into doing their homework as they do into procrastinating they’d, well, they’d be done really quickly is what I’m saying.

It’s also baseball season. And track season. And drive everyone around hell’s half acre to all their various activities season.

I like to a plan and have lists and know everything in advance. Miles asked me what I was going to be when I grow up and I told him I really don’t know. I should probably figure that out. Like soon.

I have been doing things like painting my kids’ bedrooms, finally. Two down. And I repainted my powder room. The really deep blackish/purple I painted it in the Spring (Summer?) was only good in theory. And even then it was one of those weird impulse buys at Home Depot. I can’t be the only one who goes into Home Depot and suddenly comes home with stuff to do a project they never intended to do, am I?

And thanks to the show Hoarders I now know canned foods expire, so I purged my pantry of a decades worth of condensed milk, canned vegetables, and soups that were never going to be eaten anyway.

I downloaded the Draw Something app and discovered that no matter how well you think you draw, your drawings on the iPhone will look like a first grader did them. Truth is that sometimes I do let my 1st grader do then for me. Trust me, you can’t tell.

I read the Hunger Games trilogy Saturday. All my kids over 10 were reading the book so I decided to also since there were literally 4 copies of the book lying around the house over Spring Break. I still have no plans on reading Harry Potter or watching the movies.

Nor have I crossed the abyss to Mad Men and Downtown Abby.

Spring Break was last week. It was successful in breaking my wallet and my will to live.

Sunday night Miles suddenly spiked a 102 temperature. So that was nice way to end the break.


That is a little of what has been going on. What have you been up to? Because not only did I stop writing here I took a break from reading any blogs at all.

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That’s My Boy

January 24, 2012

Making an 80 yard* touchdown run.


We spent the weekend at a tournament in the middle of nowhere Texas. I’ll have a weekend recap of the craziness later. But look! That’s my baby!

(*according to him. 70 according to my eyes in the stands.)


I have a new post up over at Alphamom. Does the thought of your children turning into teenagers one day frighten you? Don’t worry. It turns out teenagers are a lot like toddlers, only bigger and potty trained. And you have successfully navigated that stage before, right? Don’t run away crying! It’s just nature’s way of making sure you aren’t too sad to see them move out.

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Sums Up My Weekend

January 23, 2012


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