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Bedtime Evolution, The End

-image-Bedtime Evolution, The End

When your kids are really small you can’t imagine a time when you won’t have to be involved in an elaborate bedtime routine. And then you blink and suddenly you have teenagers who often stay up after you have put yourself to bed.

It has been years since we have had any sort of concrete bedtime routine here. It has been a sort of brush your teeth, put on pajamas, and go to bed when you are tired.

So, I have discovered something that I never knew. When kids go to school, they actually need to go to bed early at night so that they can get up in the morning. I know, new and shocking information right here, folks.

But my kids have never gone to school. We have never had “bedtimes.” We were the family that likes to stay up late into the night and sleep in. Sleeping in being relative, of course, but certainly 6am was considered night time in our world. Now it is the time that we are up and at ‘em. And I have to say that we all hate the phrase “up and at ‘em” too.

Sunday night at about 9:30p I declared that it was bedtime for everyone. They all looked at me and one of them said,”What does that mean?” Uh, I think it means you need to go to bed. At first they all sort of scoffed at the idea of having to go to bed that early, but a week of getting up early in the morning and being tired made them think that it was probably a good idea.

We are slowly turning into morning people. Mostly against our will, but morning people just the same.

I have loved giving away these totes and hearing all of your stories. Some of them were like a walk down memory lane for me. I remember the sleepless nights with a tiny newborn baby, or a toddler who suddenly began waking in the middle of the night. I remember the days of stories and songs and little damp heads, fresh from the bathtub, that smelled like baby shampoo. These days my house smells like an Axe factory. Those of you who are clueless about Axe obviously do not have teenage boys.

The winner of the final giveaway:


Gwen, c’mon down! Congratulations. From what I have heard from the past winners these totes are simply amazing!

Disclaimer: I have partnered with GoodNites® for this series of posts; I am being compensated for writing about my family’s bedtime routine and for promoting this contest, not for endorsing a product.