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Help Me Makeover My Room with Valspar Paint

Help Me Makeover My Room with Valspar Paint

This is a sponsored review from BlogHer and Valspar Paint.

It has been a year since we moved into our new house. I wrote not that long ago that it has yet to feel like “home.” I mean, it is a perfectly fine house, better than fine, truth be told. I am thankful for the house and all its newness.

And so I decided that I need to embrace that this house is different and move on. It will never be an historic New England house filled with character– that’s what us old house enthusiasts like to call the broken down and worn bits. Similar to the way people say the wrinkles on their face give them character.

This house has other things going for name it. Level floors, doors that shut, granite countertops, spacious bathrooms—to name a few. It is my job to make it homey. To reinvent that idea of home. To make this house into place that we all love and where we want to spend time. To make it a place where our friends and family feel welcome.

One of the things I have wanted to do ever since move in day was paint. And after living here for a year, it really needs to be painted. Children find it impossible to walk past walls without touching them. They drag their dirty hands along the wall. They slide their bodies along the walls. And judging from the dirt marks on the walls, they somehow manage to walk on them when I am not looking. The entire house is builder’s white. In a flat finish. I know. I just heard the collective gasp from all of you who are parents. The only thing worse than having a house whose interior is painted completely white, is one in which the white paint is a flat finish. There were random areas that were painted a color I not-so-affectionately refer to as baby poop brown.

The main stumbling block I ran across when trying to decide what color to paint the main room of my house is that the house is an open floor plan.


There IS NO END! The walls go on forever and ever.


Up to the second floor,



through the foyer,


up the stairs,


into the breakfast room.


And it is all open to the kitchen.

There is no point at which to stop and introduce a new color. So my challenges are:

1) A color that can look good in lots of different environments and light, the family room has a wall of windows and gets lots of direct afternoon sunlight, but the foyer and upstairs hallway area do not.

2) Is an actual color, not a variation of white, but still somewhat neutral. Does that even make sense? I don’t know. Just not white.

3) Looks good with the chocolate brown tile floor,

4) Is a happy, friendly, inviting color (this one I realize is highly subjective),

5) I will not hate in a month, because this is a huge area and I will not be repainting it again anytime soon. Or ever.

Other limitations: I am keeping the area rug and brown leather couch.

BlogHer and Valspar Paint asked me if I wanted to participate in this program where they would give me free paint in exchange for telling them about my painting experience, I said, Hell, yes! It was just the impetus I needed to tackle this seemingly overwhelming task.

Here is where all of you come in. What color would you paint this large area? Tell me. Please. You can visit the Valspar Paint website and use their color wheel. I will be picking one person who leaves a comment to win a $100 Lowe’s gift card . You could buy lots of paint with that money! Check out some ideas of what you could do with the gift card here.

Want to see the projects other people have tackled? Click here for a round of page of all the other posts.

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6. You have 48 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected.

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If you are interested, a link to the offical rules can be found here.

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  1. Francesca Watson says:

    Here are some cool tools that may help you with color combos. You can pick a main color for the GINORMOUS wall that’s shared across all those spaces, and enter it into one or both of these tools. Then you can see a whole range of complimentary colors for each of the other areas where you have other walls to work with. Both of these tools are fun to play with, and have some presets to help get you started. Enjoy! (I am not affiliated with either of these sites - I just love to use them.)


  2. Shannon says:

    I’m thinking a “hubble house clayo” or “chocolate brown” with white trim.

  3. Midj says:

    Carolina Inn Crossroads Gold. Such a warm color. Hope you find what you’re looking for. My husband and 20 year old daughter just painted her room which has been light light light purple since she was 13. It’s now a deep celery green.

  4. Amy says:

    Love, love, love the National Trust Homestead Resort Sky Blue. You have so many windows which works with the sky blue part. And when I think Texas, I think farms, and therefore homestead just works. And you want to feel calm and relaxed, and want the children to feel calm and relaxed and what says relaxing like the word resort!! Happy painting to you!

  5. Geneviève says:

    Chris you absolutely have to paint you walls different colors and it’s very easy: just use the edges as your separators. It will be so much more fun and friendly - and easy to decide which color, since you’ll have the choice of several…

    That’s what I did in my bathroom, which has odd walls and bits and parts everywhere - I am so happy with the result! (and I have to admit: when you use several (in my case fun-pop) colors somewhere, then the rest of the rooms just call for the same treatment.)

  6. Billie says:

    I know this would be such a pain in the rear but I would go with either 2 or 3 colors. I really like the (greenish) Spring Meadow color from Valspar’s website. I think you could go with a beige and slightly darker brown with an accent wall or two with the green (I know, very similar to what you already have but I LOVE those colors…loL). Using some combination of these three colors I think you can then add in a lot of vibrant orange and red accents (throw pillows, flowers, wall art) to go with all of the brown/greens in the room.

  7. Hadley says:

    I vote Summer Sky (a light blue) because during the 24 hours it is not summer in the South, you will miss the sky…and during the 364 days it is summer, you will be cursing the sky and its heat, so you need a pretty sky to look at in an air-conditioned building.

  8. Shannon says:

    Hey, Chris, this is funny because I am currently doing THIS VERY THING. Same situation: open floor plan, current paint is all builder’s grade off-white, flat finish. Totally marked up and chipping and GAH AWFUL. I am having our interior professionally painted (the common, open areas; I will be painting all the bedrooms and bathroom myself with actual COLOR) in a warm creamish color. Not white, not off-white, but almost vaguely pale yellow (VERY PALE, VERY VAGUE), warm cream. It’s still light, and I have children who will no doubt dirty it up, but at least it will be scrubbable (eggshell!), and since my walls all run into each other like yours I did not feel I could go with a bold or dark color. Oh–although I am putting a dark berry/wine color on one accent wall in the living room, where the fireplace is.

    Good luck!

  9. Stacy D Haworth says:

    Well I disagree that there are no stopping or starting points at which you could change colors. I see a couple spots to do this. For instance currely the kitchen island lower portion is a different shade as is a small portion of the stairs. I would paint the lighted insets a different color for sure, probably a rich color that works with the art work you are going to show case there! Which I think would be an awesome place for a collage of family photos. I would chose oregon coast for the walls of the living room and breakfast area. I would switch to woodlawn white wash for the stairs and upper hallway. its a bit lighter and will help liven up the dark space. Fired Earth would be my choice for the insets for the art. These are all neutrals and I believe would work very well in that area and blend with the tile and the couch and kitchen.

  10. Julie says:

    I like Ultra Premium Moose Mousse. It looks like a great color and you can’t beat the name.

  11. Dawn says:

    For some reason I pictured a sort of (don’t fall over) pea soup sort of green. Although it’s hard to read colors online, after looking at the color wheel I’m going with Celery 6007-10A for my suggestion. I consider it a neutral color - It goes with black, browns, reds, oranges, blues…just about every color I can think of. No matter what you go with, good luck!

  12. Janssen says:

    Oh, I miss Texas houses so much (since I’m now living in a New England apartment which is teeny and none of the doors shut. . . ). Are you painting it yourself?

  13. karen says:

    I like Hint of Honey. Yellow is so bright and cheerful, but it’s not overwhelming or obnoxious.

    At least you have lots of hands to help with the painting!

  14. janene says:

    I would use something like Hot-Crossed Bun 3005-9B. My brother-in-law has a similar layout to yours where everything is very open and painted the whole thing a similar color. It looks great, very warm and inviting and neutral enough to go with everything. Good luck!

  15. Cindy says:

    Since I can’t win anyway (I live in Canada), but I still want to play the colour game (see, even if I tried to pretend I was American my spelling would give me away) I will add my top two choices (I can add two because I’m not really eligible!):

    Prairie Willow
    Churchill Hotel Wheat

    Good luck!! It’s a huge space!!

  16. Amber says:

    I really like Winter in Paris. There is just something about it, I can’t explain what it is. I have an open floor plan as well, have lived here for 7 years and never painted. It seems like such a daunting task. You may have inspired me to break out the paint brushes!

  17. ragtopday says:

    I would recommend something in Valspar’s Warm Neutral color palette. I like the Light Raffia and several of the Buff colors. There is even one with Tequila in the name - what’s not to like about that?? I think any of these colors will go with the tile and your couch.

    Heck, I’d buy my own paint if someone would come with it to do the actual painting!

  18. Sarah says:

    We just moved to a new house and I have spent the last 3 weeks painting. We have used Valspar paint for all of it. How about Valspars Lighthouse Shadows? Not exactly neutral but will give off different color based on the light of the area.

  19. Sherri says:

    Sandy Cove (3005-10A)

  20. Félicie says:

    Just because you are very interested in my opinion (no entry for the giveawy, I am not an US resident): Ultra premium Oyster Bisque 3007-4C or Ultra premium orange sparkle 2007-4C.

  21. Pam says:

    I would go with the oddly named “Carolina Inn Lobby Yellow”. It is, in fact, not yellow, but sort of a warm putty color. I also think if you wanted a slightly different look for a particular feature wall you could use a glaze effect on one of the walls.

    Apparently the Carolina Inn was a particularly inspirational place, as there’s a whole pallet with those names. I also like the Carolina Inn Club Aqua if you prefer a blue.

  22. Bryana says:

    I like Hotel St. Francis Fawn.

  23. Stacey says:

    I have never entered one of your contest before. However, since I also live in a house with flat paint and children, I could really use that Lowe’s gift card. In fact, I painted the kid’s bathroom last week and plan on doing their bedrooms at some point this week since they are both half a country away with their grandparents for the month.

    Since I know your love of historic houses, I stuck with one of those colors. I chose National Trust Homestead Resort Tea Room (3004-4B). It’s a nice soft color that I think would work well in all of the areas you need to cover.

    Can’t wait to see what color you pick!

  24. keri says:

    Chris - try Prarie Dance. I have a similar color (but different brand) in my family room/hall/upstairs. It looks different depending on the light and goes well with so many different colors/furniture, etc.

    Good Luck!

  25. FunnyGal KAT says:

    I have a lot of experience picking out paint since I’ve done a different color in every room of two houses. I like the Cliveden Sandstone because it’s a great neutral color and will go with the brown tones already in the house. (Unless you feel like you would be overloaded with brown– then I suggest going all outrageous with Cosmic Berry)

  26. Mir says:

    Okay, here’s my suggestion (and this and a few bucks will get you a cup of coffee): When you have an open floor plan like this, the trick is to pick an accent wall (or two) and go bold there and leave the rest neutral, right? I’d definitely put something on the wall the TV is on. My first thought is a beachy kind of teal blue (okay, I checked the color wheel… maybe Well Water? 5005-8A), but I think it’s totally personal preference. Maybe you hate that color. ;)

    If you wanted to do more than the one wall, the next place I’d pull it in would be as a replacement for the dark brown under the kitchen passthroughs (is that the right word? the table-facing bits under the counter). And if you wanted still MORE I’d go to the recessed bits in the wall, although honestly I think those would look awesome in a sunset kind of shade (something in an orange or more “burnt” tone).

    Maybe none of that is your taste at all, but I think a few pops of color that way will totally change the feel of the house. Which is gorgeous, btw.

  27. Amanda says:

    faint maple. 2008-9c

  28. Sharon says:

    Ultra Premium Lyndhurst Timber.

  29. Carolyn R. says:

    You have enough surfaces at different angles to do at least two slightly different shades from the same color palette. Which is fun to do at the Valspar site. I tried four - just to see what would go reasonably well together. Have fun painting…..at least you have enough help - I say that tongue in cheek.

    I’m glad you’re writing more frequently again - it’s fun and I love your pictures.

  30. Crisanne says:

    First, you need a color that will highlight the Austin stone-a personal favorite. I came up with two possibilities because a) I wasn’t sure of the colors in your rug-I’ve seen pictures to know it’s somewhat traditional in style, but don’t remember actual colors and b) I didn’t know if you wanted to go warm or cool. So if you like warmer tones, I like something along the lines of Lemon Curd. I figure there is some gold in the rug and you could find that color on a swatch and go down a few hughes. If you want a cooler tone, I like Crystalline. A light blue can be so refreshing and would highlight the beautiful Texas skies through all the windows.

    Seriously, why would anyone put flat paint in a house clearly designed for a family?? It’s absurd!

  31. Heidi says:

    Grand Hotel Macinac Blue…I’m a huge fan of the calming blue colors and I happen to love blue and dark brown. I can’t imagine trying to choose one color for that whole area!

  32. liz says:

    Ultra Premium Sandy Cove #3005-10A

    That’s a big paint job — are you doing it yourself? Husband? Your bigger boys? Or a painter?

  33. liv says:

    i would go a rich yellow (think butter, not post it notes). it’s a neutral that will go well with the tile floor and your furniture, does well with a range of lighting and is incredibly warm and welcoming. good luck — picking paint can be terrifying!

  34. bessie.viola says:

    My absolute favorite color for that type of space is Sherwin Williams’ Blonde. It’s a warm, neutral-bordering-yellow. I used it in my old house in the living room and wow. It was gorgeous in all lights - it actually seemed to warm and deepen as it grew darker outside, making it feel cozier inside. (Who knew I could wax poetic about paint?) It is also a great color with brown.

    Anyway, it looks like Valspar’s Warm Summer would be a close match - or you could have them match the color altogether.

    My favorite full-on Valspar color is Smoke Infusion, a lovely grey-blue. Which helps you not at all for your main area, but maybe for a bathroom? That color also looks great with a rich chocolate brown (which is what I used for bath accessories).

  35. Melissa says:

    Tender shell 1006-10C

    In my last home, I hard dark chocolate brown wood flooring with this wall color. It completely warms up the area and reacts to light and shaded areas great. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THE “PINK”! It’s like a rose lightbulb - it softens everything.

  36. Rita says:

    Hmmm. What about a buttery yellow? Or a pale robin egg blue? Both are inviting and would look great with brown. My master bedroom is pale blue and I love the way it looks both in the bright light of the day AND at night.

  37. kate says:

    i could sooo use the $100 for paint!! i love Lowes :)

    fun! i love colors! i would say go with a misty-light-yellowbased-purples with creamy buttery yellows. purple is nice for a number of reasons:
    1. it’s a neutral (yup) but has color!
    2. goes well with browns and yellows
    3. changes in the light - lighter/gray in darker areas (foyer) and darker in color in lighter areas (living room) this will give it the appearance that you have coordinating colors when the light hits them, but really it’s all the same color all over.
    4. the breakfast/dining room - buttery yellow! it will go with the browns and purples and add warmth and sun-shininess with out being too in your face.

    post after pictures!

  38. Kathy says:

    I like Cliveden Sandstone. Or the Cincinnatian Hotel Nichols Taupe. Good luck and have fun painting!

  39. Karen says:

    I like Bay Waves…a bit unusual perhaps, but with all the warm tones you already seem to have a bit of cool may be nice!

  40. Z says:

    I’m thinking maybe a color like Heartland Frosty or Belle Grove Aloe Green. We have a color that is similar but maybe more of a blue/green in our basement. It goes well with brown and tans and is calming/neutral and is still a color.

  41. Andrea says:

    My vote is “sweet sand” - i think that fits your criteria! It is such a large space… good luck!!

  42. Mert says:

    I think Golden Haze, #3006-1C would be nice.


  43. Nicki says:

    How about Historic Hubbell House Tamarisk 6004-5c? It’s in the green family. And since I love the older houses too, I always pick the historic colors to remind me of our old bungalow. Ok, so I am just taking a shot in the dark….

  44. Kellie says:

    I like either Ancient Scroll or Carolina Inn Lobby Yellow.

  45. daniele says:

    We have a similar layout with walls that reach to the heavens. I also think that in Texas you have to consider how warm the color feels. Hot sun streaming through a window can change the way a color feels.
    In our house we sued Desert Hotsprings in the living areas, entry and main hall (because there is no breaking point. I the kitchen and breakfast area we have Homestead Resort Moss. Our trim is bright white (shiny enamel). I tend to get tired of colors but these I have been comfortable with for 6 years now. And they are still stylish colors.

    Good luck.

  46. elsimom says:

    Colors I like for that large a space that are not white:
    light yellow (really light, more butter than lemon)
    sand/tan (not latte, not creme brulee)
    Terra Cotta - although that would be a lotta terra cotta (hee) and I’m not sure it would be light enough for you.
    BUT - here’s where I depart from your plan - I think there are natural breaks in the space at which you could be making color transitions. ALSO - I think you should consider the beauties of painting tape, and consider doing a darker color on the bottom half of some of the two story walls, with a complementary lighter color on the top half.

    I would steer completely clear of blue (even though it is my favorite non-paint color) and green (which veers dangerously into hospital territory when presented in anything larger than a bathroom).

    Also -are accent walls passe? If not, that might be where something like a terra cotta, or a brick red or something could come in.

    And not to be all HGTV (and recognizing that every color change adds to the cost) - you could consider doing the walls all a single color, and then doing a broad band around chair rail height in come rooms (it looks like at chair rail height, there are more breaks for doors, windows, cupboards, etc.

    I love paint colors. Good luck!

  47. Niki says:

    I really like 6003-5B Timid Absinthe (I also really like the name!). It’s a soft brownish green that I would not get tired of in a large area, and it would go nicely with different accent colors in different rooms.

  48. Monica says:

    Ultra Premium Lemon Twist! Would look great with a lot of sunlight on it, and would also brighten the areas that don’t get much light. Goes with everything. Happy but not hyper.

  49. Michele D says:

    Wow, that is pretty overwhelming allll those walls. My favorite Valspar paint is called New Penny. It’s a warm creamy beige. It’s enough color to BE color, but not loud at all. I have it in a few of my rooms. Of course I am not an adventurous painter either.

  50. Angie says:

    Yes, love open floor plans, but where to stop? I am going to paint just some of the walls in my living room, calling the windows the stopping place on one side and the stairs on the other. Our home isn’t quite as open as yours, though. The color I am using, and I think would look good in yours as well is 6002-3c, belle grove moss. It is a nice green that isn’t too bright or bold, so I think you (well, I) wouldn’t tire of it quickly.

  51. Jo Blankenship says:

    I don’t know why but I think that it could use some blue. I don’t know how to explain it or why but I think that a solid blue accent would work well with an ecru. Great house and so clean!

  52. maegan says:

    ultra premium peaceful calm 3006 2C … both for the name and the color :)

  53. Allison says:

    I’d have to go with Santa Fe Spirit (lower left corner of orange neutrals)

  54. Baby Favorite says:

    3008-4A Pineapple Cream. I think it would be sunny and inviting.

  55. Caren says:

    I love the Oyster Pearl color. I try to steer clear of paint shades with a hint of pink or a hint of yellow because the pink or yellow “hint” seems to become predominant on large walls. I like neutrals. I think this would match well with your couch and rug and floor.

  56. Karen says:

    I love the robin’s egg type colors so I would go with something along the lines of “sea breath (5006-7A)” or “Harbor Mist (5003-7A)”

  57. JEANNE PARKS says:

    I like the color from the Seaside Retreat Collection called Sand Between Your Toes, SR308. It reminds me of vacation and I would like to keep that thought all year. I love your house, no carpet, just like mine.

  58. Mymsie says:

    I would go with Ultra Premium Spring Lime 6006-10B! Lovely!

  59. mygalsal says:

    I’d go with Del Coronado Tequila. It will make the margaritas feel at home.

  60. Kristen says:

    I like Limolicious (and not just because of the name). I think it would be a fun pop of color against the browns you have, but it wouldn’t darken any spaces. And, I’ve used a similar color and it looked good in different kinds of light. Plus, I think a fresh green like this acts as a neutral.

    That being said, if you don’t love it, I wouldn’t do it — it’s a little bolder than some options, and I would hate for you to hate it in a week, (or a month, or a year …)

  61. Alison says:

    I am interested in the answers, because I have the same problem with an open floor plan and that is why I haven’t painted yet.

  62. Brandi says:

    I can’t wait to see how this turns out. We have a similiar quandry though thankfully our walls are a light tan eggshell with no baby poop brown (yuck!). And just to add in a nice twist instead of your nice neutral limestone there is a mamouth butler’s pantry of I kid you not PINK brick in the dead center of the house that can be seen from every single point of the downstairs. And did I mention the matching pink kitchen backsplash that spans 14ft of one wall and 6ft of another?? I think it was meant to compliment the cherry cabinets and black granite countertops with flecks of pink (Dakota Mahogany). Regardless it is hard to find any paint that doesn’t clash.

  63. Ami says:

    Light gray-blue (or blue-gray, depending on how you look at it and what your preference is).
    Blue is a cool color, good for hot Texas.
    Blue is generally perceived as a calming color.
    Blue can be cheerful if it’s not too dark (but it can also look babyish if it’s too pale or too blue, hence my suggestion to use a blue gray combo color).
    Blue is generally perceived as fairly neutral — the sky matches everything!
    If you want to go VERY subtle and light, Check out Cool Elegance, Pianissimo, Italian Ice, or Halcyon Blue.
    In the medium category, there’s a neat color “Sterling Gray” that has enough blue in it too look good. The darker shades I’d recc’d for your common area are Blue Twilight or Woodlawn Silverbrook. Actually, I think any of them in the Woodlawn family of colors would look good. You could accent any of the lighter ones with the dark dark Woodlawn Juniper in the recessed areas or the places they already have made that poo brown.
    If it were my house, I’d also consider the mossy gray-greens, but looking at your house and furniture and whatnot, I immediately went to the blue-grays. Have fun! Show us pictures!

  64. Ann says:

    Toasting Tan is a winner for me. It’s neutral, but warm and blends with almost any other color.

  65. Kim says:

    Lavish green seems a nice shade. You can use lighter and darker greens next to it to highlight those walls that get less or more light. Nothing wrong with using different colors on walls in the same space.

  66. Sarah Jean Baker says:

    No green. It always looks great on those little paint samples, but positively awful when you put it on the wall. I am pretty sure we have actually painted every room of our house green at some point, only to repaint when we couldn’t live with the color.

  67. Bethany says:

    My house is veeeeery similar in layout to yours. I’m in California and it’s a new house, all open everywhere. I couldn’t find my color on the color wheel from Valspar, but I used a very light buttery yellow thoughout the open areas, only changing colors in the beds and baths. It makes the whole house feel warm and sunny although it is NOT at all bright. Really the color of a very rich vanilla ice cream.
    We are moving to a new house on Saturday and I”m going to do the same color again in the main area. It’s become my signature color.

  68. Kate says:

    Filoli Antique Lace (3002-10B). I love it. I love brown’s though. However not baby poop brown!

    It is neutral and light but still would go with the brown floors, couch, and rug. It will be light enough in the areas in your house that don’t have a lot of light and still give some color in areas that get lots of sunlight.

    Good luck with the painting!

  69. Christine says:

    semi-gloss white…it is easy to touch up and to clean when the kids get it dirty

  70. Lee says:

    I’d go with a yellow . . .although it can be a hard to find just the right one. I thought mine was a valspar color, but I don’t see it on the color wheel. I think it was called “pear” and I thought it would be greener, but I love the color it ended up. Oh yeah, once you find a color, hire painters . . . that’s a lot of wall!

  71. Stephanie says:

    I would recommend the Sandy Cove (3005-10A) or Lyndhurst Stone (3007-10A). In my opinion, both are nuetral enough to go with browns or grays, and add warmth. I have similar colors in my house, and I still enjoy them. :)

  72. Rebecca says:

    Just now am I painting in my house and trying to make it more homey. I have lived here for three years.

  73. Michelle says:

    I recently helped my sister-in-law paint her entire downstairs with Valspar’s “Barely Dawn.” She already painted her entire upstairs with the same color. It’s a very warm, neutral color. What’s interesting about it is that you would never know the whole house is painted with the same color because it takes on different hues depending on the light. Sometimes it looks golden, sometimes it looks buttery and sometimes it’s just “Barely Dawn.” We even painted the ceiling the same.

  74. Jen says:

    Prairie Willow - I did something like that and it is surprisingly neutral

  75. daily lurker says:

    Your house is lovely! And I think you can achieve some of the cozy warmness of your beautiful New England house by using a warm golden color on the walls. I suggest Golden Mist for the walls, with a creamy white trim. I think a golden color will complement the chocolate brown tiles, dark leather sofas, kitchen granite, and even your lighting fixtures — and it will look good in all kinds of light.
    Good luck!

  76. Maddie N says:

    Twilight Mist

  77. Kim says:

    A very pale yellow. It’s a happy color that would go well with all the brown.

  78. Brooke says:

    Dark Toast: 3001-9B. Beautiful house!

  79. Sharon Durkin says:

    Hi Chris, I have a couple of suggestions:
    1. Bell Grove Buff (3006-10B) - looks like a variation of Powell Buff by Benjamin Moore that I have in my house. Don’t let the name fool you: it is color (not variation of white); has a yellowy beige tone. Pretty in bright light and dim hallways.
    2. La Fonda Jalepeno (6005-6C) - if you want a bolder statement - sort of a muted olivey green. Good for a house full of boys!
    3. Homestead Resort Moss (6006-6A) - more traditional taupe sort of neutral.

  80. SarahN says:

    Shallow Pool

  81. RebeccaF says:

    I’m in but only because I have five kids and had a house with the Builder’s white for three years. Totally stinks. I always wanted to do a paint color that was calming ’cause we have a lot of noise. You probably do too since it’s an open plan with all that tile.

    I’d go for Lazy Sun, Golden Chime, Jekyll Clubhouse Yellow and Ivory Lace from the website’s Meditative Colors section.

    Hopefully, they throw in the labor! Good luck!

  82. Kate says:

    I have the same endless wall problem in my house. I used Sherwin Williams’ Butter which looks pretty close to Valspar’s 3008-2A Chickery Chick. It’s a warm but soft and neutral yellow (but not sunshine-y). I think it looks good with my browns and with the charcoal grays I’m currently obsessed with…

  83. Karen says:

    I’d go with a soft blue. Not quite baby blue, but not bright blue either. Something like “Cool Morning” (4003-7A) from the color wheel link. Good luck.

  84. Brandi says:

    And please tell me that you slaved for hours to get the house clean enough to photograph or for company, because if you tell us that it looks like that all the time I will have to admit my utter failure as a mother because my house never, ever, looks that clean.

  85. Lisa V says:

    We have a very open floor pan, it’s like a Frank Lloyd Wright knock off. You can paint different colors in different spaces. Just keep them complimentary. We have tones of deep yellow in our living room, a very light butter in the kitchen and an off white in the foyer. I have one accent wall of red at the top of the stairs to make it pop.

    It’s a lot more interesting that way and emphasizes the cool angles your house has.

  86. JLP717 says:

    Wow, the house is gorgeous, even with the plain white walls. I would probably go with a warm yellow or a greenish tinted khaki, but I’m boring like that. You could go with a sage green if you wanted to get really crazy, but that might be a bit much.

  87. suzie says:

    My first vote is for the Butterscotch Cream (2008-2A) But I also want to comment that the continuous walls shouldn’t mean everything has to be the same color. Friends of mine have an open floor plan, and still have varied shades of the same color in different areas. It looks really good. I don’t think it would work with entirely different colors, but, for example, if you did the Butterscotch Cream (a light color) along the stairs, you could change at the bend in the wall at the foot of the stairs to a darker shade from the same pallet. (i.e., Orange Toffee, or Orange Cream).

    Also, I highly recommend painting your ceiling, as well. When we moved into our current home, we painted our bedroom ceiling as part of the color scheme in that room (way too dramatic of a scheme for your whole living area, as the walls are a deep red and the trim is a deeper, almost mahogany color). The ceiling is a simple, light beige - just enough to not be the same flat white that most ceilings are, and the effect is outstanding! Adds such warmth, and really completes the room. if you chose to go with the warm oranges, maybe the apricot fluff or tangerine dream would be light enough to use on the ceilings, without overpowering.

    Your house is lovely - have fun!

  88. Chris says:

    I like Seaside Retreat, Dockside Haze. But then again, I’ve always love the seaside/beach cottage look, not sure how your tastes run. Good luck!

  89. beth says:

    I say go bold, maybe Blaze Orange, 1008-1A.

    Also, I think that the open floor plan doesn’t mean you are stuck with a single color; I’ve seen open rooms that use color to demarcate spaces for different uses and it worked really well. So you could use a different color in the family room, like Nautical, and then something to set off the private area of the stairway with Simple Purple.

    OK, I’m terrible with colors, but I think the different colors idea is valid.

  90. Mrs. D. says:

    We recently painted our living room a color called Bermuda Sand by Olympic (sorry Valspar) that we really like - it’s light and neutral, but is a color as opposed to just white. It’s a light, sandy beige with a hint of rose/pink to it that makes it very warm.

  91. Deputy's Wife says:

    After years of painting my walls bold colors, I have finally shifted my thinking on wall color. My problem was that I like such a wide range of colors. When I painted a room a color, I was pretty much chained to it. Which I didn’t like.

    We just came through a huge kitchen remodel this spring. In the months prior to the remodel, I struggled with paint samples. It shouldn’t have been so difficult. After reading different blogs, magazines, and books I finally came to a decision. Yellow. Please don’t recoil like I originally did. I painted all the living areas and stairwell of our home a pale yellow. Our kitchen a slightly darker yellow. I love the results. Now I am not chained to a particular color scheme.

    My furniture and flooring colors are very similar to yours. We live in a 1894 Victorian home with darker woodwork and white woodwork. Yellow looks great with all of it. I went to check on the name of the color I chose, but the paint store did not put the name on the can. I could send you a couple of pictures if you would like to see yourself.

    I am posting a link on my blog for an extra entry. An extra $100 to Lowe’s always comes in handy with this old house. Good luck!

  92. Lilly says:

    ‘Soft Sunlight’ in the Creative Ideas section of the Valspar site. Cl160 is the number. It’s cheery but not too strong a color and will look great in sunny rooms and shady rooms.

  93. Abbey says:

    I like woodlawn colonial gray or smoke infusion.

  94. Tanya S. says:

    I would pick a light gray color. It’s not white, but it’s still a neutral. I love the combo of brown and gray. You’d have to be careful to pick the right shade, but I really like Granite Dust. But, I realize most people feel gray is boring and cold, so a light yellow like Chickery Chick would be warm and inviting yet pretty neutral.

  95. Robin J says:

    I don’t think you have to pick just one color for the whole area. Your kitchen and eating area have definate lines and could be painted a different color from your living area. Also you could do one color and throw in a accent wall in a different color(does that make sense) That being said if it was my house I would probably lean towards a light chocolate/beige color for the living area you could even do two different color tones so that the wall going up the stair way was a darker shade. In the eating area and kitchen I love going with a red tone or even a sage green.

  96. LisaK says:

    I would go with something like Ultra Premium Cliveden Sandstone #3007-10B. I know those open floor plans and paint colors are hard to work with!

  97. T_Bun says:

    I’m a fan of yellows, so I’d go for something like Lemon Curd. You have a beautiful house!

  98. Isa says:

    I would say High Noon, Baked Scone, Mint Frost, Dakota Trail, or Shark Loop. Neutral-ish, look different in different lighting situations…

  99. Christy says:

    I just finished two painting projects (just in time for a 4th of July party) so I’ve had paint on the brain. We live in my in-laws old trailer (while saving for our dream home) & the walls/floors have been in dire need of a change - 15 plus years of rural living + 2 boys = dirty, dirty, dirty! So I just finished doing the master bath in a light gray with white trim for a spa-look, and the master bedroom in a dark teal - sounds strange but turned out quite beautiful. For the living room, I chose a color that fades between gold/tan/olive depending on the light. It has been a great backdrop - furniture pops against it but isn’t too bright or too beige. Something similar to Valspar’s Greek Tapenade, Crushed Cumin, New Avacado, Dylan Velvet or Swiftly Green. Another color that would look good with the browns/redish tones but more soothing would be a little cooler green tone - like Betsy Ross House Moss or Homestead Resort Pale Olive. It’s hard to recommend a definite color since the light in your house can really change a swatch but I think those would be a great starting point. You have a beautiful house & I think some color would make a huge difference in how it feels as a home - I know mine has!

  100. Rachel says:

    You will need a color with warm tones, but one that is light enough that it won’t make the space feel dark. I like Woodlawn Lace, or Cream in my Coffee (isn’t that just a cool name anyway!) They would pull out the warmth of your tile, but it is still a neutral color.

  101. Tricia says:

    This is kinda hard to do without knowing your tastes. So I’ll just tell you what I’d do if it were my house.

    I am a big fan of green. I really like the ‘Spring Lawn’ color. It’s green-ish but still very light and neutral.

    I also think I’d break it up a bit but stay in the same color family. Go a little darker green in the room with all the windows and then maybe lighter green in the hallway and upstairs area.

    There’s my .02. :)

  102. CaliforniaGrammy says:

    Laura Ashley Pale Cowslip No. 4 . . . a nice neutral warm color. Your floors and tile would work nicely with the warm peachy/southwestern color and you could work in beautiful accent colors throughout the house.

  103. SARAH M says:

    I like the tender shell color. Good luck with the painting that is a huge project!

  104. JenM says:

    Ultra premium prairie willow 6001-5B

  105. Amy says:

    Go yellow! A soft buttery yellow is warm and inviting, and will go well with the brown floors and the orange tones I see in your cabinets. How about Peaceful Calm (3005-2C) or Like Butter (3005-2A). Who wouldn’t want a house full of Peaceful Calm?!

  106. Anna says:

    My pick would be a soft sagey-green. It’s a nice neutral, it goes nicely with browns, and makes reds really pop. Green is the easiest color for the eye to process, and has a calming effect.

  107. Amy says:

    How about Del Coronado Tequila? Although I personally have been ruinied for tequila since an unfortunate incident many years ago, I am always a sucker for paint names (or nailpolish names) that imply that there is a good time to be had if you use them.

  108. Allison says:

    Simply Aqua 5008-10A, especially since you seem to spend so much time at the pool.

  109. Carly says:

    I’d paint it a nice blue - ocean soul 5009-9. So pretty and calm, but also bright and energetic.

  110. Dana says:

    You need something warm but also neutral. Something that looks like strong coffee with lots of cream so it invokes comfort. It’s kind of hard to tell from a website but I think Valspar Ultra Premium Caraway Seed 3005-9C might do the trick. Happy Painting!

  111. Stacy Herr says:

    I am going to have to go with Cincinnation Hotel Hannaford for my color choice. Good luck!

  112. Katy says:

    I suggest you go with a light green that hedges towards yellow without entering the puck stage. Using the color wheel I would suggest Applie slice or Spring Glow. I actually like a slightly darker color better, but since its covering such a large area, you don’t want it to be too dark.

    Hope that helps!

  113. elz says:

    I would pick Pumpkin Custard. Orange is happy, goes well with brown, and you live in Austin-you have to tip your hat to UT! It’s neutral with a pop (in my opinion). I’d also suggest using Valspar to color match the old Duron Tobacco Road b/c that color goes with anything.

  114. vicky says:

    I say for the main wall color use a light tan color similar to Belle Grove Buff 3006-10B (in semi gloss of course) and for the accent areas use a darker tan/brown similar to Mona’s mane 3002-9A.
    Then to lighten up the room in other ways get some bright colored throw pillows for the couch.

  115. Katie says:

    How about whitewashed oak or light raffia? They seem warm, and neutral, without being too brown. Good luck!

  116. Shari says:

    How about “Summer Wish”. To me, the name says it all!

  117. Chris in NY says:

    Sandswept (or apricot butter)

  118. Michelle B. says:

    We just completely gutted and updated our upstairs which is one larger room with a doorway in the middle. I picked two colors both in the gray family - one with a green hue and one very light gray. Our window shades are chocolate brown and the carpet is cream, grey, brown and black. All that to say - something along those lines could work wonderfully. The greenish shade is similar to: Prairie Willow and the gray is similar to Tea Stain or Azure Snow.

    Can’t wait to see the end result!

  119. M Huffman says:

    Midsummer Twilight 4001-3C
    I think the purple family will compliment your floor. This particular color gives your color without screaming purple at you every time you walk into the room.

  120. Beth says:

    I have Valspar paint in several rooms of my house and I especially like their Kitchen & Bath Enamel. In fact, if I were painting a whole house I would use that finish because it is SO scrubbable.

    Colors: Your kitchen cabinets look oak from the pics, and oak is hard to work with. (I have oak too, I love it, but it’s a stinker because it’s so yellow and orange in tone.) In my kitchen I have 3004-10C Lovely Bluff, and it works really well with the oak and all the other colors I have going on.

    However, it’s probably paler than you want in that big space. In my small house it’s a nice warm color, just a hair darker than cream. In your house I would go a couple steps darker on that same chip and use 3004-10A Cliveden Leather for a good warm neutral.

    Now, if you want to expand the definition of “neutral” past beige/gray/tan, you could also go with a grayed-down greeny blue along the lines of the candle in your last pic. It would play well with oak and other woods, be a nice backdrop to the chocolate tile and the leather sofa, and also give you a nice dose of “coolth” in your hot climate. From the online viewer I would pick 5002-3B Sparkling Lake…but in real life it probably needs to be a chip that looks a lot grayer than that. Blues are difficult to pick, and always look more bodacious on the wall than on the chip.

  121. Lauren says:

    Grand Hotel Mackinack Blue - A bluish gray looks so cool and sometimes different in different light. Any color accessory looks great and it will be just enough color without being overbearing in the large space. Have fun!

  122. Melissa says:

    Homestead Resort Sunwash for the overall area, then accent it with Wet Riverbanks. Even though it is all one big space, you can still choose to highlight areas with subtle paint changes. For example, one shade in the living area, transition to a lighter tone of the same shade in the hallway, then move on to a complementary color for the kitchen and eating area. Usually, as long as you stay within the same shade ranges, you can work colors together.

  123. Tara says:

    I like their Pumpkin Butter (2007-1b) color. It’s warm and bright, but not overwhelming.

  124. Lynette says:

    Choosing paint colors terrifies me, so I have really been enjoying reading the comments. Could some of you come over to my house for a consult??

    I agree with others that you could at least do a different shade or even color in the breakfast area and it would look great. I also warn against light blues only because the one I chose for our office looked great on the swatch but is very baby blue in the room. If possible, I suggest narrowing it down to a few colors and then getting sample cans and painting a few lines of each in the different areas and watch them over a day and days to see how they look at different times.

    Good luck and looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  125. beth says:

    well….i kind of just picked a color that my eye first went to and it ended up being “spring spirits” ……
    overall, you need some life in that house….i know you have a gazillion kids, but add some fun and some color and some, well, life.
    in those niches on your walls….find canvases that fit in there or have some made and let the kids do some artwork on them….
    i’m sure there are other parts of your house that looked lived in with “kids” written all over, but this area needs some of that.
    and how about some great colored pillows on the couches and maybe moving the furniture around to look out the windows and where are photos of all the kids ?
    overall, it just seems cold and you don’t seem like a cold person at all…..and how about some warm textures….some wicker or bamboo and rugs…..rugs would be great !
    i hope i don’t sound mean…but i just see a huge area that really needs some loving !

  126. Meg says:

    No reason you have to pick the same color for the whole space … for the giant walls that go up two floors, yes—but for the stairway, downstairs hallway, kitchen, etc., you can branch off with accent colors or shades of the main color. Lately I am a fan of grey-brown neutral tones. Maybe Costal Jetty or Stony Path?

  127. Jenny says:

    Ultra Premium
    Like Butter

    I may use this color in my own open kitchen, now that I think about it! Hmmm, hope i win that gift card to help out!

  128. Cortney says:

    In Texas, if you choose cool colors, you will be happier. When the eye sees cooler colors, the body can feel cooler.

    A new trend in neutrals is green. According to old rules, green would not be considered neutral, but if you pick the right one (something more toward blue than the dated “Sage” of a few years back) it can be neutral and it is always calming, and inviting.

    Difficult to tell on an online color wheel, and with this much painting, I HIGHLY recommend buying a quart of all your final 3 choices and actually painting a test area in all of the differently lit areas.

    I like:
    Ultra Premium Lovely Green

    It would contrast beautifully with your couch and rug. Will look good with a Christmas tree (cuz it’s far enough away form those colors) and decorations, can be brightened with art on the wall, would look great next to that fireplace. Can go with either traditional decor choices OR with more contemporary choices.

  129. Corey says:

    I like Ultra Premium Champagne Glee. And not just for the name! But if it has a touch too much pink (hard to tell on the computer), I would go with the Ultra Premium Balance.

  130. Diane says:

    “Neutral” is different for different people - I like the green in 60002-5A, Summer Rapture (and a plus for being a “cool” color - make it seem cooler inside), and think 2005-6C Subtle Suede (a pale peach) would look great with the furniture and cabinets.

    If you want more variety, there are enough angles that you could indeed use a few colors - maybe a darker shade on that two-story, six-windowed wall and a very pale color from the same palette for the rest.

  131. sara says:

    I would use a sandy brown as a base color. Or if you like cool colors, gray also can match with just about anything too. I think if you use different variations of the same color palette, you can’t go wrong. It will look great.

  132. Heather says:

    I like the Lyndhurst Timber (2007-9C) for the walls & Dust Bunny (2005-10B) for the trim

  133. Marketing Mommy says:

    National Trust Woodrow Wilson Linen or Putty. I have a linen color in my living room that extends up my staircase into my upstairs hall and I’m still not sick of it. Gives you lots of leeway to play with colors inset into shelving or in the bath/bedrooms.

  134. liz says:

    Afternoon Delight (6006-10A) and Crushed Cumin (6008-6A).

    I think they’ll look good together. I also agree that you can come up with places to change colors without having to limit yourself to where corners are. We used to have an open floor-plan too, and our dining area was the only thing we painted.

  135. Caroline says:

    My parents just repainted their entire house a Benjamin Moore color, Shaker Beige. It’s GORGEOUS. The painter that they hired suggested Ballet White for the trim. Also Benjamin Moore, it looks WONDERFUL. Good Luck!

  136. Emily says:

    Use Sandstone on the walls/rooms that are naturally darker as well as your entry/foyer walls; Use Fudgecicle for the rooms/walls that get plenty of natural light. Have fun!

  137. Tammy says:

    I would go with Ocean buff. I would still try to pick a few different shades and do some areas different colors.

  138. Anke says:

    Oh my they have so many colors to pick from… I like the cantaloupe smile or hayloft. Adds some color, but still looks kinda neutral. I also think it would go good with your tile floors and couch.

  139. Kristin says:

    I think Adrift would be beautiful. Some color but not too much.

  140. Katherine says:

    Ultra Premium Afternoon Delight. ;)

  141. elismsue says:

    I LOVE the Toasted Pecan!! A very subtle neutral yellow.

  142. Mom in MN says:

    You could start with Sand Swept [2005-2B] and then go one or 2 shades darker and/or lighter depending on the room…

  143. Terri says:

    Utlra Premium Warm Summer, its a very subtle yellow color that I think would look great

  144. Allie says:

    I like Valspar’s Safari Beige which is considered a cool neutral. One would automatically go with a warm considering the floor and leather, but I think a cool neutral will balance it out. I desired a similar color on our main floor which is one room from front to back door, but the contractor got a warm taupe color. It’s also nice, but a cool tone would really balance it out and add a level of modern elegance (and it looks fantastic with white trim).

    And I have an open floor plan, yet have different colors. It’s all about accent walls - like the one with the windows or the one up the stairs with the two curio spaces. Those could be a contrast color like Fairmont Penthouse Mosaic Teal or Gypsy Rouge.

    Good luck!

  145. Betsy says:

    I’m liking the Eddie Bauer colors. Daffodil, stem green and barley in particular. And I agree with others, use corners as breaks and do more than one color.

  146. Kim says:

    Tagsale Linen with some chocolate brown, red, and winter white accents would be nice.

  147. Joelle says:

    i like “roasted chesnut” and “caramel honey” … something warm and inviting and that would look nice with the chocolate brown accents!

  148. Kathy says:

    My husband is a house painter and his general advice is to pick an appetizing color, of something you’d like to eat. Think smoothie or yogurt or ice cream. One of the reasons baby poop brown is… not a favorite. Also, pick the color you like and for a large area, go one shade lighter.
    We have always had good luck with an apricot hue, and it goes fabulously with browns. Like Ultra Premium New Peach. See? Yummy. Good luck!

  149. Brandy says:

    I know you want to stay away from white, I can’t blame you. I have the Cream in My Coffee color on my walls and love it. It’s light enough where the rooms don’t feel small and dark and it’s dark enough to hide kids fingerprints and everything else! It looks great against white trim and is neutral enough that it will match the brown sofa and tiles. It’ fun to accent with a wine/Burgundy color, but also looks good with a moss green color.
    Best of luck! I just talked my husband into changing our bedroom color from blue to a light gold. Now to get him to actually put the paint on the wall! *G*

  150. mamabird says:

    Definitely needs to be more than one color or you might feel like every room is exactly the same. I’m lovin’ the orange toffee but that could be because I have a bathroom I’m going to get converted into a half bath/laundry room and I plan on using an orange color for that. If I had a kitchen to do over, I’d do orange walls and grey cabinets.

  151. Christina says:

    I would choose Churchill hotel Wheat for most of it, but for the kitchen/dining area (using the corners as a boundary) I would use Greenhouse tint.

  152. Rita says:

    Glowing dune or carraway seed.

    I like tans:)

  153. Maggie says:

    National Trust LaFonda Sagebrush - 3008-9C

  154. Carrie says:

    A nice muted Green would look great such as: Celery, New Willow, Leaf Bud, Grassy Field, or tempered Sage. THey tend to look more green or brown depending on how the light hits. YOu should definately make an accent well witht that fire place or your wall of windows. YOu have a great floor plan.

  155. Kelly says:

    Well, I’m leaning toward the yellowy-beige (God, that sounds HORRIBLE!)…but it’s a nice neutral and it’s NOT WHITE.
    So, at first I chose Peaceful Calm - because who needs Peaceful Calm more than a woman with 7 kids? BUT - my final choice is Creamy Oat (3002-2C)

  156. Michelle N. says:

    I have a similar problem, and I’ve dealt with it by painting one wall a dark blue with white trim. However, for your house, I would go with something more subtle because you have a lot of dark furniture and flooring.

    I love, love, love the sage green color of my bedroom, and I haven’t gotten sick of it for 8 years now. It works with my dark bedroom furniture and brown carpeting and blinds.

    Similar color on the site is ultra premimum zen garden 6001-5C. Use a contrasting color for those alcoves, maybe a dark red. Trim in a warm earthy color, maybe something like ultra premimum desert flower 6008-5A.

    Greens are hard, so choose carefully and compare. Good luck!

  157. Karen says:

    I went to Lowe’s and got a really nice pale yellow which I love. It brightened up the inside of my house, and still hides just enough schmutz. The color goes well with the wood tones in my floor (which is old and not level and has lots of character).

    I also like the ideas for a greyed blue, but those will bring the walls in a bit, and if you love your soaring ceilings, and don’t want them to seem to come in some, then I’d go with a lighter color. But, if all you want to do is hide fingerprints until they all go off to school, then this might be the way to go. Just test, test, test is all I can tell you, there’s no such thing as too many test spots on the walls! Even though it will look silly for a while.

  158. ~Tammy~ says:

    I, too have an ‘open floor plan’. We rent our house, so I had no say in the color scheme. However, I really DO love the color of the ‘open’ area. In different lights, it has differing characteristics. The closest I found to it, bearing in mind that computer monitors vary in shade, is 3004-1C, which Valspar titles “Summer Wheat”.

    It is a soothing shade!

  159. Misty Sioch says:

    I like the Ultra Premium Toasted Pecan. I just did my kitchen in a similar color and think it came out great!

  160. WarriorWife says:

    We used Valspar paint in the main area of our house too. We ran into similar problems as you–walls continuing through multiple spaces, spanning multiple lighting situations. Our success in color choice, though, was in a SUPER surprising place in the paint aisle: the outdoor concrete paint color display.

    We found a warm stone-like color. It’s gray, but very neutral and very warm. We took that sample to the paint counter and got it matched to indoor paint.

    It’s a really “natural” gray color that does well in all of our crazy areas/lighting. In direct sunlight the color lightens up and is bright. But in the indoor lighting it is warm and cozy. In shadowed areas or low lighting it deepens to almost a light brown. It shows off our white trim excellently too. It complements our brown leather couches, our brown carpet, our black furniture, the steel-gray theater screen, and our red window treatments. The color-scheme flows well into the other rooms that actually have color in them too, which was a bonus!

    Everyone LOVES the color. My brother-in-law copied us last year and painted his whole main floor this color too.

    The Valspar codes are:
    Valspar Ultra Prem Base 1
    347-2 Ancient Stone Interior Eggshell
    104-2 105-2Y22 107-18

    Yes, I DID crawl to the back of the closet under the stairs and dig through my paint cans for this information. Lucky you. :) Good luck!

  161. Kathryn says:

    Light Rafia ~ 3008-10B is very similar to the color I use in our common areas. Love it! So much I’m using it again in our new-old house.

  162. Deborah says:

    A lot of people recommended yellow or in the yellow family, my only advice on that is to maybe buy a “sample” size container (or a pint if they don’t sell sample sizes at Lowe’s) of the color you choose and paint a square of it at various spots around your living areas. Yellows are funny colors and never look on the whole wall the way you imagine from that little square sample. Actually, whatever color you pick, this would not be a bad suggestion to get a better feel for the finished look. That said, I’m a neutral girl myself and leave the color accents to pillows, window treatments, artwork and such. I just this week finished painting my living areas in Cape Dune (including ceilings), Maple Cream and Tuscan Tan - sorry, these are Devoe Paint colors, but I am sure Lowe’s will color match. I am looking forward to seeing the finishe walls. :)

  163. Randa Clay says:

    I like Mellow Spring - looks like a nice bluey-gray.

  164. Dena says:

    I vote for Homey Cream

  165. KW says:

    I love brown paper bag, it’s warm and neutral.

  166. Melissa says:

    I am horrible at doing this, but I am very intrigued with someone else’s suggestion of the very faint pink. With those brown floors that might REALLY work!

  167. Rachel says:

    Belle Grove Buff, swoon!

  168. Sarah says:

    I like the Woodrow Wilson Maize 3005-8C, add some warmth, matches the woodwork on your stairwell. Then you could easily bring in some burgundies, plums, oranges. I like the idea of warmth, but being in Texas, you probably have enough of that!

    If you want to go cooler, I would suggest Brushed Lavender 4001-3B, husband-willing (mine wasn’t!) Then bring in calming blues and greens, with plums.

    You only have 7 children, I see no reason why you would want calming colors ;)

  169. Mandy says:

    Hubbell House Golden Maize

  170. Heidi says:

    Ultra Premium Desert Hot Spring. Khaki goes perfectly with chocolate but remains neutral enough for such a large area. Though I also think you can use colors to delineate the different areas.

  171. Tara L says:

    7003-19 Homestead Resort Sunwash is a great color that will look good in diiferent lighting situations. You could also use the same color in different tones (lighter & darker) around the space for continuity.

  172. Alyssa Jones says:

    I really like the Ultra Premium Woodrow Wilson Maize 3005-8C. Who knows why they name any of these colors what they do but I think you need a color that is cooling to counteract the heat but also has a twinge of the southwestern, a shade that has a little orange tint to it.

  173. Wendy 2 says:

    My favorite was Earth Elements Desert Rouge.

  174. Emilie says:

    I like Oatlands Gold Buff. It seems like a nice neutral that would work with a few colored accent walls. Perhaps some of the smaller walls you have.

  175. Meg says:

    My advice is to hire someone. I COULD NOT pick a paint color for my house trim, so I decided to skip that step and just hire a professional painter. He walked into the project and said “super dark ugly brown.” Okay, those weren’t his exact words, but that describes what he told me. I refused, but STILL couldn’t come up with my own choice, so I gave in. And apparently super dark ugly brown looks FANTASTIC on my house. And… I didn’t have to do a thing! Gotta love leaving it to the professionals.

  176. hennifer says:

    I can’t stop myself. I’m wishing I had a sample of your tile!

    Historic Cincinnatian Hotel 5004-9B and another from that collection 3006-8c

    Orange Sparkle 2007-4c
    Naivete 7001-21
    Bermuda Sand 7002-10
    Airkiss 4007-7a
    Newday 4006-5a
    natural sheepskin 3001-6c
    Nighlight 7002-19?
    Birchwood 7002-18
    Sawyer White 7002-16

    Good luck and definitely I see some good tips for painting the different areas.

  177. Rachel says:

    I’m having trouble getting on the website but I thought I’d give you my opinion anyway. I mean, since you asked. :)

    There are two ways I can see going with it. (And I do think you could do different things with say one color for the entry and up the stairs, another thing with the kitchen and something else with the LR but it’s just a personal taste thing.)

    My first thought was painting it all the color that you used in your old house in the living room. I really liked how that turned out. On the other hand, I can see wanting to do something different.

    My second thought, was a blue-gray. (Not too blue and not too gray- you don’t want too much color or too dull.) People have different opinions about contrasting warm and cool colors and personally, I love the contrast. With all that brown flooring, the woodwork, the leather sofa, and the stone, I would go with a cool color in the living room. A cool neutral. Then they could play off each other. I’m not sure what I would do in the kitchen, but I would do something different than the LR (jmo). (yellow and gray go well together)

    And then, you need to paint some huge pictures to put in those alcoves. That would look awesome!

    (And I’m going to be the annoying sister who walks in and re-arranges your furniture, but I would also pull the sofa out from the windows and a little bit further into the room. Because of the ceilings and the windows, I think it dwarfs the sofa a little and makes the room look imbalanced.)

    It’s a beautiful home. And you have excellent taste, so I know you’ll get it just right. And thanks for asking our opinion. :)

  178. Julie says:

    I like Earth Elements Morning Light EE2042A as the main color and Earth Element Candlelight EE2073A for the niches and Earth Elements Open Plain EE2016A for the stairwell wall/under break bar area that currently painted baby poop brown.

  179. Angel says:

    ok. loved the name and the shade of cake batter and creme broule. also liked the desert sand

  180. AmandaG says:

    I think there are natural breaks where you could use different colors. You also have enough space and light that slightly darker colors may work if you like them. I like the suggestions they have for you when you choose one color. You could do a warm, fairly neutral color like Cloudy Sunset 3005-8A that still has some color to it, and from the site suggestions, also use Winter Amethyst 4001-6A, Fragrant Lilac 5001-5B, and Bleached Slate 7004-20. If all else fails, since you’re getting free paint, use the money you would’ve spent on paint for an area that large and call a decorator for help LOL.

  181. Kristen says:

    I’d use Wicker. I’d dilute it by half with white paint for your darker areas!

  182. Ms. Huis Herself says:

    I used to be afraid of color. Then I spent 2 years in Ireland, where it seems a sunny, buttery yellow is the default, not off-white. Now our big living room is what my husband and I call “Irish Yellow” and I love it. Doesn’t read as too hot, even in our non-A/C house. But since your space is SO huge, maybe something more along the lines of Champagne Dance or Cuddle might be better.

    But I totally agree with some of the other commenters that there are places you can choose to change the color - along edges/corners that mark off a space or go all the way to the ceiling.

    Good luck & I’m totally looking forward to seeing it!

  183. Jennifer Joyner says:

    Am confused by so many people suggesting blue….with brown floors????

    I woudl go with a warm neutral…Dessert Fortress or something similar.

  184. Kimberlie says:

    I would paint everything in Valspar’s Solstice from the Signature collection. It’s a warm color which you need when your walls are so tall. My house is currently painted in a cool stone color and I hate it. It’s so cold. Plus, the tile is brown, but it has some gold undertones. Solstice has some brown in it even though it’s a yellow. I used a similar color in my previous house and what was great about it is that it changed slightly with the changing light of the day. It looked more sun-kissed and cheery in the morning light and in the evening when the sun was setting and the rooms didn’t receive any direct sunlight, it was more muted and relaxing.

  185. isaida says:

    Lyndhurst mushroom - a nice warm color. We just bought a new house and painted our walls, sauteed mushroom. Love it! Love mushrooms also - can you tell :)

  186. PollyS says:

    I agree with the others that say there are natural breaks. In our old house we had a similar open floorplan and had to find breaks. You can too.
    I like National Trust Woodlawn Silver Brook.
    And by all means, don’t use flat. We had it at our former house and now we have satin. What a difference!

  187. Amy says:

    I love the Earth Elements Sunwashed color as a main room color. Our bedroom/master bath is huge and open like that and we just used the edges of the walls as stoppng points witht he color. Our room has 3 shades of periwinkle. Our main level is all an open floor plan also and we did similar things using all earthy tones

  188. Jennifer says:

    Earth Elements Star Dust EE2043B with complimentaty colors in the blue family. With so much space, I’d go neutral with most of the walls. In addition, knowing how hot it gets in Texas, cooler accents will help to keep it cooler inside.

  189. Darcie says:

    Waverly Soft Cream

    I have an open floor plan in Atlanta, GA and this is similar to the color we used. I think it would work with the browns in your floor and couch.

  190. Meg..CT says:

    I am no help…but I will be looking at the comments for ideas..I have an open floor plan as well and for 16 years I haven’t been able to choose a color..so antique white it is all around!

  191. Gabrielle Fillon says:

    Honeysuckle Beige, 3007-A (I think).

    I LOVE Valspar paint. Make sure you go for the Ultra Premium that has the primer in the paint, it really does have one coat coverage (and if you’re painting all that, you certainly don’t want to paint it twice!). I think you can absolutely do accent walls though, especially those large window walls. You don’t even have to do a different color, Valspar has these metallic paints that have a sheen to them that is gorgeous. How great it would look if you had an accent wall in the same color but with a metallic to it! I like warmer neutral colors for big spaces like that, and the neutral beige will be a nice background for your furniture. Make it easy on yourself and get those paint kits for trim that are square for doing around the ceiling and the baseboards. They will save your sanity. They have a pad that holds a good amount of paint so you don’t have to go over it again and it eliminates all that cutting in.

  192. Lindsey says:

    Lyndhurst Mushroom, love love love it!

  193. Gabrielle Fillon says:

    Forgot to add, the Eggshell finish is the best of the Valspar options. Satin gets too glossy, and Flat is, well, Flat. Eggshell has that sheen without being OMGMYEYES.

  194. Anne says:

    Bella Grove Buff - looks neutral enough to be complimentary to just about anything.
    We have some painting to do on the house we will hopefully move into next month.
    Good Luck.

  195. Brenna says:

    How about Dry Leaf - Unflattering name but it is a beautiful warm neautral. However, since your furniture, floors & cabinets are all warm beautiful colors - how about Pianissimo; a cooler crisp color! Good luck - I love painting.

  196. Heather says:

    please dont paint your home blue/yellow/or red (any shade of red or burgundy) :/

    IMO if you are really going to go all one color and taking into consideration the size of your home/wall space, I would go with a very nuetral color, very undramatic and easy on the eyes. You can always add more color with furniture/art ect or leave as be.I always cringe at some colors that end up on walls. +_+ LOL!

    I like “Carolina Inn Lobby Yellow 3008-6b” (which does not look like yellow at all)

    “Baked Scone 3007-8b” <–my favorite :)

    “Dry Leaf 3008-8a”

    Your home is gorgeous! Cant wait to see the finished product. Happy painting! :)

  197. Stephanie says:

    I love the colors in the historic set. I just painted the interior of my house, too. I didn’t want a trendy color, I wanted something more classic, but not too boring, either. I went with the 6005 range of colors. Oatlands Subtle Taupe and Smoked Oyster (Actually I went with 2004-2a Aspen Gray instead of smoked oyster and I’m regretting it. Not enough to make me paint it all over again, but in hindsight…) I have a lot of dark brown stuff - leather couch, chairs, sofa table, dining table - but I didn’t want brown on the walls, too. This softer gray scale is perfect. Goes with the dark browns and blacks flawlessly. I even have some lighter wood that looks just fine. It’s a little taupey/brown, a little gray. Me gusta!

  198. Aidan says:

    De-lurking to vote for Ultra Premium Iced Tea. Warm, inviting, and neutral! Plus the sunny tone will look great with brown!

  199. Suzanne says:

    Ultra Premium Hemingway 7005-8

  200. Janalyn says:

    We just bought our first house in March, and we used a smidge more 4 gallons of Valspar Faint Maple in our vaulted living room, breakfast nook, and hallway. I’ve only lived with it for a few months, but at least once I week I walk in and say how much the color changed how our formerly builder beige house feels! The only downside is the hallway doesn’t get a lot of natural light, and it’s a little dark for my taste, but you could have them lighten it a few degrees to combat that. Or put a glaze on the walls in the non natural lit areas.
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!As a new homeowner, I’ve spent more than my fair share of time at Lowe’s- a gift card would be great!

  201. Amy says:

    I’d paint the wall behind the fireplace and the kitchen and leave the rest white to break of the space visually.

    Color: Sandy Cove 3005-10A

    or paint it all Sandy Cove and do a darker accent color on the fireplace wall like Jekyll Club Cherokee Rust. I would consider mixing it up since there is so much wall/high ceilings, one color will feel like you’re swimming in it.

    Whatever you do, can’t wait to see the pics!

  202. diana says:

    how about Afternoon Delight or Citrus Tickle and maybe for the coves Shallow Vally! painting can be fun :D

  203. NinjaPrincess says:

    I would do Antelope for most of the space and then Autumn Blaze for the breakfast room & kitchen. Does Valspar pay for the painter, too? Yikes!

  204. Amanda says:

    I like Seafarer or Nautical. I tend to want to make statements…and I think with your floors and the couch and rug these colors would be gorgeous!

    Good Luck! I believe you house will be beautiful no matter what!

  205. Karen says:

    I love to pick colors!! I really think National Trust Fairmont Penthouse Stone would work for you. It’s neutral, classical and has depth. It looks kid friendly too, almost the color of grungy fingerprints:)
    Good luck with your project. I’m sure whatever you color you chose will be lovely.

  206. ChrisB says:

    Belle Grove Aloe Green 5006-B

  207. Melody says:

    Seeing as how we live in an all-white home now (and I hate hate hate it), I can live vicariously through you. I love the color Crunch Granola from the Velspar site. I want to paint so bad!

  208. margalit says:

    You have so many spaces with color possibilities, and to change from one palatte to another is really easy. Just define each space as a separate room. So you have a foyer, a kitchen, a dining area, a living room, and the staircase. Each is large enough to hold it’s own color scheme.

    The colors I chose are bright because I like a lot of color, and then I added a trim color because I hate plain white trim when the colors are so vibrant.

    Peach Frenzy and Spun Honey
    Limolicious and Spring Lawn
    Scarlet Sun and Ripe Pomogranite

    They all blend well, so you can move from space to space and not feel any jarring changes, but you’ve got a yellowish orange, green, and reddish coral scheme.

  209. Alison W says:

    We also have a townhouse with an open floor plan for much of the main floor. We did a color very similar to Laura Ashley Chambray 1402 (it’s even called Chambray). It goes really well with almost any decor and looks great in all light at all times of the day. We have also complimented it with a yellowish that is similar to their ultra premium chickery chick 3008-2a.

    We are doing some updating ourselves. I wish you the best with the project.

  210. Kristi says:

    Oh my goodness! We switched lives. I used to live in hot ass central Texas in an house almost identical to that. We are just finishing up the year long remodel of our “new, nothing is level, who in the name of all is that holy would put 70 layers of paint on all this hand carved crown molding and linolium over random width oak” 1857 Kentucky farmhouse. I’d paint all the walls 3005-3B (Cliveden Camelback Sofa)and introduce pops of color in the wall nooks and the kitchen with 2009-4 (Fairmont Suite Clay Red). I have 8 kids, between 10 and 2, and this color holds up well to the grime that has to be scrubbed off at 8 different levels. Happy painting!

  211. Cheryl says:

    another vote for “Winter in Paris” as it is such a lovely color and name :) good luck, Chris

  212. Berni says:

    Mediterranian Mocha! My living room is painted a similiar color and it looks great with my brown leather furniture. We have red curtains and cushions to accent it.

  213. gina says:

    i was thinking glowing dune nice and light but warm and neutral good luck

  214. Michele says:

    I have the hardest time making paint color decisions! You have the perfect blank slate though. We have a lovely warm yellow that looks similar to Valspar’s “Peaceful Calm” 3005-2C (I was never a yellow person until we bought this house with it already on the entry and family room walls.) We get tons of compliments on it and it’s very soothing to look at! It’s a good color to then add a Sage/Olive Green and maybe a deep Burgandy to some accent walls. Good luck, cannot wait to see the results!

  215. mslil65 says:

    Had a similar dilemma…wanted a neutral so I would not have to paint for a long time…but wanted a little bit of color so it wouldn’t be too boring. I chose:
    Valspar’s Homestead Resort Parlor Taupe 7003-1 It’s neutral, but the color pops against the white molding and furniture and the color changes throughout the day.
    Painted the dining area (a shared space) with Valspar’s Distant Valley 5002-3A…a soothing beachy blue green that is calming and not as obnoxious as some beachy hues. It would look nice in your “cubbies” and would be easy to paint over if you tire of the look, without having to paint EVERYTHING.

  216. Erin says:

    I just went threw this last year after living in our house for nearly 4 years.

    I’d do the Mark Twain House Oak 3004-9c as the neutral color in the foyer/hallways possibly kitchen. Then with the Fabulous Red 1011-2 in the LR/Family room for a warm punch of color. If the red is to bright maybe the Shallow Valley 6011-9. Can’t wait to see what you pick and what it looks like when it’s done.

  217. MarieEFL says:

    Since I can’t tell the colors of your area rug, I’ll go with the Ultra premium Lemon twist - 3006-2B

    love the color; it’s warm without being obnoxious.

    think of it as an homage to the Big Yellow House, even though it wasn’t yellow.

  218. lindsay says:

    greyish blue. More grey than blue, but lightish. GOOD LUCK!

  219. lindsay says:

    Unrelated and maybe my first comment didn’t qualify as an entry since I used actual colors instead of Storm Aqua or something… BUT I gotta say I love your kitchen — reminds me of Carmella Soprano’s and I swear I loved that show just for the kitchen scenes. PS your personal blog is just rocking these days.

  220. TodayWendy says:

    I can’t win the prize…but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to pick paint colours.

    Pumpkin Butter, or Butternut Squash

    Because orange is lovely and warm and goes well with brown.

    Can’t wait to see the pictures, whatever colours you wind up choosing!

  221. E's Mommy says:

    I would vote for a yellow or a blue. I’m not sure what shades of those would be right for such a big space though. We painted our old house but it was much smaller than your space. We have a space more like yours in our new house but the last owners opted for off-white non-flat paint. It’s boring but little handprints are easy to wipe off. I’m excited to see what you pick and how it looks so I can try and imagine how it would look to put more color into our house.

  222. Carolyn R (the other one) says:

    Sorry Chris…I’m cracking up here. Got enough choices yet? Need me to throw in my two cents?

    OK…here goes. No specifics but I’ll confirm that the only time you need to keep a color contiguous is on a wall with no corners. We have that issue with a post that goes from one wall in the living room down to the basement but also follows the same wall down an upstair hallway. No breaks. No corners. I would also say find a wall and pick an accent color and do it boldly WITH.YOUR.FIRST.CHOICE. (that doesn’t mean that it needs to be a bold color, just dive in and do it). Chances are it’s spot on (I saw what you did in your NE house and you have EXCELLENT taste).

    My experience has been, that 99% of the time my first choice is what you really want(there was that one issue with the basement and a celery green…we don’t mention that in mixed company…ahem).

    I just finished my youngest’s room in May. It was a periwinkle blue and a mint green. When I saw the green on the lid of the can, I second guessed myself. When I got it on the wall, I was THRILLED.

    Go with your gut.

  223. JoAnne says:

    I love the Ultra Premium Sweet Mustard, but that is just my love of color!

  224. Carrissa Barbee says:

    3005-2C Peaceful Calm - I think a very pale yellow (need I reiterate the VERY PALE part) would look great with the current floor, couch and rug. I’ve lived in my house for 8 years all with the same flat white wall color. Couldn’t stand it anymore this year with similar grubby dirty hand and body marks and decided to paint the kitchen, family room and hallway with a very pale yellow. Love it with the granite countertops as well and my floor is hardwood oak. Your floor is darker, but it would still look lovely and the white trim can continue around as well and look great with the pale yellow. Plus you can’t go wrong with Peaceful Calm in the Jordan household. Perhaps some of the paint energy will rub off on the kids and especially you! Some of their other pale yellows are good, but I just couldn’t go with any of them named Summer as it seems it’s summer 24/7 there pretty much. They do have a ton of yellows named Summer!

  225. Kerri says:

    I like Butterscotch Cream and it sounds delicious!

  226. ellen renee says:

    Who knew paint color could be so daunting?! I just hate this very thing when it comes time to freshen up the house - I go with a creamy white. I prefer the pops of color to come from furniture/pillows/baskets etc.

  227. Robin says:

    The key to painting a big open room like that where they all seem to blend together is to use complementary colors and change colors at seems. Thats what we did in our old house where it was all open like that. I think a good combo would be Earthelements tradewinds, ultra premium warm summer, ultra premium summer frolic, and ultra premium homestead resort antique lace.

    Happy painting! Oh, and use painters tape with painters caulk to make nice crisp seems.

  228. Heather's Garden says:

    I was drawn to Butterscotch Cream. It’s neutral, will work with your browns, and most importantly isn’t white! And don’t you just love the name? Yum.

  229. cindy says:

    We’ve also changed the paint color at the edge where two walls meet. I’d seen it done that way at open house home shows, and it’s a perfect solution. As usual, just coordinate complimentary colors- probably about 3 colors and you can alter those in “shades”. Pretty house.

  230. Haley says:

    How about Jekyll Club Veranda Blue? I love the blue hue, and it will probably hide some of the dirt. Contrary to what some of the posters think, I think blue and brown create a lovely contrast.

  231. Alisha says:

    I would replace the baby poop brown areas with a nice warm red. Not cherry red or bright, but not as deep as burgundy. The Fabulous Red looks nice online, but it always looks so different in the store. With the red, I’d do a cool, pale yellow, like, Lemon Curd, or even lighter. It would look good with your floors, furniture, and cabinets. If you want something fun that looks good with your floor and brown leather couch, I’d do a bright blue in place of the brown and perhaps a light blue such as Ice Rink Blue. I’m also a big fan of the Spring Lime & Chickery Chick combo because greens and yellows always seem to lighten the room, make me happy, and go with so many different types of furnitures.

  232. Michelle says:

    Fairmont Suite Gold - warm and inviting, but decidedly neutral.

  233. Laura Ferry-Jimenez says:

    I say go with a cool gray blue. we painted the bedroom in our first house a cool gray color and it ranged according to the time of day between a pretty gray to a cool slate blue. just a thought. :)

    hope I win - we just moved and our girls are still sleeping on mattresses on the floor bc I’ve promised to paint their room a pretty turquoise and just haven’t gotten around to it.

  234. Melissa says:

    Tobacco Road! It is rich but neutral. Nester at The Nesting Place first turned me onto this color.

  235. Nell says:

    Afternoon Delight. I think a pale sage green would look good with the brown sofas, and your black dining chairs would really pop against it.

  236. Paula says:

    TRanquil bay.. i have the SAME living room/family room and my husband had it redone before we got married… it is all warm and cream and is SOOOOO not what it should be… read an article that said that cool colors should be used in bright spots… and I agree and we are repainting a color close to tranquil bay… very nordic and cool and yummy…

  237. mary Novak says:

    ultra premium apple spice
    it will balance the warm rich brown

    but i agree with the other posters and say go multi-color!
    fun and funky!

    or you could do colonial colors as a throwback to the big yellow house!

  238. Brooke says:

    I think any warm yellow would look good. My preference would be for Valspars Summer Moon

  239. Ashlee says:

    Gentle landscape. Inviting, green is energizing and it goes well with brown. Have fun!

  240. Jaime Thomason says:

    National Trust
    accent color: La Fonda Midnight Like the big wall with all the windows that you see from all the areas.

    accent color: Grand Hotel Awning Yellow

    Main color: Cliveden Leather

  241. Jackie says:

    Bubble Tea

  242. Tina says:

    DO NOT paint it Sahara Sands. We painted our rental house that–it looked like flesh going on the wall and then dried with too much of a pink undertone. Since it was the rental, it stayed but I would hate living with it. I’m a fan of a sand color that looks darker in some light and more yellow in others. Good luck! I’ll look forward to seeing your after pictures.

  243. Norah says:

    Ultra Premium Summer Wheat - warm, nuetral, and with light will give you depth and change.

  244. Pixy says:

    I recently had your same job . . . to turn our home from contractor ivory into something that I wanted to live in! We have a lot of chocolate brown accents (accent wall, foyer, draperies, throw blankets, etc) throughout the house, and I used a color named “Indulgent Mocha” (don’t know/remember the brand, I got the color from another blogger). It’s a great neutral — not too much color, but just enough to feel substantially finished.

    The closest match to the “Indulgent Mocha” I think, is the “Cincinnatian Hotel Hannaford”. OR, “Cream in my Coffee”.

  245. Cincy says:

    Sassy Green & Mountain Botanical combo. I always go green in the end. We were here 5 years before we painted the downstairs. My SIL’s famous comment about our home, which we had already worked very hard on, “This place would be really great…if you had a little color on the walls!”

    Darned if she wasn’t right.

  246. Kristin Mahaffey says:

    Baking stone…. it would look great with your brown floors !

  247. Emily says:

    I really love Valspar’s “”Malted Milk.” It is a nice warm cream that looks great with white trim. Not overwhelming, just kind of sunny and light. almost yellow, but not quite.

  248. Laura says:

    I’m canadian so not eligible, but I would recommend Color by nature - winter shade colors. I think it would go well with your floors and furniture!

  249. Laura says:

    Painting an entire house here too. ICK You need to pick a color you really like. Blues for me. Maybe do a dark shade on one wall in the main living area. and a light on the others. paint has gotten pricey. Pick up the small sample cans and slap some up on the different areas and see what you think after a few days.

  250. Holli says:

    Hint of Honey gets my vote!!

  251. Jen says:

    You can definitely use multiple colors. Choose one bold accent (blue, green, maroon) then mix in Sandy Cove (3005-10A) and Lovely Bluff (3004-10C). Can’t wait to see the finished project.

  252. Kris Kauffmann says:

    I think Hopsack or Champagne Glee would look nice with your white trim.

    I used Valspar paint for the first time with my kitchen remodel last year on the recommendation of the contractor. It’s the best paint I’ve ever used.

  253. Brigitte says:

    I like the pale green “Ultra Premium Spring Lawn 6006-9C”, but I’d test it on a patch, because there is a very fine line between a refreshing, light, Spring-y green and an industrial hallway puke green.

    In magazines, I’ve seen pictures of homes with open floor plans where they just boldly change colors at corners. You being a design-queen, you could probably make that work. With my design “skills”, not so much. ;-)

    Such high ceilings! If you see a giant spider or scorpion up there, you have no recourse but to wait for it to fall down! *shudder*

  254. Jennifer says:

    A yellow that you like. Any not orangy yellow. My mother has a very similar open floor plan and she did it in a pale yellow that looks really, really good. She did a few other walls different colors, using the bends in the wall as breaks (like someone above me mentioned). She has beigy brown leather couches and bright throw pillows. It looks really, really good. And the yellow is a very cheerful color that can pretty much go with anything if you get the accents right.

    One of the walls she did a deep dark bright magenta and it looks AMAZING against the yellow on the surrounding walls.

  255. JennyB says:

    Do a neutral color and then just hand art work.

  256. melissa says:

    hemingway. then i would punch up the accent walls and areas you have now. and probably paint the kitchen island.

  257. Judy says:

    I say go with Ultra Premium Sea Air- calming and serene

  258. Deb says:

    National Trust Belle Grove Buff. Then I think you could paint some accent walls, like under the breakfast bar, in a Montpelier Red Velvet. Upstairs you could paint the wall to the left (after it turns the corner)Ultra Premium Greenhouse Tint.

    I painted three bedrooms and two baths in the upstairs that had been builder’s white. Love the colors!

  259. Meredith says:

    I like La Fonda Sandstone. We have a very open floor plan, also, with two story rooms that all connect. This is the color we used with white trim. It looks great.

  260. Lisa says:

    Well, I wouldn’t take advise from me, but I do like the sound of peaceful calm. How could you go wrong?

    I think you need an accent wall, too. My sister had a similar layout to yours and she used a navy blue accent wall. It looked way better than it sounds.

  261. Jennifer says:

    Mark Twain House Oak. I love it in my master bathroom/bedroom so much I am thinking about using it on my main floor as well. Good luck!

  262. Sue says:

    I am the last person you want to take a suggestion from but I like the Ultra Premium Cake Batter 2007-8C. What’s not to like about cake batter? Or the Ultra Premium Pacific Shoreline 2006-8A.

  263. denise vick says:

    i think something in a really pale yellow. but you really need more than one color on so many walls. good luck.

  264. abbe says:

    For the main color, I would go with Blue Twilight in the Ultra Premium line.

  265. Ana Maria says:

    I’d do a combination of Ultra Premium Lime Mousse with Ultra Premium Mountain Botanical.

  266. Julie says:

    I would go with something like Sandy Cove. I like beige-y colors.

  267. kylie says:

    I am in love with TWO! Peaceful Calm 3005-2C, or Summer Wish 3005-2B…..Happy painting!

  268. Laura says:

    I really like Sandy Cove. I can’t wait to see what you decide and how it turns out. Good luck!

  269. Stephanie says:

    We’ve used one of the popular “greiges” in the neutral areas of our house–it’s a color-morphic blend of grey and beige and looks different in every light.

    My favorite is Valspar’s Lyndhurst Academy Greige. It’s in their Historical Homes Collection and absolutely perfect.

  270. Selena says:

    I like Apricot Butter. After reading that apricot was big in Traditional Home last year, we painted our bedroom an apricot color. It is warm and homey, and would go well with your tile and furnishings. Apricot also looks fantastic with turquoise blue accents, so your favorite color would shine on accessories. Thanks for the giveaway, what fun!

  271. Penny says:

    I’m cheating, but I just painted my obnoxiously large bedroom, bathroom, and office by myself. I don’t clean 5′2″ and was up and down a nine-foot ladder for days. Out of all that my absolute favorite color turned out to be one I thought would look like baby poop until I held it up to my wall against the curtains I already had. It’s Soft Suede accented by Deep Garnet. Both by Glidden, unfortunately not Valspar. Do they color match? Soft Suede is a greenish-brownish neutral that several different colors could accent if you wanted some variation here and there.

  272. Suzanne says:

    My house is similar to yours in the openness, endless walls, and dark brown tile floors (where there isn’t carpet in beige). YES you can paint walls different colors using the edges (ok mine are curved edges) as boundaries.

    We have not painted all the walls (yet). But here is what we do have in the “common areas” (i.e. not including the bedrooms):

    a color similar to Golden Butter in one area

    a larger area in a color similar to Sandy Cove with the insert area (where the tv fits) painted a darker color similar to Hot Crossed Bun

    We also have a wall that you encounter after you enter the front door and walk down the foyer area into a sort of hall where we have a garden path and scene painted. It has all kinds of colors. We paid someone unprofessional but talented to paint it for a low price. . . If you’d like to check it out let me know how to forward a picture to you (email me at suzinthegarden@yahoo.com).

    Good luck!!!

    I know exactly what you mean about dirty walls. . . My youngest (the 8 year old) is into the “I jump because I can stage” often while eating his favorite hot cheetos so I have orangish finger smears up high everywhere. . .

  273. craftytammie says:

    chickery chick would be my choice. warm, friendly, without being too bright a yellow. i have a similar color in my open floor plan. you have a stunning home, good luck with the painting!

  274. anne says:

    Green looks great with brown & tan - think trees & plants. I’d try Fiddhead fern 6003-6B. Good luck, thats a lot of painting! I do think that you can do more than one color.

  275. Miriam says:

    I love the color Illusion (pale blue, beachy color) from Lowes (Valspar) that i have in my kitchen and on one wall of my living room. Our foyer is two stories, and I went with Pecan (Lowes, valspar), but Tobacco Road is supposed to be the end-all be-all goes with everything color. So there’s my two cents!

  276. kristi says:

    A browny yellow like Hazy Dawn (3004-2B) is perfect*. It’s light and bright and also has a warm feel to it. It’s neutral enough to go with everything and yet it isn’t a classic neutral. It doesn’t scream YELLOW! but you still get the happiness factor. Good luck!

    *In my humble opinion.

  277. annie says:

    I have a similar floor plan on a house that we built two years ago. I chose a color similar to “Belle Grove Buff” (a warm, neutral, light-ish Khaki). It works well with the browns and earth tone tile, carpet and hardwood floors. It also makes a nice transition to the other colored rooms (moss green in master, denim blue in boys’ rooms, hot pink in daughter’s room, warm gold in kitchen, etc.). Two years later, I still love it. Good luck!

  278. Robbie says:

    I have lived in Texas - HOT!!! But such friendly people! If I were to move there again, I would probably pick a neutral warm gray. I loved Woodlawn Snow. We just painted our stairwell, what a procedure with the ladders and the scaffolding. I can’t even picture how the heck you’re going to get those high walls. Good luck!

  279. Amy G says:

    Cream in my Coffee 3003-10C

  280. Pamela says:

    I’m thinking maybe the Carolina Yellow? What do you think about that one? But I also can’t imagine painting my entire house one color. I am hoping some interior designers pipe in and give you ideas for at least a couple of other colors. Also, totally random question, but can you see your TV from your couches? It’s such an interesting angle and I was wondering if it was user-friendly.

  281. Alice says:

    Oyster Bisque (3007-4C), Coconut Scent(3003-4C) or Champagne Dance (3005-4C)

  282. Carrisa says:

    Ultra Premium Promenade is a color of theirs I was immediately drawn to. Neutral, pretty, cool. Love it.

  283. Helen says:

    I would go with green and do various shades from the same paint strip, depending on the lighting - darker where the light is brighter, lighter where there is less light. I also have an open floor plan and we did this technique with the shading and it really fools the eye into thinking everything is the same color. If you want a splash of dramatic color, save it for those niches.

    I like Greenhouse Tint 6002-5C, as the “base color” and then up and down that paint strip for the shades for low/high light.

    I noticed that your cabinetry is oak; green just really brings out the character of oak. I think it will work equally well with your brown leather furniture and the chocolate brown floor tiles (green and brown are the colors in nature and a muted green is a neutral).

    And for ultra-durable paint that has a matte finish, I highly recommend a flat enamel. It has held up for eight years in our house, although our six kids have made a new paint job a necessity at this point. Needless to say, I could use a Lowe’s gift card!

  284. Karen says:

    Gorgeous house! I have not used Valspar paints but will need to try it! It looks like you have the perfect space to use more than one color on various walls and areas. I like to use different shades from the same strip. Also, what a beautiful fireplace but it really blends in - an accent color on the wall would really bring it out and give it it’s due!!!

    I am not a professional and these are just my thoughts!
    Happy painting to you!

  285. Ani says:

    I have no eye for colors on a screen but I vote for something in a warm yellow tone. Brightens up the mood, goes with the tile, and brown smudges blend right into it. Best of luck!

  286. Kizmet says:

    2005-2C Peach Kiss I had to type that fast before I forgot it.

    A kiss of peach - adds warmth, goes with the couch. Except for the wall with the fireplace - Western Brown 2009-9 to make the fireplace pop.

    6006-7B Limish for the hallway/stairway.

    Ok, it’s official, I’ve been watching too much HGTV.

  287. Jana says:


    Just painted my dining room in Hot Crossed Bun (# 3005-9b) and I love, love, love it! It is a fantastic compliment to white woodwork and looks fantastic against all my black Ikea furnishings…and I think it will really warm up your big open spaces and bring everything in a little to create a comfy space!

  288. Jane Little says:

    I liked the Eddie Bower Shale and also the Eddie Bower Celedon.

  289. lisa says:

    I would do a cool, soft blue-green with a little gray in it so it’s not babyish. Like ‘Cool Elegance’ if my computer screen can be trusted. I think it would super elegant and fresh. I see it with bright yellow and turquoise accents for summer and fall - very chic. And very easy to live with. I think blue goes with everything.

  290. angela michelle says:

    My mom’s house has a similar layout with walls that run from living area to vaulted entry way and all the way up the stairs. She painted it a color called simply “khaki” (that’s the official title–I believe it’s Glidden). It’s slightly green in some lights, more neutral in others, but it’s always warm and shows good contrast against white trim.

    Also, when we painted a room with super high ceilings, we did the bottom half in semi-gloss for the kid-hand reason you discussed, but did the top half in eggshell so it wouldn’t all look too shiny. We kind of feathered over the seam and you never notice it.

  291. Celine says:

    Warm = Monarch Wing (2008-1A)
    It will make you happy.

  292. Sadie says:

    “Shallow Valley” gets my vote, a nice warm sage green. It looks a lot like the color I have on my fireplace wall (Mother Nature by Behr, I believe), and works great with brown floors (hardwood) and furniture (our sectional).
    I feel your flat white paint pain… We’re still working on ridding our own home of it as well.
    The $100 gift card to Lowe’s would come in handy as prep our tiny 1100sqft home for the addition of our 8th family member this November.

  293. Libby Ballew says:

    I like the Hot-Crossed Buns. We have the same issue in our house (although not quite as large as yours) with the open floor plan and the living room, foyer and up the stairs and the hallway upstairs all being one neverending wall. We chose a color and had it painted and I love it! It seems similar to this one I chose. The thing that I like the most about our color is that at different times of day and seasons of the year, the paint looks different. It goes with many different colors, etc. too! Good luck! Cannot wait to see what you choose!

  294. Julie says:

    I like Earth Elements, Timber. I know it looks dark, but you have so much natural light I think you need a dark color to avoid it seeming washed out in your living room.

  295. RobynE says:

    I like either Sandy Cove (3005-10A)or Prairie Dance (3006-10A).

  296. Amy says:

    I like gray blues with the browns you have got going on. Sterling Gray perhaps? Choosing paint is sooooo difficult. Good luck!!
    Amy (an Austin reader)

  297. Gina says:

    Wow - what a lot of options & advice!! I agree with a previous comment - I hope you spent lots of time cleaning because I could never get my house that clean with 2 kids!! Gorgeous. I’d go with a medium earthy tone so it doesn’t show too much dirt. i have a great muted green in my kitchen & bath that goes with everything but shows lots of dirt. I vote for a mushroomy color or a coffee or terracotta color. Good luck!

  298. Tammy says:

    I think that Blue Whisper (5005-9A)would go really well with the brown floor, as well as your darker wood furniture. Especially if you left the fireplace white. It would look great if you stained the cabinets where the TV is a darker brown as well. :)

  299. Megan says:

    Wowzers! That room is huge! How about oxygen white? It’s not white at all!

  300. The 6-S Ranch says:

    I’m not interested in winning this contest (although it would be nice!) I just wanted to tell you about a great neutral paint that I found goes with EVERYTHING and ties in multiple colors. Ralph Lauren’s “Cottonwood” worked wonders in my home and I hope it does the same for you! Check it out:


  301. Stephanie says:

    Ohh, I like both some calming greens like Lush Meadow 6005-9C or a pale yellowish type shade. I also like toasted wheat 3001-2B though online that looks almost more beigy to me.
    I agree with everyone who says that you can usze more than one color! you could use different shades, or use complimentary strong colors on accent spaces- underside of the island, the boxes in the stairwell for example.

  302. Mrs4444 says:

    I like Carolina Crossroads and Autumn Surprise, but that’s easy for me to say, because I have almost the SAME problem and haven’t been able to choose a color or even tackle the project! I have painted every other room in the house (gorgeous colors, including Baby Poop Brown in the master bedroom, I’ll have you know!haha) I’ve even painted some rooms twice in the TEN YEARS that we’ve lived here, but our great room remains Builder’s White!

    Getting back to color, we have the SAME windows that you do, and ours face the woods, so I think that color needs to compliment all of the green.

  303. jen says:

    I would go with “sweet sand”

    cool idea and AWESOME home you have there too!


    Good Luck!

  304. Shannon Hyer says:

    We just used Valspar paint in our family room–color “natural”–it’s perfect for our space. Good luck!

  305. Alyssa says:

    pumpkin butter– warm and spicy–Like Texas!

  306. Kathleen says:

    I think something off the neutral color sheet would be nice with the floors and couch, and I agree that multiple colors would look better than one color. I think the space would look great with Holmes Cream 3004-10B or something in that family.

  307. Jami says:

    I like Moose Mousse.

  308. edj says:

    I personally think you should use 2-3 colours to delineate rooms. I’d do one (dining room space) their “lovely green” or “shallow valley” and I’d do a warm “clay dusk” in the halls. For the rest I’d do something brighter but still neutral, like “ballroom balle.”
    There’s my .02! Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  309. Rachel says:

    Ok so this isn’t a Valspar paint, but they could probably match it. It is an old Sherwin Williams color called Masterpiece Tan. It was used in several Southern Living Idea houses because it is very neutral and serves as a great backdrop for other colors. Our house is an open floor plan too and it works great. After three years I’m still loving it. It also doesn’t have that pinkish look that some beige paints have in certain light.

  310. Tricia says:

    Very curious to see what you do!

  311. Robyn says:

    I like the frappe, but think multiple colors would be a good idea. I am too having to decide which color to paint my living room. I just can’t decide.

  312. christina says:

    I’d probably try to add a pop of color here or there, using the edges of certain walls as my boundaries. But for the bulk of it, I think Restone Dakota Sandstone would be a nice, warm color and would coordinate well with the chocolate brown.

    Good luck!

  313. Earthami says:

    I like Epic 6008-3C.

  314. Mary Watkins says:

    Hubbell House Tamarisk.

    My house has an open floor plan as well one room flows to the next I picked several shades that compliment but contrast so it makes the rooms different but still cohesive. Of course we just took out all the carpet and painted the floor so now we get to do a couple of rooms over.

    Yellow though can be bad in Texas in a room that gets a lot of full sun. If it’s brighter the paint can be too bright.

  315. mamaTAVE says:

    I love yellow. It is cheerful and awakening and when the sun is setting on the right yellow it takes on a beautifully warming golden tone. I can picture myself walking through such an open floorplan and just feeling full of life and energy, possibly with one of these Valspar colors (hard to tell on a computer screen though):
    Chickery Chick, Solstice, Lemon Curd, Yellow Chimes
    Have fun with it!

  316. Alice H says:

    Woodrow Wilson Linen would be my choice. You’re painting it all yourself? Very impressive!

  317. Jenny says:

    I would go for Honey Glaze or Golden Butter. We have similar issues and did our’s in a color called Honey Pot, and these are pretty close. It works in all our rooms, in all different light, and we’ve been able to put different accent colors with it easily. It’s warm but not too much, and definitely not white. Good luck! I love painting- at our house we call it remodeling.

  318. Stephanie says:

    I vote for CELERY. We’ve had a similar color on our living/dining room walls for three years and still love it. Soothing and blends nicely with brown. Now if we could just pick a color for our bedroom…

  319. Jessica says:

    Your house is truly beautiful and I could understand your frustration with choosing a color that would look great throughout the house without making you sick of looking at it. I like to stay neutral and add my colors in through decor.

    I chose Valspar Ultra Premium Color Filoli Antique Lace. Very pretty and will look great throughout the house.

  320. San says:

    I started with 10 sample cans of “white” from Sherwin Williams and Lowe’s and decided on Valspar’s December Starlight. It’s a soft vanilla white and worked up beautifully. I own a prow-front home with an 18′ peaked ceiling. The 2nd story windows let in a lot of natural light, which I love. December Starlight worked beautifully complimenting my light oak floors and molding.

    As a quilter, who works in a vast array of styles from Amish solids to quilts with over 2000 pieces, I needed a neutral background to display my work. Just stop by my blog for a variety of photos.

    I started painting in Sept. 2009 and finished in March of 2010. However, I did it all myself except the last 4 feet of the front peak and the last 2″ of the stairwell peak. Hopefully yours won’t take that long.

    Good luck! San / Gypsy Quilter Designs

  321. Kirstin Melaas says:

    I have the same issues with few areas that break and I have also done many many coats of paint- green, blue, yellow and brown, dark, dark brown- only to return to a light “nearly” white and lo’ I never think about the walls again- favorite of the nearly whites is Valspar Premium Light Raffia. Good luck!!

  322. Sara says:

    I would go with lush meadow and accent with desert palm, if you like green. You could also go in the opposite direction and do the desert palm as the main color and accent with the lush meadow. Desert palm is kind of a beige/yellow. It looks very calming.

  323. Amanda says:

    You could do some accent walls where the walls bend with careful taping. In a large space like that a soft fawn color, like Sunset Curtains would work well or maybe a pale green with a tan hue, like Oregon Coast. For the accent walls a darker brown, like Canyon Earth or Wild Hawk would give more warmth. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  324. Kristen says:

    I can’t wait to see what you choose — we have the exact same problem with the 2-story foyer, and I can’t wait to transform it! I like the ultra premium Ivy Pasture, kind of a gray/green, with maybe a lighter-colored accent wall.

  325. Tara says:

    I like sandy cove. I am in the midst of painting eight rooms (or truth be told my husband is painting…) so a giftcard would come in very handy! Thanks!

  326. Christy says:

    Coconut Milk…appropriately neutral but NOT white!!

  327. Mama Judy says:

    I just repainted my living room AND my bedroom, which are almost the same size (long rectangles). After torturing myself a year ago with about 15 samples, my husband and I selected a color which, unfortunately, did not seem to work for me. After looking at for 12 months, I actually picked a new color in about 3 minutes! This was because I had just settled on the same color for a large portion of our bedroom upstairs. Of course that selection had involved about 15 sample colors. And when I say samples, I mean I bought the sample size (from Lowes, of course), and painted an area large enough to determine if I really loved the color or not. My problem is that I am not a “beige person” so I refused to even consider anything I thought was in the “beige” family. Now brace yourself, the color we absolutely LOVE is “Desert Fortress”, a Valspar paint color in the Ultra-premium. The bedroom has two additional colors to add a little contrast and interest (one long wall was subtle stripes). I have been sold on Valspar paint for years now, and the people at Lowe’s paint department are always so friendly.

  328. erica says:

    i like la fonda sagebrush paired up with redstone mountain brown & oatlands violet. good luck, you certainly have a lot of walls to cover!

  329. Celeste says:

    I would definitely break up the rooms with different colors–careful taping at the edges should do the trick, as others have mentioned. In our current rental, the owners did a really good job of choosing paint colors: a very light beige through most of the two-story downstairs, with a darker purplish-beige for the stairwell (lots of light there) and a gorgeous deep red for the accent wall in the one-story family room (very cozy and rich looking).

  330. Ashley says:

    So tough!
    I would go with Acropolis, Summer Grey, or Homestead Resort Spa Green. I think a soft gray/white would go well, or a pale pale green.

    You know what would also be neat? I’ve seen tall-ceilinged rooms that picked a focal point (I’ve seen it at wall on the top of the stairs, but you could also do it at the end of a hallway or in the foyer) and painted neutral stripes across the wall. I also don’t think that you have to pick just one color; your foyer especially seems like it could take another color very well, and look wonderful, in spite of the walls being connected with those in the great room.

    You’ll be just fine with whatever you choose!

  331. Colleen says:

    I would do the majority of the walls in Spring Lawn and then accent a few areas with Awakening. It is definitely hard when dealing with an open floor plan like that, but if you stick to colors that are similar, just different shades, it should go together beautifully!

  332. Tamara says:

    I would pick a neutral beige color for the majority of the walls. That will look nice with the chocolate floors and couches and will never get “old”. I would pick a couple walls and do a different color, like a lighter blue. That way, if you change your mind later and get sick of the blue you only have a couple walls to re-paint!

  333. Sarah L says:

    I think a light gold would work well. Thanks for the contest.

  334. Melissa says:

    How about a beige-y tannish green for some of your walls? Of course that’s not an actual color name, but I saw colors like it at Lowe’s last week. I just painted my kitchen/dining room wall slate blue last week and posted a pic to my blog. Good luck with your walls!!

  335. Erica says:

    Don’t let go of your New England roots! Bring a little of New England to TX. Main walls: Valspar Eddie Bauer Seaside EB7-4 with the darker blue accent (for those indented lighted squares on your walls) Valspar Eddie Bauer Bounty EB20-4.

    Brown & Blue, baby! What could be better?