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First winner is…

First winner is…

Sandi who left this comment:

Peace? That happens AFTER they are in bed!

Hahahaha. Um, yes I understand. Completely.

The winner from this post was picked by the highly scientific method of me holding down the scroll key until Miles pointed at the name on the screen. He was most pleased that the winner is named Sandi.

Like Sandy Cheeks.

Congrats, Sandi! I’ll be in touch.

I clearly remember those days when my children were young and I longed for the few hours of peace in the evening after they were in bed. Young children sap your energy in a way you never expect until you have some of your own. I remember thinking that there was no way my children were going to be independent.

Now here I am years later with some children who not only put themselves to bed, but do so after I am already asleep! Heck, they could probably put me to bed. (Now THERE is an idea I should put into practice…..hmmmmm)

The independence, and freedom that comes from it, happens more quickly than you think. Last night at bedtime Miles started up the stairs to his room. I called to him and told him I would be right there. And you know what he said to me? He said, “I can put myself to bed. Sheesh.”

I think my response was, “Oh NO YOU CAN’T!”

Can’t have him being too independent just yet. Next thing you know he will be asking to take the car and go on a date. Or to kindergarten or something.

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