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Winner Number Three

Winner Number Three

Last night we arrived home from my sons’ baseball games at 10:30pm. Yes, PM on a school night! Oh how it made me those days of not-so-long-ago when everyone had a designated bedtime and 10:30pm could find me lounging on my couch watching bad tv. Or sometimes even asleep.

The third and final lucky winner picked from this post….drumm rollllllllllll…

Evie, who left this super sweet comment:

I am 3+ months pregnant, and lately a peaceful night includes crawling into bed without dry heaving! Truly though, my husband and I enjoy just sitting together at the end of the evening and talking about our individual days. I know that in several months that routine will change and we both are looking forward to the future!

Awwww, but I have to say I do not miss those barfy early pregnancy days. AT ALL.

Thank you everyone for all of your comments and sharing your bedtime routines. You all made me laugh, nod my head in agreement, and a few of you made me all teary eyed.

This parenting thing is difficult. It is a hard road to walk some days. And I have to say that knowing there are people reading here, sharing this journey with me makes it better. Watching your children grow up is bittersweet. Except for the potty training part. Once they leave diapers behind you don’t miss them at all. EVER. Potty training…sweeeeeet.

I know I have told this story somewhere in the past, but when Miles was just about to turn three I bought him some underwear at the store. I figured I would hold onto them until *I* was ready to bite the bullet and potty train him. He spotted the Thomas underwear and had different ideas. He insisted that he put them on RIGHT THEN! Even though it was almost bedtime and he had never used the potty before.

He stood in front of me, his hands clenched in little fists of rage, and yelled, “I NOT WEAR DIAPERS ANYMORE! I WEAR UNDIE-WAYERS!”

I tried to talk him out of it. I tried to reason with him. Like there is any way to reason with an almost three year old. And so I did the only thing I could think of that made sense at that moment. I let him take off his diaper and wear the new underwear.

He managed to use the potty once right before bed. And then I tucked him into bed, reminding him that he was now wearing underwear. I fully expected that I would be woken up in the middle of the night.

But you know what? He surprised me. He woke up completely dry. And he continued to surprise me by using the potty and not once having an accident. In fact, he is now five years old and has never had an accident. Before you all tar and feather me in fits of jealous rage, know that I deserved this easy potty trained child after having one child who would just pee AND POOP on the floor, in the yard, everywhere but a potty.

I learned a valulable lesson here. That is sometimes you have to allow your children to lead you. Sometimes things are beyond your control– a tough lesson for someone who likes to micro-manage everything.

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