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Live Wirelessly, Print Wirelessly

Live Wirelessly, Print Wirelessly

A few weeks ago I was asked by BlogHer and HP if I would like to test out the Wireless HP Photosmart C6380 All-in-One. Oh, twist my arm. The they asked if I wanted to GIVE ONE AWAY to a lucky reader! Heck, YES!


I got the box with the printer and promptly let it sit in my foyer for two weeks. I was intimidated. Every time I have had a printer it has been a hassle to set up. Since this one was wireless and could be used with more than one computer, I thought it was going to be a nightmare. At least for someone like me who has trouble following detailed instructions. Hello? Seven kids. Easily distracted.

I could not have been more wrong.


Being able to print wirelessly has changed my life. Yes, perhaps I lead a somewhat sheltered life, but printing has always been such a royal paint in the you know what that I have avoided it like the plague whenever possible, going so far as to email my husband things at work to print for me. And often, that annoys him. Go figure. Or he forgets and I am all, “Well just what are you doing all day anyway that is more important than printing your offspring cootie catchers?” Oh, working to put food on our table, nevermind.


I have thus far used the printer to print everything and anything that comes to mind. Cootie catchers, anyone? Being completely wireless makes it so much easier to just print things when you need them. No more bookmarking pages and then trekking into the other room, dealing with a tangle of cords, and connecting to the printer. Half the time my computer would fail to recognize the printer and I would have to restart my computer and try again. It was annoying.


With the HP Wireless printer, this is no longer an issue. My little kids ask for coloring pages and it takes me only a minute to send the image to printer for them. I can continue on with my work with a very minimal amount of interruption. When my older children are working on their own computers I can have them easily print things also. I easily print out extra worksheets for them when they need some extra math or handwriting practice. They all LOVE that, by the way. No more taking turns to plug in, the to be printed items queue on their own.

My daughter’s sixth birthday is coming up very soon. I thought I would share with you what we made with the new printer that was fun, rather than some black and white worksheets filled with math facts.

We used the printer to do her party invitations and decorations, taken right from the HP website.


The quality of the colors is exactly like what it looks on the screen, another issue I have had with printers in the past.


These little purse envelopes with co-ordinating invitations are just too adorable. And please notice the double sided printing. I blew my own mind with how easy that was to do.


The directions and template for the magic wand were also on the HP website. The only change I made was to use chopsticks wrapped with ribbon for the handle part instead of rolled up paper.


Yes, she loves it.


We also made cupcake toppers and placards for the guests. My daughter wanted to make a pin-the-tail on the princess poster, but somehow that just doesn’t sound quite right.


But a Happy Birthday banner? That is awesome.

Now that I have gone on and on about how much I love this printer, would you like to have a Wireless HP Photosmart C6380 All-in-One?

Simply answer the question: How will going wireless make your life easier?

You can put your answer in the comments or answer on your own blog and leave a link to it in the comments.

There are also five other bloggers doing the same giveaway, so if you want to increase your chances of winning go and leave a comment at their sites as well!

The boring, nitty, gritty details. You know there are always those.

To enter, leave me a comment below and share your story - or you may leave a link to your post on your own blog in the comments below. The contest will begin at 12:00 a.m. (PST) on Wednesday, April 15th, and will end Tuesday, April 21st at 11:59 p.m (PST). Make sure that the e-mail address you leave is correct.

No duplicate comments.
You may receive an additional entry by linking on twitter and leaving a link in the comments.
You may receive an additional entry by blogging about this contest and leaving a link in the comments.
This giveaway is open to US residents.
Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail.
You have 48 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected.

For more information, please go to the HP website.

**This is a compensated review from BlogHer and HP Wireless Printers. I was not, however, under any obligation to say nice things about the printer if I didn’t like it. I was given free reign to do with the prineter what I wanted and give my honest opinion. Which I have.

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  1. aimee says:

    Oh that sounds amazing! I would love love love to print from the laptop when I’m upstairs in the dining room looking up recipes rather than have to go down to the basement where the printer is.

  2. Heather says:

    It would be so nice to not have to trek upstairs with my laptop and huddle amidst the tangle of wires on the floor of our cluttered office just to print something out.

  3. Mary says:

    If I could go wireless with my printing, my photos could find their way off my camera and into one of the many empty frames hanging on the walls of my house. And I have lived here for almost three years, so I can’t use the excuse that I just moved here!

    I could also print from different computers without having to deal with all the cords, which would rock my world!

  4. Courtney says:

    What a great contest! I’m a student and I spend my whole day on my laptop, well not really but it sure seems like I do. It would be ab fab if I could just type my papers, hit print, and have them magically appear at the printer. Look mom! No cords!

  5. Hillary says:

    am getting married in two months and printing a lot of the materials myself–menus, programs, etc. To have a wireless printer would make this sometimes tedious (but still fun!) project that much more fun!!

  6. lsa says:

    Wireless would make my life easier since I have no room on my desk for a printer, I have to put my current printer away when I’m not using it, and balance it on my lap when I need to print something. Oh, the joy of having a printer on the table across the room…

  7. Kristin says:

    Just got into the 21st century by buying a laptop. Now all I need is the wireless printer and I can say I have arrived.

  8. jamie says:

    No more trudging downstairs with my labtop and hooking it up to print….fabulous!

  9. Chris says:

    Without wire I will no longer trip over it and therefore avert bringing down all technical equipment in a crashing heap onto the tile floor…

  10. Charmed says:

    I would LOVE to be able to print photos on the go!

  11. elaine says:

    my formerly ludite husband is now hogging the home computer all. the. time. so having a wireless printer and my work laptop at home would TOTALLY make my life easier.

    plus my girls would DIE over pink birthday stuff like you have there.

  12. EG says:

    And I have a question for YOU. Did your kids get the “party like it’s 1999″ reference?

    Going wireless will change my life because… right now if I’m working on my laptop I have to e-mail myself a document so I can retrieve it on my desktop, so I can print it with that printer. Which is not awesome because it’s inconvenient and we don’t have MS Office on the desktop so my spreadsheets look wacky. Yes, everything must be in a spreadsheet.

  13. leatitiaa says:

    Because I like to carry my laptop around the house so a wireless printer would be great!

  14. Robin says:

    I live in a small apartment, so being able to get rid of many of the cords would be awesome!

  15. Ann from St. Peter MN says:

    I am shamefully behind the times with my computer equipment. Please bring me up to speed with this printer! My kids have laptops - I have a boat anchor. None the less, we could all benefit from the wireless printer.

  16. Tina says:

    Wow, a wireless printer???! Dang, that would be so awesome! I love the quality that it printed out for you!! It would definitely make my life AND my daughter’s life easier, because she does a lot of her homework on the laptop and sometimes we have glitches on our regular hooked up computer with printing.

  17. Kate says:

    With 3 big kids and a baby who recenly came home from the nicu I can use hands free as much as possible, with science fairs, book reports,baby announcements etc, the printer would not go to waste

  18. Alise says:

    I’m IN!!

  19. Yvonne says:

    I live in the Boonies. I just entered the world of wireless (Can anyone say 28.8 dial up speed for the last 5 years-AHHHhhhhh) A wireless printer to add to my technological advancement would be heavenly! And I can only image all the glorious pictures I could print of my horses, cows, chickens, etc! (Yes–the Boonies!) Oh, and pictures of my son too!

  20. Kel says:

    If I could go wireless, my second child would be able to see photos of himself around the house. Luckily he’s too young to notice and feel slighted right now. Seriously though, strangers in my home would not be able to tell that I have two children. It’s bad enough that I don’t take pictures of him as much as I did with my first, you would think I would at least be able to print off the ones I do manage to take.

  21. Becky says:

    Wow, it sounds like this printer could change my life. I have had to call my husband over to my computer almost any time I’ve ever wanted to print, so that he can help me make it work. And this printer is COLOR. Mine is not! I can’t tell you how many times my kids have asked for something printed in color! And the fact that it’s WIRELESS….well, then….I can put it wherever I want it and it won’t HAVE to be at my feet(where the current printer is) and I wouldn’t be kicking it, and therefore breaking it, all the time.

  22. Jeninne says:

    All of the reasons you mentioned are the reasons for us! Keeping things waiting on a computer until I can find time to trek to the printer, hook all up and print all the crap out. Which usually end up in me having so many windows up at one time that the computer usually crashes before I print everything. And then I don’t even know what I didn’t print!

    Also, those invitations and decorations are adorable! Where did you decide to have the party?

  23. Heidi Malott says:

    It would be wonderful. No more “cannot read printer” messages!

  24. angie says:

    My computer ALWAYS fails to recognize my printer, so I avoid printing anything like the plague. Also, my daughter’s birthday is coming up in May and she would LOVE those purse invitations you and your daughter made!

  25. Diane says:

    I’d love to be able to wirelessly print photos - so much easier than having to root around for (the right) cords and get all hooked up.

  26. Dana says:

    6 kids, 4 laptops, homeschooling mom with a computer geek husband that lets the computer stuff fall to the end of his priority list (think cobblers family and shoes) OH! how it would simplify my life!

  27. Kathleen says:

    I’m a printer-less student who has to trek to a library every time I need to print something. This would be awesome!

  28. Cheryl M. says:

    I could print till my heart’s content,
    On my own now that my kids have grown.
    And flown the nest, which I detest,
    For when I need help printing, they’re not around.
    By going wireless, I could print my very best,
    With always a smile and never a frown.

  29. Molly says:

    I’m a grad student and also teaching. I’m constantly getting emails with papers I need to print for reading or grading. It would save me a ton of time to be able to print when I get them instead of flagging them, saving them up, and then running to the computer desk to hook up the computer, etc. etc.

  30. Colleen says:

    since I currently have *no* printer, any printer would make my like somewhat easier. but a *wireless* printer? wait, make that a *FREE* *wireless* printer?? like a little slice o’ heaven.

  31. candy says:

    I cannot figure out how to use a printer with my laptop. I don’t even know if it is possible. So I would love to be able to use this wireless printer with my laptop and then i can stop saying “no” to my son when he want’s something printed. Like school work. :)

  32. PastormacsAnn says:

    We have several computers. I would be so much easier to be able to print from all of them.


  33. Diane says:

    Oh my word … I never realized a printer could do all this! This would be the coolest thing ever to have! I can just imagine printing out everything princessy and fairies for my 4 year-old!! Yippee! THANKS.


  34. Rebecca says:

    That sound’s awesome! Going wireless would make my life so much easier. Right now we have our computer stuff upstairs in the loft and my lovely children love to destroy the downstairs of our house every time I go upstairs to try and work on the computer. Yesterday I went downstairs to find a package of jello all over the kitchen floor, an airplane and checker pieces in the fish tank (don’t you just love 2 year olds) and dog water all over the kitchen floor.

    Currently our printer won’t work with our computer and so like you, I send things to my husband to be printed all of the time……and then get upset when he forgets to print it or bring it home.

    The color on the things you printed is incredible.

  35. Kelly Garrett says:

    Having a wireless printer would be wonderful. I just recently got a laptop for home, and would love to be able to print recipes, directions, confirmations, and various and sundry other things. I have not gotten any printer yet, and was wanting a wireless printer. A free wireless printer would make my life much easier. I am not hard to please.

  36. Carolyn says:

    Man, I hope I win! I need it so bad. I can’t tell you the hassle I go through to print. I have to climb over so much crap and then wait about 3 hours for one page to print.

  37. Susan says:

    Going wireless would be phenomenal for my family. We currently have no home and have to live with friends. We have a computer but alas no printer. Our friends’ computer does, however, due to our limited space, the fact that we don’t wish to bother our friends more than we need to etc., we never get to print anything out.

    Having a wireless printer would mean we could finally print music for my husband, projects for my daughter and work for me from anywhere in the home…and not bother our amazing friends who are letting two adults and one toddler crash with them for months! Thanks for the great opportunity.

  38. Alison says:

    I will no longer have to email things from home to work to print them, because I don’t even have a printer at home. Talk about wonderful!

  39. M&Co. says:

    My BoyChild has a Birthday coming up next month. I bet this could help me print invitations.

  40. Mom2trplts says:

    Anything I create on my laptop to print has to be saved to a flashdrive, then I must interupt whatever game is being played on the kids’ computer, turn the tower to the side, insert the drive, cross my fingers that the kids haven’t deleted the appropriate software and that there is paper and PRINT. Can we talk “amazing” if I didn’t have to do all that?

  41. Jen says:

    Right now I have the only working printer. SO if the kids want to print something they either have to send it to me, or, heaven forfend, work on MY computer. My husband as well. A wireless printer would both make my family happy AND free up precious mom-time. What could be better?

  42. SuperSuz says:

    Cool! I’d love to have a wireless printer and I know my sons would love not having to carry the laptop into the study (which is really a junk room, ya know) to hook it up to the printer. This sounds like just the thing we’d all love in my house!

  43. Meg says:

    No printer at home, and it would make my life so much easier to be able to print from anywhere in my house, both for work, Sophia stuff, and the insane amounts of rollerderby work I do!

  44. EmmaNadine says:

    Like Molly, I’m also a grad student and teaching, and deal with the same issues of students emailing me papers to read and grade. Also, my printer just died a horrible painful death last week, so I am currently without a printer, and email stuff to my husband to print. I would love a new printer.

  45. Lynn says:

    Wireless, that sounds wonderful. I very seldom print at home.

  46. Carolyn says:

    We have two computers - one for the kids and one for us (so their games don’t mess up my important stuff!!) Whenever they need to print something, I would have to download it onto a CD or email it to myself and then print from my computer. Of course, if I didn’t have the right software on my computer, a whole new set of problems would open up. This would be so handy to be able to print anything from anywhere.

  47. Kris says:

    I’m a double major at a SUNY school and thusly, I have to print out a crapload of stuff on a regular basis. Psychology case study? 20 minutes of printing! Creative writing 30 page paper on Othello? Better start dinner ’cause you’re gonna be waiting awhile.

    I have two desktops and a laptop in my house, and my very old printer can only be hooked up to one of them. I have spent many a night emailing assignments to myself to try to get it to the right computer, only to realize that it’s thrown a hissy fit and I need to restart my computer and oh, by the way, I HAVE TO BE TO CLASS IN THE MORNING so I go to bed, and then when I wake up in the morning, it takes more time than I have to print.

    Needless to say, a new printer would probably help me refrain from hitting my head on my desk.

  48. Kelly says:

    I would not have to run upstairs every time I want to print because the printer has disconnected itself from the network. There would not be a pile of papers accumulated on the printer because I’m too lazy to go get them.

  49. Rebecca says:

    Thank you for the give away chance.
    Best to you and your family.

  50. Aironn says:

    That is definitely a better printer than my 6 year old all-in-one that takes up most of my desk. Being able to print wirelessly will give me my desk back! I could give the printer it’s own home and use the space it’s taking for what it’s actually intended. And the colors…..WOW! Please, please, please let me win.

  51. Lisa says:

    You bet! Sign me up.

  52. Debbie Schneiderman says:

    I have twins girls having a 4th birthday in May and we’ve got a fairy princess tea party in the works. My husband works on the computer that is connected to the printer all day. How will I print those wonderful invites without a wireless printer? No really, how?

  53. Kristine says:

    Well, trekking up and downstairs everytime I have to print is a bit of a hassle, especially when I have to add paper, click a button, change an ink cartridge. Wireless is *sweet*! I’m not as needy as some of the others… but I’d still love to win!

  54. Carrie says:

    Oh, that sounds awesome! Currently, we have a netbook working mostly as a “kitchen computer,” and there’s no printer room out there, but I’d love to be able to print from it!

  55. Susan says:

    I need this printer. Seriously. How easy it seems! I have three birthdays coming up soon and I want easy birthday banners for them!!! Please???

  56. Tracey says:

    I finally saved enough pennies to purchase a laptop. Have started saving for a printer, but don’t see that happening for a few years with the economy the way it is. Having a wireless printer would save me weekly trips to the library to print items for the kid’s school lessons. It’s hard to homeschool without the right equiment. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  57. Christine says:

    Thanks so much! I love you’re photos and stories…check in on you every day. What at treat to be in on this giveaway!

  58. chanelireli says:

    Ooooh that is nice! With two computers and two laptops is such a hassle. With wireless, printing would be so much easier. No more emailing and being judicious about what we print. I’d be a print pimp :)

  59. Kelley J says:

    With 3 laptops in the house (mine and 2 dds coming home from college soon) we would certainly enjoy wireless printing.

  60. Anne Shelton says:

    We have an HP Deskjet 3620. I like the HP printer, it is reliable and useful. However, we are military, and we move often, so our home “setup” changes every few years. It would be really handy to have the flexibility to have the printer not directly next to the computer, and also as my kids get older (one in High school) to not always have to ‘give up’ my favorite computer just so he can print. It seems like an amazing printer to have…

  61. Petey says:

    How will it make my life easier? I will actually be able to print. From my laptop! Something I have not been able to do in almost 3 years. Plus it’s a much better printer than what we currenly have - hooked up to our 7 year old desktop in the basement.

    Plus I assume it will give me peace and calm and make me a happier person all around - right?

  62. Stacy Haworth says:

    Our last printer gave me very poor quality and these things amaze me! If you visit my website you can see the house we have been working on for the past 8 months now, I plan to scrapbook the saga when we are done. This printer would make that a breeze.

    My four children would be happy with me again, as we wouldn’t have to run to my office all the time to print school work!

    Thanks for sharing with us!


    (maybe one of the 2 mothers should get it to help memorialize their babies…. )

  63. Heather says:

    My home office is the size of a closet, no wires make life so much easier!

  64. Miriam says:

    Printing all my crap without getting off my couch? LOOOOOVE it! Plus, then I can send my minions to pick it up for me! Isn’t that why we all had kids anyway? I don’t have a PHOTO printer at all, and I LOVE to make homemade invitations. I NEEEEEEED it!

  65. Molly says:

    Our printer is wired into an Airport Express, so I have all the benefits of a wireless printer…except when my dad comes along and unplugs the cord from the Express and plugs it into his desktop computer. I’ve tried to teach him to plug the cord back into the wireless, but as far as I can tell, he never remembers. I hit print, and wait, and wait, and wait before I realize he’s done it again. So I have to cancel my printing, rearrange the wires, and hit print again. A wireless printer would totally solve this. I hope.

  66. Marianne says:

    I wouldn’t even know what to do with such technology and freedom!!!

    And also, those invitations are too cute.

  67. Jaime says:

    Yes!! Please sign me up! LOL I need wireless…I need a printer. So that would be a great combo.

  68. Heidi says:

    My husband and I lost our office due to the arrival of our new baby and have moved our printer to the basement. When we want to print we have to drag our computers downstairs and plug them in. Having a wireless printer would be amazing - just print, and pick up the papers without hauling the laptop downstairs every time!

  69. Mary says:


    I HATE wired and plugs and all that clutter….

  70. Kara says:

    Ooh wireless! No cords and the incentive to actually print those photos I keep taking. We also have some birthdays coming up and everything you printed looks fantastic.

  71. katrina says:

    I would love to print wirelessly because my husband and I are moving our ‘home offices’ into the same space in the basement… and the table with the printer is going to be on HIS side of the room… it’d be lovely to be able to send stuff straight to it without issue.

  72. Tanya S. says:

    I would love to be able to make cute party invitations and favors without having to come up with them myself. (I missing the creative gene.) I can use all the extra time I can get! Plus, since we have a laptop and desktop it’d be wonderful to just print from whichever we want, whenever we want. :)

  73. Rachelle says:

    Oh WOW! The convenience of having a wireless printer is almost unfathomable to me. This is so exciting-!!

  74. Musings from Me says:

    I would leave the printer in a central location. We could all print to the wireless printer from the central location.

  75. Jennifer says:

    Unfortunately, I’m not eligible for the contest because I’m in Canda but I am pea green with envy at the thought of a wireless printer.

    I homeschool youngest son with physical disabilities and another child with many learning challenges. Our older son is doing highschool over skype due his physical limitations and severe allergies. When the kids are physically unable to work at a desk it would be so much easier to print wirelessly than run around with the computer to find the right printer to print the work.

    We currently have 3 different printers spread through the house. I have had to put sticky notes on each to remeber the idiosyncracies of back copying because of course every printer is different.

    There is always a ton of stuff to print for various projects and classes. The colors look fabulous! My son’s science fair project would have popped of the display board with such great color.

    I email pictures to our extended family all the time but the grand parents who aren’t so tech savy would love to get hard copies of pictures. The wireless printer would make that so easy!

    Too bad my address isn’t valid. I know that whoever wins is going to be very lucky!

  76. Lisa says:

    What a great review. This looks like an awesome printer. We have 6 computers in our house but only one printer so we definitely need this.

  77. Michelle says:

    I currently have an HP Officejet All-in-One which I love. Unfortunately, there are only 2 spaces for it. One is buried under a ton of crap on my desk making it a HUGE effort to print anything, since the crap has to be moved out of the way. The other space is accessable, but the cables can’t reach my computer. Plus a wireless one that could work with my kids’ computer would just put the joy over the top.

  78. Jennie says:

    I would love a wireless printer, because who likes the mess and tangle of cords and wires?

  79. Jennifer says:

    I also work from home (while my mother-in-law watches my kids here at the house), and I have banished myself to the master bedroom closet on a folding table and 1970s office chair because it’s the quietest place in the house and I can’t be around the kids. Nothing against them, they are just loud is all.

    But, our printer is downstairs and I have to run down with my laptop and hook up whenever I need to print. This would make my life much easier. Though I’ll still be working in a closet on a card table. Anything you can do about that?!?!

  80. Kate says:

    OH I NEED THIS! I need this for the exact reason you talk about…I am always sending things to my husband at work and getting him to print them for me. We have had two printers that I could never get to work with either of my computers, so I just gave up. A wireless printer would be awesome!

  81. Heather's Garden says:

    Oh this would save my life for 2 reasons!

    1.) My current printer is crap. It’s a Lexmark and just like the last Lexmark I owned, the feeder started to malfunction after about a month and now I have to hand force each piece of paper about 2 inches into the printer EVERY SINGLE TIME I PRINT!

    2.) The piece of crap printer is connected to a desktop computer with a wireless usb adapter that seems to want to go down EVERY SINGLE DAY. Each time I want to print or scan I have to go in and restart the computer and pray that it will connect to the internet and thus my home network.

    Save me Wireless HP Photosmart C6380 All-in-One!

  82. kim says:

    I’d love to be able to give my daughter a wireless printer, so I could quit tripping over her cords all the time!

  83. vermontmommy now living in Texas says:

    Gosh, this would be fantastic! We just purchased a printer and it stinks. It is sloooooow, it eats up the ink and hardly every works (it is wireless). I will try to print off my son’s spelling words, it won’t work, I give up and then three days later it prints off. We bought it because it can print on both sides and save paper but it takes sooooooooo very long to print when it does that we don’t use that feature. We are replacing ink each month. That is crazy. Right not we share the printer in his office I must say that I would keep this one next to my computer so that we did not have to bother him during the day when he was working.

    This would be helpful for the kids, my husband and me!

  84. Katie in MA says:

    My life is so complicated right now because I have WIRES attached to my printer that I don’t even have a single witty thing to say. Giving a pretty lady a wireless printer and filling her life (once again) with wit and laughter and pretty printed papers? Priceless.

    :) Thanks!

  85. Amy M. says:

    A wireless printer is exactly what I need!! I use the laptop for just about everything these days and am always needing something printed off. It would be great to not have to go to the other part of the house, find the website and print from our home computer. Life is all about finding little conveniences to make it more fun….I think having this wireless printer would do the trick for me!

  86. Trish says:

    We have a toddler, and are trying to get rid of as many cords as possible since she finds them so fun to play with. (In fact, we just bought our first laptop.) A wireless printer would be PERFECT!

  87. Sunshine says:

    My husband is a nursing student and would LOVE to not have to go to the library EVERY TIME he needs something printed. Which is everyday. Sometimes twice a day.

  88. Midj says:

    One child in college, one child in High School, my husband’s business, my in home day care… Our printer keeps going and going and going…

  89. Mami Dearest says:

    I would love this printer! Would help so much when I work from home and keeping my boys busy with endless color pages, word searches, etc. Count me in!

  90. Stacey says:

    It’s good to hear that wireless printing is easy! I would love to be able to print out recipes, coloring pages, directions, and more so easily!!

  91. bookloverlori says:

    That printer is EXACTLY what I need. I have two year old twins and I don’t have any printed pictures of them. I haven’t printed pictures in over two years. My poor 7 year old daughter is still looking at pictures of when she was 4 because I haven’t updated them. I actually have empty picture frames around my house just waiting for the pictures.

    I also have four other computers who could really use a printer. It’s a giant pain to get stuff printed and frankly, I just don’t do it because it’s too much of a hassel.

    This printer would REALLY make my life much easier and the twins could finally see pictures of themselves around the house instead of just their siblings.

  92. Jen says:

    We have exactly 6 computers in this house and only one printer. We all have to save onto USB drives and wait in line to use the one and only printer….which is an HP (which we love dearly). Between my husbands home office, my home business, my kids homeschool work, and our “leisure” computer use, our little printer and USB drives get a bit over-used. A wireless printer that works great would be fantastic.

  93. Amy Girl says:

    Love the wands. We have a girl birthday coming up - excellent ideas! Would love to have one for myself to give it a whirl!

  94. Natalie says:

    Ohhhh, I’m so tired (and much too lazy) to keep running up and down the stairs to plug in and print on my old printer. It sounds so cool!

  95. LaughingFamily says:

    A) The party supplies are fabulous!

    B) May I suggest Pin the Crown on the Princess?

    C) Please, oh please let me win!!!!!!!!

  96. Susan says:

    We need some color (printing) in our lives. That it’s wireless is just icing on the cake.

  97. Mari says:

    This printer would make me finally print out some pictures! Also - going wireless would be great for the same reason you mentioned - I annoy my husband too!

  98. Jen says:

    I have the same problem as you - I avoid printing because it means I have to go into the office and hook everything up. And my husband gets annoyed when I take the computer into the living room and don’t hook the printer up again when I bring it back to the office. So when he later gets on and wants to print, it won’t, because it’s not hooked up, but it takes him awhile to figure it out because he’s not so computer savvy. :|

  99. Melissa says:

    Oh geez….I would love a wireless printer! No more cords = heaven!

  100. Liesl says:

    I have saved many a tree because I am too lazy to hook up the printer . . . how handy would a wireless - and great color be!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  101. Sarah says:

    We just got a different printer…same brand and we are having a lot of trouble with it…so we sure would love to win so we can establish respect for the company again….because right now I would rather send my printing off with hubby than battle with a new one month old machine.

  102. ellen says:

    first, this contest has forced me to de-lurk, so clearly i should win.
    second, i need less wires.
    and third (here comes the sob story), my current “wireless” printer needs to be hooked up to at least one printer in the apartment. i have a laptop, so the connected printer was always my husband’s desktop — that was until he moved out in december. and so. i need something that can remain in my bedroom, far from the reaches of two toddlers, but be ready for printing important things LIKE tax forms… oh. that was yesterday.

  103. Sarah says:

    Our printer has been broken months now. My husband is working on his PhD and needs to print resources and outlines. I usually print at work and have to bring it home, what a pain. I most recently have been printing potty charts, the plain boring one since I am at work. My son will be turning one soon and I would love to do invitations on the computer rather than buy some that are just okay.
    By the way…I love your blog and read it every morning to get my morning off to a good start.

  104. speckledpup says:

    this is so fluffin’ cool.
    right now my printer sets in a box in my closet.
    when I need to print, I pull it out, hook the mother up, attach my laptop, curse until I remember where we kept the paper, curse because the grandbaby has gotten spahgetti sauce on the paper and then curse because I forgot to plug in the laptop and now the battery is dead….

    do I really have to express how this printer could make my life easier…do I?

  105. Dawn - H Texas says:

    no cords, less stress….i am in!!

  106. Ree says:

    I’m thinking back to last week’s battle with the printer, computer and cables just hours before the science fair projects were due. I MUST MUST MUST have one of these! I tweeted it too at http://twitter.com/susancree

  107. Kathy from NJ says:

    It would be wonderful to get rid of some of the @#$% cords. It would first be used to print my mother’s cookie recipes on index cards for each of her grandchildren. Then… I guess the sky’s the limit.

  108. Marcea Grilli says:


    Wireless computer stuff is awesome, until one of them needs batteries! haha. I have wireless keyboard and mouse. I especially enjoy the wireless mouse. I am in need of a new printer because my 8 year old one finally died. This one sounds awesome and good fit for me! I have three young kids and my son’s 4th birthday is coming up!
    Also, Thanks for sharing your daughters bday idea, that gives me some great ideas for my daughters birthday in November!


  109. Elizabeth says:

    I work from home a day or two a week, and when I do, I use a laptop computer that is wirelessly connected to the Internet, but not the computer. If I want to print something, I email it to myself, go in the other room to boot up our desktop computer that is wired to the printer, fetch my email, and print. Going wireless would definitely improve my productivity, thus giving me more time to read blogs!

  110. warillever says:

    You mean I wouldn’t have to restart my battery-less laptop everytime I wanted to print?

  111. Darla says:

    I would love to have the printer for the same reason as so many others… I wouldn’t have to make that “long” trip downstairs to hook the laptop up to the printer!

    Awesome giveaway!

  112. warillever says:

    No more restarting the battery-less laptop?

  113. Kristi says:

    Oh wow! That is a nice printer!

  114. Susan Murphy says:

    How awesome would this be? I am almost rendered speechless by the endless possibilities that this would provide. The convenience of it alone is to die for. Our whole family could definitely make use of this… Thanks for the chance!

  115. Leigh says:

    Our family got two new kittens for Easter and right now we are all about getting rid of or hiding as many cords from them as possible. My printer cable runs right across my desk and it would be great to get rid of it. Plus I’d have a free usb port for my ipod instead of constantly having to unplug something so I can plug it in. I sure hope I win!

  116. Vickie says:

    Going wireless for anything is bound to make life easier. I recently moved my computer to another room (temporarily) and the tangled wires are such a messy-looking - well…mess. And I love hp printers. So yeah, it would be great to have a wireless hp printer!

  117. Kim says:

    First, I have an HP printer after having Lexmark and Canon, and I definitely prefer the HP!

    Second, I have two girly birthdays coming up, and whether I win this printer or not, I’m so stealing your ideas for at least one of them!

    Third, I feel your pain. My DH works from home a lot, and uses our PC, that’s connected, leaving me with his laptop, which is not. So I’d have to go through the whole connecting, restarting, reconnecting, etc. hullabaloo just to print a page. I print more than he does, so you’d think we’d work out a better arrangment. I guess we’re just too lazy.

    Thanks Chris!

  118. Nicole says:

    I need this printer! It sounds amazing! I too call my husband at work to print things for me! Also, I would love to print out worksheets for my kids!

  119. Kristin says:

    I have a 10-month-old wild animal–ahem–daughter who loves to get into everything, and especially loves to pull at various electrical cords located around the house. Printing wirelessly from my laptop would mean keeping her alive and well for that much longer! Also, said 10-month-old is pretty darn cute if I do say so myself, so I would love printing pictures of her whenever I want. We have no printer now because I’ve been paralyzed when thinking about all of the options. I’m tired of printing from work and bringing it home. This one sounds awesome!

  120. Frugal Carol says:

    Love the invitations!!
    Going wireless would make my kids oh so happy! They can not print from their computer at all right now. This wireless printer would make them smile for at least a week. Anyone else that has a 10 year old daughter, know how difficult that is!!

  121. Carrie says:

    A wireless color computer would be FAB!! Having 7 kids you probably know that much of the work they do for school is on the computer. We have a color computer hooked up to “the Adult” computer and a laser printer hook up to “the kid” computer, where do you ask is the problem. Well the problem comes in when a kid creates a document on their computer using color images, and then wants to print. My lovely husband has set up a so called network that requires both computers to be on to print, and then when you open the document on one computer that was created on the other fonts and boarders and settings don’t cross and get all mixed up. By then it is 10pm and everyone is yelling as the project is due tomorrow, you can imagine where this is going. So wireless would be GREAT!! No more yelling and tears, and “I am going to fail if I don’t get this printed” comments. So for the love of God please, and family peace choose us!

  122. Jillbert says:

    I would love to be able to print from anywhere in the house —- coloring pages for the kids right on their art table!!

  123. Amy says:

    I would love a wireless printer. It sounds so simple, I am befuddled by my current quirky printer and it’s snarky attitude toward life. Besides, the last thing I won was a lopsided cake in a cake walk in 5th grade. I think I’m due!

  124. Karen says:

    I’m Canadian, so I can’t win, but your review was so good that frankly I want to buy one now. I’m putting it on the List, baby. I absolutely never print anything because going to my ‘office’ and climbing over all the crap that is stuffed in there, e-mailing something to my old desktop, then printing it out on a black and white laser printer is Just Too Much. I covet. Maybe I’ll move to the US so I can qualify for these contests already.

  125. Honor says:

    I LOVE all the Barbie birthday decorations and invitations. How cute, and such a FUN way to share the party prep process with your daughter.

    For Christmas, my husband gave me my very first laptop, which I love, love, LOVE, and which I’ve, thus far, used in the kitchen, the bedroom, laundry room, garage, basement, and back deck. (Not to mention at the baseball fields and in the doctor’s office, using my wireless air card.] Unfortunately, for some inexplicable reason, if I want to print, I still have to hook up to an ethernet cable to network with my old computer to tell it to print the job. Archaic, no? In any case, I would LOVE to be able to print from anywhere in the house without having to be physically tied to my print serve computer. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

  126. Babs says:

    This would make life so much easier!!! To be able to print from the laptop without having to bring it over by the desktop & printer, & connecting the cable.

  127. Courtney says:

    I usually come to your blog for a good belly laugh, today I’m beyond excited that I get the laugh AND a chance to win an incredible printer that I totally have a major crush on. UH-MAZING!

  128. Fabs says:

    This seems totally awesome and my family would love one! Thanks!!

  129. Tammy says:

    I need this for all of the reasons you mention. Except for I email things to myself at work to print and then get mad at myself for not printing them out! And honestly, my printer is ready to die.

  130. Julia A says:

    Oh, it would be great to have a printer like that!!!!!!!! Our printer lives in a closet and I have to drag it out and plug it in every time I need to print something…

  131. FunnyGal KAT says:

    Cords are the bane of my existence… I can’t wait for coffee makers, toaster ovens, phones (oh wait, that may have already happened…), televisions and hair dryers to go cordless so I never have to deal with those tangled knots of cords again! A wireless printer is right up my alley.

  132. Thienan says:

    I’m one of the lazy ones who uses my laptop on the couch, in front of the TV. Not having to get my lazy butt off the couch and into the office with my laptop just to print out directions would just be wonderful!

  133. Robyn says:

    Our house has 5 people, 3 computers and 2 laptops so wireless printing would be incredible!

    (I did a princess party for DD when she turned 5. We played “Pin the Crown on Sleeping Beauty.” Big hit!)

  134. MamaGeph says:

    Printing wirelessly? Ooh, the math assignments and art projects would just come pouring out of that puppy in this household. And a wireless all-in-one? Mwa-ha-ha-ha! Here I come with my stack of reproducible workbooks!

  135. Bre says:

    How would it make my life easier?

    Easy; no more toddler yanking on the cord and me trying to stop her/ hide the cord/ distract her EVERY FIVE SECONDS.

  136. Melissa says:

    Oh if I could only count the ways the wireless printer would help. We’ve been looking for a wireless one for a while now and haven’t settled on one we like. Hubs and I both use our laptops religously for EVERYTHING. It would be fabulous for us to be able to print bills, class material, invitations, crafting, etc. all from the comforts of our lazy boys! Ahh the bliss! Pleese let it be me!!

  137. Chi says:

    Wireless printer would be great. I stopped printing pictures at home because it was too complicated. If you like it that much, it must be very easy to use.

  138. Maggie says:

    It would be nice to print from the table, instead of every time having to unplug the laptop & balance it precariously on the arm of the couch, where the printer cable reaches!

  139. carolyn says:

    Our printer just died…my five year old always wants to print out his latest online creations and we can’t, even when we could it would only print in black and white b/c the color portion wasn’t working. I’m hoping to go wireless with a laptop this summer, so now I’ll have a printer to go with it…I could go on and on, but we would love this printer forever and I promise to take better care of it than our last one.

  140. Kelley says:

    I would LOVE a wirelss printer at home!! In an effort to downscale every part of our life for the past few years, we gave away our WAY old printer thinking that we didn’t need one at home. I was so wrong. I would love this and have a perfect little spot in my perfectly downscaled home .. :)

  141. Becky says:

    I have six kids. Need I say more? Printing is a daily obstacle, and my goodness all the cords and cables. This would be brilliant!

  142. JoAnne says:

    I work from home and would LOVE to be able to print work from downstairs in the living room rather than my office!

  143. Melissa says:

    Between juggling four children, all of their school projects that I, I mean THEY do, weekly menu planning, and my own work (working on my Masters in Special Education), I rarely have time to actually unplug my laptop, haul it up to my very awesome HP Photosmart printer (that still works well, but is very old and very huge), to print anything. I do not have those extra seconds to spare…EVER. Having a wireless connection would allow all of us to work in a much more streamlined way, which I’m always looking for!

  144. Elaine says:

    It would be wonderful to win a new printer, especially since the one I have is on its last legs!

  145. Naomi says:

    In June I will be having my first baby and will have to start working part time from home. It would be fantastic to have a wireless printer rather than trying to fool around with various cords while the baby screams in the background!

  146. Trish says:

    I do the same thing, emailing my husband things at work. Otherwise, I have to trek on down to the basement to print things out and sometimes that is just too far. Thnks for the offer. Trish B

  147. melissa says:

    OH YES I WANT ONE *fingers crossed*

  148. annette keipp says:

    Wrap it up. I’ll take it!

  149. TLR says:

    Wireless…what a crazy idea! I prefer to climb over the mess in my office, knock several items off my desk while stretching to to turn my printer around, swear repeatedly when I realize I didn’t grab the cord, continue swearing as I search for the cord that used to be plugged in,…..hmm maybe wireless is the way to go.

  150. Terry says:

    Going wireless for printing will make juggling everyone’s work easier! No more working on the laptop only to save to a thumb drive, insert and load onto the desktop, and *then* print. This HP printer sounds awesome!

  151. Meg says:

    Wireless printer would mean BOTH computers in our family room could be accessed. Can I tell you how many arguments that would save in our house? (Cause apparently it is too much work to save your work on your flash drive when working on the “other computer” and print out when the “printer-connected computer” is free!)… with five children, I will take all the chances I get to avoid arguments!!!

  152. MIssy says:

    We have been without a printer for about 3 months, and I’m emailing to my husband, just like you, and just like your husband, he gets irritated with me. If we had a wireless printer, oh the things I could accomplish!!! My brain is organized into many folders on my computer, if only I could print my recipes, and running grocery list (instead of always leaving the store, forgetting many things), also print the children’s pictures so we could send them to grandparents who haven’t seen the kids in two years. And then there’s the pictures of the trip to Tahiti we just took - it’s hard to take along my entire computer to the baseball games, and so many people want to see them. I could PRINT them! Oh happy day!! I am crossing my fingers and toes.

  153. Susan Davis says:

    I don’t have a printer at home, only at work, so the chance to be able to print at home would be fabulous!!

  154. jessica wilson says:

    Oh does that sound like I could actually get all my final papers written and printed with no hassle? Sign me up! Our current printer here at home is under a pile of books, photos, magazines, junk mail, fabric, envelopes and m&ms. it’s a pain in the neck to use as I have ot remove everything from it to begin printing and then all that stuff ends up on the couch or the floor or the bed or the kitchen counter. If I had a pretty new wireless printer I wouldn’t dare to cover it up and then I could do more print happy projects for my children’s arts & craft blog. Dreamy!

  155. Karen (from Our Deer Baby) says:

    Oh, the joys of wireless. When my husband moved out, I got rid of almost all of the ugly cables in the house, but the printer still has some. It would be so great for the kids to be able to print from whatever computer.

    For their schoolwork, yes, that’s my excuse ^^


  156. Bobbie says:

    Is it so easy to learn how to use that I will not have to ask for help, and therefore won’t get the dreaded eye roll from either my husband or my teenagers?

    Sign me up, please!

  157. Kristina says:

    If I have to add one more cord to my household I will have to move a child out. Cord clutter is the worst! Living wirelessly is just a dream in our house. It sure would be nice to win.

  158. Lady of Perpetual Chaos says:

    Getting a wireless printer would mean that I would no longer have to climb over a bunch of random crap in order to get to the printer and then plug it in and hope that it prints. Plus, it would mean that I would get a cool new computer gadget before my computer geek husband. Double bonus. And I’m pretty sure it would make me a better mother and a better person in general. ;o)

  159. Maggie says:

    A wireless printer would be great for printing from my work-from-home pc rather than emailing it to my “home” computer, and it would be great for the kids’ laptops

  160. Lilly says:

    I still drive to the drugstore to get prints. Just think how much time and gas I’ll save!

  161. Melissa D says:

    I want this so much. Our current printer (ugh) is hooked up to the slowest computer in the house.

  162. Sherrill says:

    I love printers (when they work)… especially color printers. I use them for various bulletin board projects and kid projects here at school… more often then not the ‘community’ printer in the library is out of commission - so!!??

  163. Breanna Breiner says:

    I’m like you, I’ve just stopped printing things till I absolutely have to. I hate going in the other room to do it….cause that room is a catch all and I hate being in there cause it’s too cluttered.

  164. Y. Torres says:

    Can you say “convenience”? Two laptops will not have to compete for plug space….Pick me!


  165. vicky says:

    Is it wrong that I am downright giddy about this? Printing recipes while in the kitchen??! My mind is officially blown

  166. Chandra says:

    A wireless printer would make my life easier for the most obvious reason of all; simplifying my life. My computer dies as soon as it loses power so I have to save that page or email it to myself. Go hook up my laptop to the printer and then restart my computer, call the page back up and print. This is followed by another round of losing power (thanks to my craptastic battery) and setting my laptop back up. I would LOVE one of these!

  167. Kelly says:

    If I got a wireless printer, it would mean I would not only quit having to crawl under tables and behind stuff to grab the printer cable back from my DH’s computer…but then it would force my husband to FINALLY wireless the house which would mean that I could not only petition for a laptop, but then he would have to hookup our TIVO and the WII so we could finally enjoy all the benefits of a wireless home network! Also we would be able to move the secondary tivo to the littles domain and get all the PBS off mah TIVO! C’mon random numbers!

  168. Wynn says:

    My “office” in our home is a small desk inside the pantry of ourhouse. It is a large pantry, but I don’t want to spend my computer time in there, so I usually take my laptop into the kitchen or living room to get things done. It would be great to stay where I am working and print the things I need and have them ready at my desk when I am ready to pick them up. I would love to just hit print and then go to my next task instead of pausing to go hook up to the printer, wait for it to print and then go back to my comfortable workspace to continue with the next task.

  169. jennP says:

    awww… too bad this is not available for canadians! i would need a wireless printer! why? because our rabbit would not have any wires to chew! :)

  170. Kelly says:

    This would be great. My printer is in the den, aka “no man’s land” - this would make things a lot easier!

  171. Rachel says:

    I just learned about this whole-print from across the room wireless thing and it blows my mind. So, like, I could be sitting in my bed with my laptop and print something out downstairs? Without having to get up and move? Awesome.

  172. Cherie says:

    I just had my 3rd child who is constantly “attached” to me and of course my older two kids always need something printed whenever 3rd kid is “attached” : ) If i could just hit the print button without dragging my laptop into the other room and figgeting with cords it would be so awesome!!

  173. Alicia says:

    Going wireless would mean making it to 30 with no gray hair. Our wire-ful printer is the bain of my existance. With a home business that requires multiple runs to the printer with the laptop daily, and with a printer that has to re-install each and every time (UGH!), I’m ready to Office Space that thing to the curb with a baseball bat. Please sign me up!

  174. Amy says:

    The addition of child #2 forced the move of our office out of our tiny house & into the new office, out in the garage. This means I never ever get out there to use, as keeping an eye on kids 1 & 2 prevents me from stepping out. So a wireless printer would be SO AWESOME!! :-)

  175. emilie says:

    This printer looks fantastic! I have a question - what’s the ink consumption like? I know if I tried to print all of those beautiful color-saturated invitations & accessories on my current printer, its ink cartridge would be sucked dry.

  176. allison schrade says:

    I just love the great templates and ideas on the website. I am the photo/paper project quenen and it can be so frustrating sometimes. This one sounds easy. To use and will simplify my life. Thanks for the givaway! thbirthday invites you made. loveiincnpartyinvites.

  177. anne says:

    Not too long ago I invested in a high quality printer and a wireless modem for it. I absolutely HATE the printer. The cost of the ink is astronomical and the pictures suck. The wireless feature has never worked. It is too recent of a purchase to justify replacing it, so a new nice free printer that prints quality prints and that everyone can access from their laptops would be wonderful.

  178. Laura says:

    It would be great to have a wireless printer. My husband is always at our desktop and I use the laptop. It would be nice not having to get in his way to print things for me or my little boy. Also our current printer doesn’t have color. Most of the time this doesn’t matter, but there are definitely times when I miss having a color printer.

  179. Peg says:

    Alas, I am blogless as well as clueless when it comes to printers. I have been printerless (is that a word?) for over a year because I can not bring my self to wander aimlessly about websites and big box stores in search of a printer that is idiot proof. Alas I must print what I need at work with the most important printing being labels on cloth to add to the quilts of make. The label is the part I actually hate because of previously mentioned defiencies regarding the actual printer. HELP!

  180. Staci says:

    I would love nothing more than to have a printer. Ours died a painful death and I really want to get these pictures on my drive printed before the computer goes and takes all of them with it. Here’s to good luck!!

  181. Krista says:

    Wow– this sounds really great! About 2 years ago, right before our son was born, my husband decided to get wireless internet– at first I thought it would be a bit excessive. I mean our house was the size of a shoe box after all.

    Me oh my… wireless internet is the greatest! (I know I must sound like I’m from another century!) I can only imagine how wonderful wireless printing would be. Right now our printer is tucked under my husband’s night stand… and it only recognizes our computer every other Wednesday & Friday as well as the fourth Tuesday of the month.

  182. Tammy H says:

    I’m impressed with the invitations and party favors you made for your daughter’s birthday party. Wow! My oldest daughter’s Sweet 16 is coming up in a matter of months. We could definitely put the printer to good use.

    Plus I am an obsessed scrapbooker. What a benefit a wireless printer would be for that hobby.

    My hubby (an engineer) and my teenagers (students) would definitely put a wireless printer to good use also. Just think of the possibilities. Plus we’d be the first family in our neighborhood with a wireless printer. Big perk!

  183. Becky says:

    my computer is on small desk. No room for the PC unit, definitly no room for a printer. Everytime I want to print I have to go to the kids play room, detatch it from their computer bring it to mine and then repeat. DRIVE ME INSANE lol. Im like you. I usually send my husband the link and make him print stuff for me at his work.

  184. Amber Smith says:

    I bought this big expensive printer and for the life of me it has never printed right. Oh the money I’ve wasted! Help me! lol

  185. Samantha says:

    Less cords would make me so happy :-) Would love to win this!

  186. Chris Miller says:

    That printer is so cool. We don’t have an office, just a small fold up table in our room where we keep a laptop and a hard wired printer. We generally use the laptop in the kitchen or living room so we can be out there with the kids. I would love to be able to print wirelessly. The kids would love it, and it would work wonders for my online classes. I hate having to run to the bedroom and plug in the printer every time I have a page I need to print, or bookmarking it as a favorite so that I don’t have to do that. I think it also looks like it might work for printing photos, might be nice to actually have pics of the kids at the house. :)

  187. Sheena says:

    Wow, a wireless printer would be incredibly useful, and the print quality in your pictures is fabulous!

    Chris says: I split up your comment because you get and extra entry for twittering and another for blogging it. For a total of three entries. But they all need to be in their own comment!

    I twittered it: http://twitter.com/sheenaps

    I blogged about it: http://adventuresinlincolnpark.blogspot.com/

  188. Amanda says:

    Like most people, wireless printing would add such an air of effortless use to our lives. With a ten year old and a three year old, plus me with the household finances and everything else I seem to stress myself out with; having wireless printing would be the icing on the cake.

    A cake decorated in pretty flotsam that has been printed with an HP Photosmart C6380 All-in-One Printer.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  189. Lisa says:

    Wireless printer! YEAH! Well……it would help with homes that have multiple laptops for sure!

  190. Amanda says:

    I am trying to teach myself all the lingo of the blogging and the HTML and the Trackback world…..guess how it’s going….

    Yeah, still don’t know what or how trackbacks work…..


    I don’t even know if the link below will work…..see how good at this I am…..


  191. Erin says:

    Oh, a wireless printer would make things easier for the exact same reasons it worked for you! Hubby and older child with laptops, house PC and three younger children makes for crazy times sharing one printer (corded, mind you!)
    Does it also make adult beverages? Because that would just be over the top!

  192. Melissa says:

    Anything that eliminates ONE MORE CORD in this house is fantastic. Thnaks for the chance!

  193. Mary B says:

    I am not the only one who has to e-mail stuff to hubs at work to print! Sometimes I just want to print more than what I send him :) This would be so great - especially to do fun things with the kids!

  194. cheri says:

    picture me walking downstairs every time i need to print something, with my laptop under one arm, my infant under the other, and my toddler close behind. picture them eating bugs off the floor while I figure out the mess that is my printer!

  195. Amanda says:

    I Twittered!!!!!


    Chris says: How awesome are you!?! Good luck!

  196. Patricia B says:

    Having a wireless printer would be the ultimate. Maybe it would be one less hassle. Well, one less cord for sure.

  197. bekah says:

    A wireless printer might save my sanity. I have heard that they exist. With my present system I have to get offline in order to print. VERY INCONVENIENT to say the least! I would love one!!!

  198. Christina says:

    That printing looks like good quality too. All the color printers that I have had have been junk. Please enter me!

  199. Heidi says:

    If you only knew HOW badly our family needs something like that! Oh wait I think you do, your story sounded a lot like mine.
    My oldest son works on my husbands laptop upstairs because our main computer doesn’t have “whatever” program he needs. Word, Print, control alt delete, I don’t know what he needs.
    Anyway, after he is finished his work and needs to print it he then has to condense it to some “file” # a-12+98= 2 to send it to my email address on the main computer so that I can open it and print it.



  200. Mandy says:

    Wow! I didn’t even know you could have a wireless printer. At this point, ANY printer would be an improvement over the 11 year old beasty that we have now!!

  201. Jen@OurDailyBigTop says:

    Heck ya - count me in. I’d like to join the wireless 21st century. Thanks! PS: Cootie catchers - loved those back in the day.

  202. Katie Lackey says:

    I would love this printer! I can only imagine how crafty I would be with it!

  203. Erika says:

    I could actually print all my baby pictures!

  204. Laura says:

    Oh, it would be so much easier to print photos for personal use and duplicates for friends from my laptop, as well as the numerous newsletters, spreadsheets, flyers and ads I’m constantly asked to design.


  205. Rhea says:

    I would love to win- because I too work from every nook and cranny in my home and fight for printer use- this would be AWESOME!!!

  206. crisa says:

    My husband would love me forever if we had one of these.

  207. Michelle says:

    I would actually be able to print at home rather than emailing things to my husband at work - our non-wireless printer sits sadly in a box in the basement, since I know what a pain it will be to set up and actually go plug in to it to print.

  208. Heather says:

    Hi there,
    Of course the wireless aspect of this printer would be fantastic. I could be typing something on my laptop in the bedroom while my fiance watches TV in the living room, and print it without having to be distracted.

    But the all-in-one aspect is the most important feature to me. See, when I was 5 years old, my parents divorced and my mom swore up and down that my dad took all of our baby and family pictures and hid them. For twenty one years he denied he had them. I grew up never really knowing what I looked like as a baby, because my mom didn’t have many pictures to show me. The few she had were given to her by aunts and her parents to create a small makeshift album for us, and even that album only has a few pages of the first 5 years of my life.

    Then a few months ago, my grandma called me and said she had a box of pictures for me, from my childhood. It turned out my dad had hid them at her house so we would never find them & bring them back to my mom during our visitations at his house.

    Now my mom wants the pictures of her babies that she feels were taken from her so many years ago, my dad wants the pictures too, and my little sister is asking why I get to have them instead of her. So my plan is to scan ALL of the pictures (they fill a small moving box), and make a professional archival album for each of us, and then put the original pictures into an archival album of their own. Fortunately, my parents & sister don’t care if they have the originals or not, so this huge task on my part will suffice for them. I don’t want to buy a separate scanner that will take up ALL of my desk for the duration of the project, and my current printer is on it’s last legs, so this would work perfectly for me.

    They say when a family loses everything in a fire, it is often losing the pictures that hurts the most. My mom went through a similar loss. So you can see how this printer would help me to get those pictures back to my mom sooner, which would restore a piece of our past that has been missing for decades.

    Chris says: Awww, this made me tear up.

  209. M.a. says:

    what wouldn’t be wonderful about being wireless? I’m tired of being trapped to sitting at the desk to print and edit photos. It would be wonderful!

  210. chrissy says:

    Well, considering I am sitting in a room with not one but two broken printers and my daughter’s school project due next week, I’d say it would help a lot.

  211. St says:

    Oh how I’ve dreamed of wireless printing. Our house in tiny, see. Really, not even 800 sq ft and we have three children. I’ve actually fantasized about hiding the printer in the closet while still being able to print.

  212. M.a. says:

    http://twitter.com/graceful_klutz/status/1536371512 — Twittered!

  213. Charlise says:

    I have 4 kids and I just LOVE THEM DEARLY, however they suck the life right out of me at times. Usually those times are when my youngest daughter announces on her way out the door that she cannot get our ancient printer to produce the 9 million pages that she MUST TAKE WITH HER AND OH MY GOD SHE IS LATE, LATE, LATE. Nevermind that she cannot plan a thing to save her life. Let’s focus on me… This printer would solve those problems - I just know it would.

    Now if it would just pay the college tuition for the older one… I can dream.

  214. Amy says:

    The pics are beautiful! I would love this! I could finally get all my pics off my hard drive and out in the world for everyone to see!

  215. Michelle says:

    Considering the line behind the one printer in this house with six homeschooled children, I think wireless would have to be fantabulous! Brilliant giveaway!

  216. Leisa Lobbezoo says:

    What is this wireless you speak of? To not have to crawl under the computer desk, untangle the cord, try jamming it into the wrong port, restart my tempermental computer, wait F-O-R-E-V-E-R for the printer to be recognized and finally spit out a blurred, discolored version of what was on my screen? What kind of sport is that? SIGN ME UP!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  217. Wendy says:

    Wireless printing would make my life so much easier because I am constantly getting booted off the computer so my kids or husband can print something. With wireless printing my productivity on completing those time suck surveys at facebook would increase 10 fold!! We would also end up helping the economy due to the fact that we would be ordering pizza every night because I was increasing my facebook productivity…remember?!

  218. Brigitte says:

    As I’ve never tried wireless, I’m not sure if it will currently be any easier . . but when baby starts school and needs a homework computer of her own, I think it will be exceedingly useful!

  219. Colleen says:

    That printer sounds wonderful! I could finally print my reports for school, and the thousands of photos that linger on my computer, never to see the light of day.

  220. Toni says:

    Because I have kids, need I say more :)

  221. Kelli says:

    All that stuff looks wonderful.

  222. Jenny B. says:

    I am a teacher and I need this. Do I just go to the HP website to find all of this wonderful “stuff?”

  223. Carrie says:

    I have an HP printer now, that I love. But…I was a lame-o cheap butt and didn’t fork over the extra (I don’t really know how much but it wasn’t a lot.) bucks to get the wireless one…I am stupid. I now have 38 instances of the SAME printer installed on the laptop (cause it never can find the old one when I plug it in.) Yeah. I need easy.

  224. Deb says:

    Right now, I’m emailing everything that needs printing to work. My printer took a dive and I’m lost without one!

  225. Crisanne says:

    It would be great to be able to print from both the laptop and the desktop without having to switch cables around! My kids would be ever grateful, as well, for the coloring pages, etc.

    As for the pin the tail game…Take white butcher paper and trace your daughter’s form, then cut it out and hang it on the wall. Cut out appropriate things to pin on-we’ve done flowers for a luau and purses for an American Girl party. You can go as elaborate as you want on the girl-yarn hair, clothes/jewelry taped on, etc.

  226. Patty says:

    I just got my first laptop after being tied to our home office and I would love to be able to print from where ever I am in the house instead of running up and down stairs to do it. Also, I wouldn’t have to share the printer with my print-happy husband!

  227. Lisa says:

    I have a newborn infant. I can’t walk over to my printer b/c she is always attached to my boob. I need me a wireless printer!!

  228. jamie says:

    OOooooo, my story? I have three kids and homeschool them… I send EVERYTHING to my hubby at work to print. Yes, yes I do. It’s that bad.

  229. Tara says:

    My soon-to-be thirteen year-old daughter, who is more tech savvy than me, would be beyond thrilled to have such a cool printer. And I would get major “cool” points for getting it for her!

  230. Sara says:

    I would love wireless. I wouldn’t have to go downstairs in the icky basement to my husband’s desktop and deal with his weird keyboard to print anything.

    Thanks for the contest, Chris!!!

  231. Elaine says:

    I, too, live in boonie land. We just got rid of dial up, for gosh sakes! We now have wireless, so this printer would be the icing on the cake!! I had a glob of wires so big behind my table that the dog hair would catch in it and reform into its own entity, so a wireless printer would also reduce my cleaning time..

  232. Kelly Rose says:

    A wireless printer would make my life so much easier! Right now, our printer is in my basement and my laptop computer battery will last about 3 minutes without being plugged into the wall, which results in a MAD DASH to run downstairs and print anything. I ask my husband to print things at work too! :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  233. Mim says:

    Oh this just sounds wonderful. We have a Desktop and two laptops, it sure would make life easier!

  234. emily says:

    My laptop has to be carried to the basement and plugged in to the printer for me to print. And even then I have to turn the printer off and back on between each document for some unknown reason or the printer forgets it is connected to the computer. I would love this.

  235. Anna says:

    I can print off Star Wars coloring pages for my kid, yet never leave my comfy nook on the couch? I’m drooling!

  236. Robin says:

    I would love to print wirelessly. Then I could be outside and print my work out and make my kids go and get it for me! !!

  237. Veronica says:

    Need it! Think of how beautiful my internet coupons would turn out.

  238. Heidi in CA says:

    I homeschool my five kids and have the hardest time getting things printed out! I would love a wireless printer. It would make my life much easier!

  239. Carol says:

    Yes, it would change my life! I’m constantly walking the laptop downstairs to print something–climbing under the desk interrupting the user there to plug it in. Big pain. I would love to win this!

    Crossing my fingers…

  240. Angela McWilliams says:

    Pick Me Pick Me!!

  241. Shannon says:

    I am so amazed by all of the things you printed! I would love, love, love to do the very same things! We also have several computers at home and making sure we’re networked together and one computer hooked-up to the printer. Have you ever tried to print and then noticed that one computer hooked-up to the printer isn’t turned on? Ugh! Frustration! And to be able to use their templates for invitations, party decorations, thank you cards… It’s awesome! Thanks for the review!!

  242. Melissa says:

    We’re already wireless, but we don’t have a color printer! My daughter likes to type in different colors and would love to see a faithfully reproduced printout of her stories.

  243. Denise says:

    oooh a wireless printer.. count me in!

  244. Jenifer says:

    I loved the party invitations - just planning my 8 year olds now and those are amazing. She loved them too!
    If we don’t win we will have to check it out - I wonder if they have them at costco? My husband and I each use a laptop and i love the idea of just sending to the printer, instead of kicking my 4 year old off star wars legos six times a day!

  245. Rebecca says:

    Oh having a printer that I could keep downstairs, and print from my laptop would make my life so much easier! My daughters are constantly asking me to print out pictures for them to color, it would be so much easier not to have to go hook up the laptop to do it.

  246. jaime says:

    i could print pictures, papers, invites, and all sorts of stuff for my daughter to use in her creations!

  247. Lottifish says:

    I would like to go wireless because my desktop computer which is hooked up to my current printer is in a tiny little room my apartment building calls a “solarium” and when I have to get to my computer I have to lift each leg over the corner of the desk and sometimes it scratches my coochie.

    So…yes. I would like this wireless printer so I don’t scrape my vay-jay-jay anymore.

  248. Elizabeth says:

    I would love to be able to print wirelessly…(is that a word??) With my business it make my life so much more productiv and my kitchen clutter free without having a huge printer on my window seat and a cord tethered to the computer that one of the kids end up tripping over while it is in print mode.

    Thanks for the contest…I love your blog.

  249. ronee says:

    I would love love love love..did i mention LOVE a wireless printer. My house has four computers. Our oldest, who home schools uses her laptop. And everyday has to save to her flash drive and walk to the desktop computer and print. My husband and I both use a laptop. Unless he is playing his game, which means you have to absolutely NEED to print to even get on the desktop computer. So a wireless computer would help me with my work….my daughter with our homework..and overall make my marriage so much better. Since bothering him is just trouble none of us want!

  250. shannon says:

    Sounds wonderful! You mean when my kids try adn hide in their rooms rather than FINISH their science fair reports I can follow them and MAKE them print! Ahahahahahaha!

  251. Jenny says:

    Printing baseball photos, homework papers, report cards, all the things I access on my laptop instead of the desktop with the printer. My ife would be made MUCH easier! This sounds quite cool. Thanks, Chris!

  252. summer267 says:

    It would make my life easier because I don’t have a printer currently!

  253. Meredith Morgans says:

    With a wireless printer I could be the one who hands the printout to the child who requested it rather than have both children raceasfastastheycan up two flights of stairs to the printer where they promptly begin wrestling over who got the paper first…and end up ripping the paper before either kid could get a chance to use it. That’s using technology for good!

  254. Christy says:

    Right now our (dying) printer is hooked up to a printer server, a.k.a. hubby’s very old, very large, very LOUD, PC. A wireless printer would allow us to free up space and for me to be able to craft in my office without being bugged by little hands. Oh, and we’d be able to print in color once again!

  255. Erika says:

    I am getting my very first laptop this week and pairing it with a wireless printer would be soooo perfect! Really! And with four kids who love to print out random pictures from NickJr.com, it would be such a treat to have a printer that would allow that to happen! Thanks for the offer, Chris!

  256. Cassie says:

    I would love to be able to print wirelessly … I work from home 1-2 days per week and always on my laptop in the den … yet I always like to print memos and papers to review and the printer is all the way upstairs in the office. Wirelessly would save me a lot of trekking back and forth! :)

  257. Sarah says:

    My husband is in med school and he prints so much…which of course requires us to fire up the old desktop and print from there rather than his laptop. Its a pain! We’d use it to make our life easier for that and for my use of course!

  258. R.O. says:

    I need this printer because my current one just broke and I’m constantly bugging my husband to print stuff at work for me (which he could get in trouble for). Wireless would be the icing on the cake! I never have the latest gadgets, so for once I could be cool.

  259. Amy says:

    Oh, I can’t begin to tell you how much I could use one of these printers… but I will try!! I also have 7 kids (15-2!!) and am a full time nursing student. I LIVE on this laptop- and am constantly harping at the children not to trip over the cords… or carrying the blasted thing from room to room in order to study, print, hide out etc. Being able to click and print WHILE still being quarantined in the back bedroom would be amazing to say the least. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. and I might just survive this madness after all!! Thanks~

  260. abbe says:

    i have crohn’s disease, for which i take chemo in pill form each day. i am in and out of the hospital a lot and end up with lots and lots of IV’s. i also end up pretty well stuck in bed a lot due to fatigue and feeling miserable. i keep my laptop on my nightstand so i can not feel like a total hermit, but there is no space for my printer, it’s set up in another room which isn’t even close to bed. having to drag my laptop back and forth with me takes more out of me than you’d think, especially when my computer is being fidgety, and when i have an IV in my arm (or a bruise left from one that has just come out), it’s hard to carry my laptop without being unbalanced and feeling like i am going to drop it. having a wireless printer would mean that i could just print off the work i am doing (i am a public defender so have lots to print even when i’m not in my office) or the photos friends send or i take without having to completely wear myself out, or worry that i’ll drop my computer, in the process. saving my energy with a wireless printer that prints as nicely as the photos you showed would be fantastic.

  261. Page says:

    Oh, I could actually print PICTURES of my kids with one of these! Not just having all of them on a disk, or dvd, or whatever in a safe. But REAL LIVE pictures of all my 6 kids… and not just the first 3 that display in my house now. (blush)

  262. kris says:

    a wireless printer!! oh the joy! i think my son (9 yrs old) would think he had just won the best prize of all!! you know how much cool stuff a 9 yr old boy can think to print!

  263. klg says:

    This is great. The hubby and I have everything else wireless. Printing is sadly still a wired experience.

  264. Dana says:

    I need this printer because I am new to this whole wireless world. Here is what I envision I can do with the printer:

    Take laptop into bathroom and lock the door.

    Suddenly a note pops out of the printer for my husband and/or four children (hence the hiding) to find:

    “We have kidnapped your mommy. Place two cans of Pringles and a king-sized Hershey with Almonds bar near the bathroom door and no one will get hurt.”

    Genius, right?

  265. Eva says:

    Oh to even print in color- my printer won’t even do that- let alone wirelessly! I work from home, but haven’t really been able to get a lot of fancy office supplies- so wow if I could have a color printer to actually print off things both for work and all of those reports the kids have to turn in to school- No more going to make color copies at some other place :) I hope!

  266. Jules says:

    That would be so fabulous! I’m never in the room where my printer is. I have having to go upstairs, (because I’m always downstairs when I want to print) hook up the cord, and then sit there while it’s printing. I would love this!

  267. Andrea in IN says:

    Um… well, honesty is the best policy right? I’ll be divorced in a month - since we can’t split up the kids - we flipped coins to split up household items. I get the computer, he gets the printer. Need I say more about how much I need a printer now?

  268. Libby says:

    I have such great hopes of making beautiful things that require some template I see in a magazine. We haven’t even bothered to hook up our relatively new scanner/printer to the laptop. Little ones like to pull on cords. It would be nice to have some interesting decorations for a birthday. Your daughter looks so stoked in those pics!

  269. Deborah says:

    Having a wireless printer would make my whole family’s lives easier. Our printer is currently located in a small space next to the dryer in the laundry room, we have to lug the laptop into the laundry, plug it in, deal with the hassel of printing, lug the laptop back to what ever room we are working in. But mostly my 13 year old son will love it because it will at least bring us that much closer to the 21 century-and give him ownership bragging rights over something tech, because, hey, he is like, the only middle school kid in the entire county without his own cell phone.

    Chris says: Make that the only three kids. My two teenagers don’t have cell phones either.

  270. Dana says:

    Print me! Print me! No wait that is Pick me right? :) Thank you for opening up the contest.

  271. Kim says:

    Like you I avoid printing whenever possible, doing it when I go to work or e-mailing things to my husband. This week we have been off school (I work at a middle school) so nothing has been printed. With a wireless printer, I could have gotten so much done for school and scouts. I have looked into getting a wireless printer but could not believe it would work that easily!

  272. Faryal says:

    My present printer is so old that it is not compatible with the laptop I have now. Either way, whatever printer I have has to stay locked in an ‘office’ closet because my 3 year old son is very very ‘curious’. There is at least one item daily that gets destroyed in our house, and all of the closets in our house have a hook and eye lock. Even the fridge is always locked. Our front door has 4 locks (he also likes to try to escape the house). I REALLY could use an a printer now (I have tons of legal docuements that I need to print asap) and this printer would REALLY make my life much much easier (no more trips to kinkos with 3 little kids in tote). No more opening the ‘office’ closet to plug the 6 year old laptop to the present printer and waiting 15 minutes for that laptop to boot up (by which time, sometimes the battery dies)…


  273. Hillary says:

    I print wirelessly now through my wireless network, but it’s not always easy. I think our two HP printers may have seen better days and some days neither of them works. Annoying!

  274. Julie T says:

    I love wireless because it does not confine me. I can be on the couch - at the dining room table - on the back porch and still be connected…not stuck in the back guest room/office. I love it!

  275. falwyn says:

    Right now in my house, printing involves entering the closet, er, I mean office and negotiating the scary floor, turning on the desktop (oh my gosh what a hassle! ;P), turning on the printer, going back out to print from my laptop, then sprinting in to change the paper because I have the wrong type in, or not enough. If I’m lucky I don’t stub a toe or twist an ankle in the whole process. A wireless printer would at least edit down the number of steps somewhat! :)

  276. Sharon M. says:

    A wireless printer would be awesome. Every time my son or daughter wants to print from their laptop they need to unplug my cord, then when I go to use my printer the computer can never seem to find the printer. This happens all the time. Come to think of it my computer can never seem to find my printer. Thanks for the give away.

  277. Samantha says:

    Oh would this my life easier…for all the reasons you stated above….extra worksheets, coloring pages, etc. With three computers in the house and inevitably the printer sharing doesn’t work exactly when we need it so we too are carting around computers, cords. I’ve been so happy with the quality of HP printers and their fabulous website for projects. Would love this printer!!

  278. Kim says:

    Oh, wow. Wow, wow, wow. This would definitely help us get our house set up for everyone to be able to use a printer. As it is now, the only computer with a printer is my work printer. After I told my daughter one day that she was no longer allowed to print (after printing a bunch of stuff in color, no less), she made her own “Soup Nazi” sign and hung it by my desk - NO PRINT FOR YOU! =)


  279. Therese says:

    a wireless printer would be my dream! My husband and I are expecting our 1st child in May. This necessitated turning the office into the baby’s room. Needless to say, computer equipment is currently being shuffled. This would be so exciting!

  280. diana says:

    To have a printer that acually printed when asked to do so would be fabulous!!! It would allow my husband to work from home more and be here to spend time with us instead of passing by each other in the night!!! And then there is all the school stuff that needs to be printed even though the kids don’t agree with that aspect of having a printer!!!

  281. Alana says:

    My mind just boggles with possiblities! I can just imagine the money that I could save just by printing my daughter’s birthday party stuff. I swooned over the purse invites and banner. Don’t get me started on the wireless part of the printer! I could move that bad boy off my overly crowded desk into another room. Woohoo! Got to love it!!!

  282. Stacey says:

    No more going upstairs to hook up to a printer that happens to have ink (or not). No more looking all over for the correct cord! No more crawling under tables to unplug something so the printer can take its place. No more last-minute homeschool, Daisy girl scout, teaching worksheets because I’m just too lazy to deal with it all. Wow - I’m getting excited.

  283. Lauren says:

    Oh, that would be fantastic. My printer leaves black lines across everything I print…somewhat pre-historic!

  284. Jo says:

    My almost 9yo’s birthday is coming up in May. I would love to have one of these to print off his birthday decorations like you did.

    Also, I’m a contractor who is about to be unemployed due to budget cuts. I need the printer to print out copies of my resume. :)

  285. Andrea says:

    You can’t see me raising my hand earnestly and sweetly, but it’s raised.

  286. Sarah L. says:

    Oh, could we use this. My husband works from home part of the time, which means he has to take his laptop and hide away from the children (and the centrally-located printer). From time to time he pops out of his cave with his little flash drive to go print stuff out at the family computer/printer station. Then the children swarm him. This wireless printer would help so much!

  287. Cindy says:

    Oh, this sounds wonderful! We have one printer and three computers. We have to email everything to the one computer attached to the printer (or try like you did to get the laptop to recognize it without restarting - URG). I would love to have one of these wireless printers!!

    Thanks for this opportunity!~

  288. jody says:

    Let’s see…..when we moved, and dismantled the printer/computer desktop stuff, I never unpacked it.

    When I finally did, one of the cables was missing, and I was too lazy to buy a new one. Then one day it turned up, so I unpacked the printer, plugged it in and, oooooops, it was out of ink.

    So I wrote the info down and stuffed it in my purse and could not find the ink anywhere. Months went by……….


    Finally my lazy self got online and ordered new cartridges, and now my printer is sitting on a bench in the kitchen annoying Bill with all the wires running out of it.

    It only took me 20 months to get it up and running after the move! (fist bump)

  289. Tonia Wisniewski says:

    A wireless printer would make my whole family very happy. We have 2 teenagers and a college student (me!) trying to share one $20 black and white printer for all of our projects. It would be so much easier with that beautiful printer. Now when my daughter has to make a poster project I won’t have to make her color in the pictures with marker!!

  290. vintage_schwinn says:

    A wireless printer would mean I could actually configure my home office the way I want it — instead of everything hugging the walls to hide the wires. That would be heaven!

  291. vanessa says:

    Oh my lord I would love this printer very very much! I have no printer and it is very sad.

  292. Marie in St Paul says:

    Here is my sad, sad story (although, it’s not as sad as the person with Crohn’s disease).

    My husband is the technocrat in the family and has ALL the cool toys, and I have only a lonely little laptop, with nothing to print to. He tells me he has no time to set up my computer to his printer, and I can’t do it as I confess that I am a complete MacIntosh moron. He’s mean like that.

    So, I have been unable to share many pictures of my two lovely children (daddy’s girl daughter, age 11 years, 11 months, and mama’s boy son, age 3 years, 9 months).

    Oh woe is me.

  293. Kani says:

    This printer sounds fantastic! Wireless is a great feature, and I love the results you show.

  294. Toni says:

    Wowsers.. that thing looks mongo cool. It would be a great addition to my house! Thanks!

  295. Karen says:

    I am about to downsize, moving from my second in a row too big house, to a house that could most accurately be described as “wee”. It is a house I, as a single mom, can afford though which is a huge perk! Unfortunately it doesn’t even have closets, well barely any closets anyway it’s that small, so we’re going to have to be creative, and ruthless in our elimination of things with a big footprint, or that need to be stored. A wireless printer means I could put the printer anywhere, in a corner, on a hutch in the kicthen, hidden under the dining room table for goodness sake, and not have to relocated myself, my kids or my preshus laptop to get term papers, directions, or actual work out of the HP.

    Sounds good to me.

  296. Shannon says:

    The printer looks awesome. It would make working from my laptop so much easier!!

  297. Laurie says:

    It would allow me to sit on my porch with our laptop and print inside without running in to take each piece of paper out of the printer (Our current printer tries to suck each piece of paper back into itself. In the process it mangles every piece unless you pull each piece off the printer - talk about annoying).

  298. Kelly says:

    I need to leave the office and join the rest of my family. They might remember me as the mom, the lady who fixes breakfast, washes clothes, and drops them off at school. They might enjoy seeing a little more of me.

  299. Hazel says:

    I do not own a printer. Currently, I email attachments to my daughter and she prints them for me. Except, she lives three miles away! So a new, free, wireless printer sounds fantastic!

  300. Mary says:

    I’d love it!

  301. rebecca says:

    I would be foolish to pass up this chance. As a mom to six kiddos — ages 17, 15, 9, 9, 7 and 6 weeks — and a semi-work-from-home writer, one can just imagine the number of projects, assignments, diversions, party invitations and whatnot we can demand of a printer. Our current machine (also an HP) is feeling no love right now, and giving us grief for our high expectations. Too many times we’ve had to give up printing school reports, party invitations, etc. because the poor thing just couldn’t deliver. Oy vey. You are a saint for a.) taking time to review and introduce this printer to your followers, and b.)offering a give-away. :)

  302. Chuson says:

    It would be very nice to be able to print without hauling the printer to the laptop to hook it up to print, and then have to haul it back to where we store it. What a pain. I avoid printing when possible.

  303. Jen says:

    I would not have to email everything from my work laptop to the desktop sitting next to me (since I haven’t figured out how to hook up my laptop to the printer…probably because I move around so much, and I am wireless with it)!!!

  304. Norah says:

    Single mother, 2 teenage boys, one printer that is at least 10 years old… and the wires! oh the wires! I would love for our family to move forward into real technology!

  305. Cathy says:

    OH! Your story sounds like my story. So many things I have left unprinted b/c I was intimidated by the printer. Or the kids need help printing something out and I would say, “Wait for Dad to come home.” We have four kids and thank God the oldest one knows more about computers and printers than I do. Anything to get rid of the wires all over the place. Please let me win!

  306. Sheena says:

    I twittered it: http://twitter.com/sheenaps

  307. Sheena says:

    I blogged about it: http://adventuresinlincolnpark.blogspot.com/

  308. jean says:

    I never knew how great a wireless printer could be until I read this review. Who knew? Now I need one. Thanks.

  309. Adriana says:

    I love the fact that it prints both sides and is so easy to use. I have two little ones and we are always working on projects. Crossing my fingers!

  310. Annette says:

    Our printer is dying a slow, cranky, painful death, so we already need a new one. But a wireless printer would be an absolute wonder! My hubby works out of the home and we home school, so when I need another worksheet, or just one copy of whatever, I need to interrupt him. This way I could just start the printer making copies and not have to barge in on him. Or better yet, he can keep the stinky old printer and I’ll just put the new one on the other side of the house–for me!

  311. tammy says:

    And the winner is Tammy T YEA ME YEA ME thank you so much
    i have an HP pinter but it is not wireless so this would be awesome as my pinter now is in our room and can not be used when someone is sleeping in there. so no printing can be done after bedtime. That is not good as i get alot done after i tuck everyone in for the night. I also scrapbook and could take this along with me on my scrapping outings

    So once again thank you for picking me as the BIG WINNER

    Chris says: Hahahahaha.

  312. tuesday says:

    I can print the photos I take outside, outside? Perfect for my family on the move!

  313. bessie.viola says:

    Oh, this would be LOVELY. Especially considering that we currently have no printer at all.

    Pick me, pick me! :)

  314. heidi says:

    What vivid colors! :)

  315. cristen says:

    i can’t believe you got all those princess things off the HP website! so impressive.

    i have the same problem as someone above mentioned–my printer/office is also our nursery. so when someone is sleeping, no printing. so this would be great!!

  316. Farmer says:

    Pick me! Pick me!! We’ve been in the market for a wireless printer.

  317. Tina says:

    I need a wireless printer because I have 7 kids, plus a grandbaby on the way. I have pictures on floppies, cds, external hard drives and thumb drives waiting to be printed, but alas, not yet printed because of all the blasted trouble of hooking up and getting the printer going. My computer and printer have a love/hate relationship and I am the unfortunate victim!

  318. gwendolyn lewis says:

    first, i would like to thank you for giving all of us an opportunity to win this printer. i have a wireless computer but didnt buy a printer and now im seeing how important having a printer is. ive been searching around looking to see what printers are the best in quality as well as economical.the printer is absolutely beautiful and the colors so vivid. this printer would suit my needs because im not a fan of wires and cords hanging all over the place. If i dont win, i still know this printer is the kind im looking for

  319. mere says:

    My kids won’t have to kick their dad off his computer while he’s working!

  320. esther says:

    I would love to have a wireless printer to use with our laptop. I would use the laptop more if I had a compatible printer.

  321. Paige says:

    Oh, the joys. To have the printer not have to be RIGHT by the computer. And, besides, my printer hates me.

  322. Liz says:

    With a new baby at home and some freelance writing the thought of printing without waking a baby or finding a cord sounds positively heavenly!

  323. Heidi says:

    I would love to have a new printer and a wireless one HEAVEN….I have a very old HP printer that has worked until recently now I have to pull the computer stand out and unplug …replug and hope that works to turn it on! Sometimes it does sometimes not. And to print my pictures at home even better as I’m an avid scrapbooker

  324. Maranda Lamping says:

    I, as a student at Saint Martin’s University, would be able to print from my laptop to a wireless printer, all my thesis papers, lab reports, math homework, etc., as well as all my graduate school applications!!

  325. angela michelle says:

    I need this because my son has to email his homework assignments from his computer (desktop) to mine (laptop) so I can go downstairs and hook up to the printer…. So guess how often I forget to do it and he’s in my room in the morning whining and I have to get up and go print… Wireless printing is the way to go!

  326. Karen says:

    I would LOVE this printer!!

  327. Rhi says:

    Well, it will save me a trip to Target to buy a new printer cord. Mine is inexplicably damaged, and I am now forced to print illegally from work. At least I get a lot of exercise RUNNING to the printer to make sure nobody else gets my Burgerville coupons.

  328. Jessica @ A Bushel and a Peck says:

    I work from home. With my three kids here (4.5 yo girl, 2.5 y.o. and 9-mo old boys). My “home office” is a walk-in closet with a desk in it. It is in the baby’s room, so when he is asleep, no printing allowed. Also, my printer sits on the closet shelf HIGH above my desk, making it hard to plug the USB in to connect. And there are no plugs in the closet, so I have an extension cord running out of the closet to the nearest outlet. Wireless printing sounds like Utopia. Please count me in.

  329. Jessica @ A Bushel and a Peck says:

    I tweeted it, too!

  330. Stimey says:

    I often work from my desktop computer and my laptop at the same time. It would be wonderful to not have to switch out printer cords every time I needed to use the printer.

  331. Lulu says:

    A wireless printer would be great! Especially and HP, HP and I go way back with computers.

    How will going wireless make my life easier?
    1. I would actually print my income tax return instead of fretting for the next five years and hoping that my computer won’t go belly up.
    2. I would actually print out my calendar at least once a week. This would enable me to know where I’m going and what I’m going to do each day instead of over taxing my brain to try and remember.
    3. I would actually print my flower pictures at home instead of standing for hours at Walmart.
    4. I wouldn’t have to get the minipile of very important papers off the top of my printer each time I needed to use it so I could connect it.
    5. It might motivate me to go wireless at home!!

    Nice to dream!
    Have a great weekend!


  332. Heather says:

    Wireless printing; it would be like princess magic — priceless

  333. Not June Cleaver says:

    I won’t have to go connect my laptop to the printer!! Yay!

  334. Carole says:

    Oh wow!! That sounds completely amazing! Ahh, to go wireless… right now accessing my printer involves unplugging my laptop, stumbling over a baby gate, nearly dropping my laptop when I catch my foot on said baby gate, trying to find a place to rest the laptop, finally settling for a precarious balance on top of the printer, sifting through the multitudes of wires and cords, many of which are probably not even in use, to find the USB cable, and then stand there waiting patiently for the printer to finally turn on and my laptop to recognize it, and waiting for the printer to shoot my printed pages all over the floor. Yep, apparently my printer only is capable of holding a single page after it’s printed and the rest are gracefully deposited on the floor in front of it. I’ve had to print a great deal of paperwork lately for work, and WOW would life be easier if I could do it without all that hassle!

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  335. Lisa A says:

    I need this wireless printer to print from my laptop. I would love the freedom to print from where ever I am using my laptop in the house instead of being tethered to my desk. I also like the photo capabilities of the printer. Thanks for the giveaway!

  336. Faye says:

    Those birthday decoration projects look fantastic! I can’t believe a home printer could produce that kind of screen-to-print quality. Our family love to be able to produce some of those projects in our home, too!

    Thanks for offering this contest! Good luck to all!

  337. Lauren says:

    I’m unemployed and applying for 15+ jobs a week.

    A free ANYTHING would make my life easier.

  338. Mary Faikish says:

    I have several computers - one for the kids, one for the adults and the occasional work laptop. Having that wireless printer would be awesome b/c there are no cables strung all over the house and I could stop thinking about painting those ugly yellow ethernet cables the same color as my walls!

  339. elizabeth says:

    I would love to be able to print from the living room!
    those decorations and invites are gorgeous.

  340. steph says:

    this sounds amazing!

    i am a teacher and a grad student so this printer could save my job, my education and my sanity all in one!!!!!

    p.s. your daughter looks so tan!

  341. elismsue says:

    OMG…I would love this printer! For me to print from my laptop, my husbands PC has to be on and ready. What a pain!…And his printer and PC is 2 rooms away!

  342. Mimi says:

    Wow. That printer looks amazing. Those party decorations are fantastic.

  343. Tina says:

    Well, our current printer is older then our marriage (so 8+ years old, I’m not sure when hubby got it). It is starting to jam more and more often (he things the rollers are getting old?). I do lots of volunteer work that requires printing and it annoys me when I try to print out nice things I’ve worked hours on–and they print looking like crap. Or I have to email it to him to print at work, and then I always feel guilty for doing personal stuff (even if it is for a good cause) on his work printer. So it’d be very helpful. The wireless would be best b/c our computer will be moved into the living room after baby #3 comes, and one less set of cords to be seen would be nice.

  344. natasha the exile on Mom Street says:

    Oh, I would love to have this! Especially with my son’s b-day coming up…

  345. Melanie says:

    I love the colors on the banner. It looks great! Wireless would mean printing from your laptop and not being tied to the desk. Great giveaway:)

  346. Chris H. says:

    Our new laptop has Office 2007. The other computer upstairs connected to the printer does not. To print, I have to save as the older version, email it to myself, go upstairs, wait for the computer to boot up, and then print. I usually wait until I go to school. But the state has just shut down spending so no paper, no toner, etc. Thus, I need a new printer at home. And wireless would be cool.

  347. Obi-Mom Kenobi says:

    I’d say, “Pick me! Pick me!” but it sounds like you’ve got so many wonderful people (with such great reasons) to pick from already that I won’t burden you with one more. Good luck making the decision! What a great thing to be able to give away.

  348. Michele D says:

    My kids are always wanting me to print something. Wireless would just be magical. Oooo, I could pretend to be a magician and make the printer work when they say please Mommy Dearest….

  349. Karate Mom says:

    Wow! That’s an amazing printer! It would make my life easier in a thousand ways…many of which have already been mentioned! Plus, my all-in-one is going schizo on me, which is always nice.

  350. jessica n. says:

    i’ve been researching a great wireless printer with good photo quality printing…thanks for the review…i look forward to having a good quality photo printer to print the scrapbook pages i make in photoshop (for now i email them to my mom and she prints them for me–she’s the best!)

  351. Melissa says:

    We don’t currently have a printer that works so any printer would be great!

  352. Michaela says:

    I’m a student, and my roommate has the same computer as I do. We used to have a printer, but it has died, and since we are at the end of the schoolyear, we can’t afford another at the moment - and it’s the worst time, because all of our papers are due. He’s in mathematics and I’m in biology, and so our papers are often long or graphics-heavy. A printer would really help us out at the moment, and a wireless one would be especially great because we have to move around a lot and are about to head off to graduate school.

  353. Heather L. says:

    Wireless would be amazing! I am a full time student, and our office/toy room/kids room is kind of off limits after bed time, so if I could still print from my laptop after the kids go to bed, I would be SO HAPPY (mainly cause the kids would still be asleep and I would still be productive).

    Pick me, Pick me, Pick me!

  354. Meg says:

    My husband and I both do lots of work from home, typically on the couch with our laptops. A wireless printer would be awesome, and would greatly contribute to our ability to sit around like bums.

  355. Michelle says:

    I’ve always developed pictures via Snapfish or Shutterfly. It would extremely cool to be able to print what I want and get the results immediately. I’ve never had a photoprinter…never mind wireless. This would also assist in the typical mother multitasking….

  356. Lindsey says:

    We’re moving soon, and not having to hook up a wired printer would make it so much sweeter.

  357. Gretchen says:

    Wow, it sounds fantastic! How could a wireless printer NOT improve my life???!!! I have the same problem with my laptop and the cord to my printer; half the time when I hook it back up, the printer is unrecognized and I have to restart, or worse yet, reinstall the driver. Ugh.

    As a homeschooling mom, I print out a LOT of things; forms, worksheets, lesson plans, etc. What a blessing it would be to be able to hit print right away, rather than save the file, cart the laptop to the back hall, find space for it on the table (which seems to fill that void where my laptop is supposed to be within minutes of my moving to another room!), plug it back in, and then go back and find all the files I wanted to print.

    Is that good enough? It is almost exactly the reasons you gave, but then again, I have 7 kids and am homeschooling, so I guess it would sound similar!

    PS I LOVE LOVE LOVE the princess party invites and the banner. Since I don’t have daughters, maybe I’ll print those off for my own birthday ;-)

    Chris says: I think it would be awesome to print out the princess decorations for your own birthday.

  358. Natasha says:

    We bought our laser printer years ago so I could print multiple drafts of my dissertation. Happily,I did eventually finish and no longer need to do that. I would like a printer that could add a little color, especially for letter practice sheets for my preschooler, and other cool things. And I’d really like a printer that didn’t have a cord connecting it to the computer, because our cord falls out ALL the time, stopping the print job. Annoying.

  359. Snug Bug says:

    With three small kids and my own business, having to print to the plugged in printer is a major pain! Life would be simplified and speedier with a wireless printer, especially one from HP. Love their printers! Now can you help me wirelessly manage the kids???

  360. Shelly says:

    I don’t want the printer, but I just want to say that I wish I had had more kids….congratulations on your beautiful family.

    Chris says: Thank you!

  361. Heather says:

    wow…how life would be easier if I win this? I would have a printer that worked, and that was reviewed well. I wouldn’t have to research, decide, then save up to buy one that I desperately need for school projects, printing pictures to send to family and friends (and to keep) for work projects, to print coupons and recipes and scrap book pages etc etc etc….Could so use a printer.

  362. Kelley says:

    So, we’re suppose to tell our story?? Hmmmm….military wife of 17 1/2 years, married for 18, three kids, teacher (well just a sub right now), volunteers at church….love to blog! And read blogs…that’s it. Just a normal life. But I really would like to win a new printer! Now that would be very cool!

    I also think its great you have a big family! Some days I wish I had more than three….other days less than less…

  363. liv says:

    what an awesome contest — thanks, chris! life is always easier when going wireless. we currently have a desktop and a laptop, both of which are wireless-ly (is that a word???) connected to our router; adding a wireless printer into the mix would complete the set!

  364. ragtopday says:

    Oh, to print without plugging in sounds like a dream! I use a laptop and am….wherever. If I could just print whenever and wherever I happened to be without stopping and setting up I’d feel so FREE!

    I am absolutely in awe of all you have accomplished with that printer!

  365. Sheila says:

    Oh how I would love to be able to print wirelessly…now I email from one computer to the one with the printer and double sided COLOR…how wonderful!

  366. Leslie says:

    How cool is all that stuff you did for your daughter?! My life would be easier (as well as more private) because my daughter wouldn’t need to use the printer hooked up to the family PC which is located in our bedroom. I blogged about the contest on my site so I think that means I get an extra entry. Sorry if I’m wrong.

    Chris says: No that is correct! Leave a separate comment with a link to your blog post, please.

  367. Leslie says:

    A wireless printer would make my life easier by allowing my daughter to print from her own laptop while in her room downstairs and me while working from home at the kitchen table.

  368. Kate says:

    I don’ have a blog - hope it is still okay to enter.

    I don’t have a printer right now either -

    (I do have a 6 - almost 7 year old, who has been planning her Astronaut birthday party for almost 4 months!)

    I see some serious time at kinkos in my future (I’m not so sure that they love to see me coming - “Oh no - here is that crazy lady with the over active toddler - It’s your turn to help her…. I did it last time!”)

  369. the planet of janet says:

    wireless? awesome. i work on a laptop, 2 rooms from the printer and without the ability to connect even by cable to it.

    oh how this would make life easier than having to redo everything that needs to be printed on the desktop… or emailing it to myself and then reformatting. etc etc etc

    and just for the record, as the mother of four kids plus a stepdaughter (yeah, they’re all mine… and yeah, our grocery bills were huge when they were all at home), i love reading about your family.

  370. Lisa says:

    love it. love your blog. you have beautiful, smart, perfect-in-every-way children, just like me.


  371. Haley says:

    I don’t have a printer, but I need a printer, and a wireless printer would be wonderful.

    Is that enough?

  372. Deanna says:

    I’ve always hated electrical cords! They’re just plain ugly. And always the wrong color. And always tangled. And always too short. Or too long. And…anyway, I’d love to win this printer. Please?!

  373. The Bossy Yankee says:

    Oh if I could go wireless…I could print pictures and school work and work work all from the laptop upstairs in the main living area. The printer could be out of the main living area since I live in a very tiny house. Oh how awesome that would be.

  374. Bonna says:

    I would absolutely LOVE to be able to print from my laptop! I’ve tried many times to get my printer to recognize my laptop to no avail. I’ve had to save documents to an external thumb drive and print either at work or at Staples (on weekends) which is quite annoying. My daughter can also benefit being able to print wirelessly when she does her research on the laptop. Having a wireless printer would be great!

  375. Kizmet says:

    A wireless printer will make my life easier because my son won’t have to email his papers to me print them off our hardwired printer.

    It will make it very much easier when he moves away to college since I wouldn’t have to print out his papers and then drive them to Cleveland.

  376. Nikki says:

    I’m always running late, so having a wireless printer would be much faster/wonderful/horribly enabling when I’m trying to print from my laptop and then bolt out the door to class. Also, no cables to run over with my desk chair. Lab-quality photos = <3.

  377. Jet says:

    I left a comment before, but then the post went down, so I’m not sure if this is a duplicate or not. But, I WANT this printer! In fact, I think I’m buying it if I don’t win. I can’t believe no one has thought of this idea before!

  378. Amy says:

    a wireless printer would make my life as a homeschooling mama much easier—- we use different computers in different locations in the house and it would fabulous to not have to email our documents to the one computer that is hooked up to the printer!!

  379. Erin from Iowa says:

    I am disabled and it would be so nice to send the info to the back room where the printer is. Then pick up the paperwork in one go when I am able to.

    I come from a family of nine children so I know exactly what you are talking about. The one that gets me is people asking if we are Catholic. I always say no… it’s cold up north. ;)

  380. Tracey says:

    Meeeeeeee pleeeeeaaassseee!

    Ok, I just said that because I couldn’t think of anything really AWESOME to say…I mean really, who wouldn’t want this?? LOL

  381. Dolores George says:

    As a mother of 4 who homeschools, this printer would be heavenly. I am constantly printing things off for the kids schooling or my husband, who in in the Army. Or recipes from Work it Mom , after getting rave reviews and needing to add it to the recipe book.

    Then there is the added bonus of our basset puppy, Lily, having less wires to chew. Sometimes it just comes down to necessity and I would just love having one thing in this house that makes my life easier.

  382. diane says:

    A wireless printer would stop the printing of the homework to my office (when it is done) - then the emailing of documents to the only computer in the house with a printer. Simple joy.

  383. Kim says:

    Whenever I bring the laptop home from work, I can’t print. I have to put whatever it I need on a thumb drive and then walk upstairs to the home computer to print. SO annoying - this would be great! Thanks for the giveaway.

  384. Sharon says:

    No wires. Sometimes I think we are being overtaken by electronics wires around here. To put the printer wherever I want! A dream!

  385. Cathy Girard says:

    I make my own scrapbook embellishments, titles, journals, etc. and a wireless printer would be so helpful….I wouldn’t be tied to being in the “scrapbook/spare bedroom” all by myself but out in the house with the rest of the family. Thanks for the giveaway.

  386. steff says:

    A wireless print would end the horrible inconvenience of saving all my printables to a thumb drive, loggin on to another computer, and finally printing. :-)

  387. Heidi says:

    I am in complete shock over the colors!! And two sided printing - serious WOW. Going wireless would mean I would be able to say, “Look mom, no hands!”

  388. Keith Alioto says:

    Love my HP OfficeJet - would love it more if it were wireless. And on the same floor as us.

  389. Mandy says:

    My dream come true…a wireless printer to print wherever I want

  390. Susan says:

    My computer room, which the printer is in, is in my is my bedroom. My Dh work’s late nights, so he usally sleeping thru till afternoon time, then it’s nap time in my room for the baby. I Pretty much cannot use my printer ever, I would to have something wireless to use during the day with my 3 year old. She would be in heaven with all the stuff we could print off from my laptop. So much fun!

  391. Emily says:

    Oh! I hope I win! I have been saving and scheming for 2 years to replace my old computer, and just finally bit the bullet and got a new iMac (my first…oh dear…) and my prehistoric (12 yr old laser printer that is gigantic) is not compatible. This would just be too good to be true! xo

  392. Paula says:

    hmmmm- a wireless printer… I just bought a new business and that would be an AWESOME addition to my marketing plan. Which right now consists of a list that starts with:

    1) buy a color printer…

    nuff said.

    As an aside - you downloaded those beautiful invites from HP? or did they come on a disc? I am missing something I am sure.

  393. Brenna Walters says:

    Our printer sucks ass! More often than not the little green light is blinking at me telling me I’ve yet again done something wrong to it! What?! I just want to print! For the love, I just want to print…..

  394. Kerry says:

    Please enter me to win. My children desperately need cootie catchers! Those purse invitations are adorable; I’m really shocked by the quality of everything. The ability to actually get things to print would be such a novelty! Thanks for the entry!

  395. Sarah G. says:

    My husband’s printer is dying and I for see a laptop in our future, a wireless printer would be a very, very good thing

  396. elizabeth says:

    Wireless would be DREAMY! I would no longer need to live in our basement (where printer, attached to antiquated computer, resides) and maybe my husband would quit telling everyone I live down there. I’ve come a long way, baby - I began working in an office when fax machines just came out, no computer (had 5 when I left - all operated by me) and the dot matrix printer (oh, the hours of waiting on those things!)
    The future is wireless and I’d love to be part of it. :D

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  397. Zuska says:

    Wow - this sounds like a dream come true! We’ve got laptops scattered across the house, and printing is often a nightmare. I wind up printing things at work (and feeling mighty guilty about sucking up worktime with personal stuff) rather than figure out the logistics of doing so at home. Winning this would be wonderful!!!

  398. Jen says:

    I have been trying to get my husband to make our printer wifi so I can print from my laptop. I have been asking him for 6+ months. Everytime I suggest figuring it out nyself I get these looks like I don’t trust that he will eventually do it! This would make my life so much easier!

  399. Kelly Stevens says:

    How exciting it would be to be free of wires! For my extra chances, I blogged about the contest and this awesome blog!


  400. Amanda says:

    My home printer just broke, and I really want to go wireless with a new one. right now I’m printing everything at work, which isn’t ideal.

  401. Lucinda says:

    I would love to be able to print things off the computer the kids use like the coloring pages they make so they could display them proudly. That would be very cool. Or stuff from my laptop for our business while my husband is using our other computer. Fabulous!

  402. walker says:

    same as you, no more having to hunt for cords or trading with my wife to print anything.

  403. Dori says:

    My DH and I regularly use our laptops and would love to have a wireless printer. At this point we only have a black and white printer so to have both wireless and color would be fantastic.

  404. jlyn... says:

    new printer? that involves yummy paper-printing? YES. PLEASE. :)

  405. Megan says:

    Any printer, let alone a fancy dancy wireless one, would be a thousand times better than our sad little printer that prints half a sheet before it just can’t make it anymore and needs to take a rest.

    Crossing my fingers!

  406. Shash says:

    A wireless printer…and how it would make my life easier..

    I could stop sending my stuff to my work email to print out (sound familiar?)…I could print from any room in the house…I could stop annoying the heck out of my husband when he works from home by asking him to “skooch over” so I can use the desktop that has the printer attached to it…. I could BE FREE!!!

    Sounds good to me!

  407. Shash says:

    Oh, and I Twittered it too…


    Hope I win!

  408. Holy Schmidt - Melanie says:

    We currently have 1 printer and 3 computers. Seth is always needing to print projects for school, I’m printing stuff for work/Family/Organization and Jason is always printing reports for work. Fighting over the cables has been a giant pain in the butt and has caused a few incidents in which I threaten to staple someone’s dangles to his forehead.

    Having this would make us LIKE each other again!

  409. Holy Schmidt - Melanie says:

    I tweeted!

  410. Michelle says:

    Going wireless would mean I’d no longer have to climb behind the sofa, detangle the cords, balance the laptop on the arm of the sofa and hope the printer & the laptop speak to each other before my ten month old either pulls out the cord or knocks the laptop off the sofa….

  411. Tricia says:

    Oh my gosh, a color printer would be absolute heaven for my kids to use. Our current printer won’t print any color even with a new cartridge, new firmware, or tried with various friends laptops. And even then it misses some of the print job, so we tend to save documents as PDFs and take it to a local mail store to print school assignments and such.
    And wireless? My daughter has a Netbook for a high school class she is taking online, and this would make it so much easier for her to really print anywhere she is working in the house. I could definately use this printer to the fullest.

  412. Connie Heffner says:

    Having less wires, that would be great. My printer is giving me fits right now, so a new one would be great.

  413. Stacie.Make.Do. says:

    Since my eldest (I have 5 so far) accidentally dumped an entire glass of ice water on my open laptop last year, it has become what I refer to as a portable, tiny desktop - meaning it still works but has to be plugged in to do so. Wireless printing would be a huge boon. Currently I put off printing projects as long as I can because I either have to unplug and move and reboot next to the printer, or move the printer to the room where I am working. Or just work at the table where the printer lives. Wireless would be bliss.

    Pin the crown on the princess might work better…or maybe not.

  414. Kristina says:

    I sooo badly want this printer! Not only has my printer been broken for oh, ummm….2 YEARS! but my husband and I just started a new business. Never took a business class, but I think having the cabability to print might be kind of important! Plus, I could finally print off the Blues Clues activities from Noggin that my son has been begging for!

  415. Jenifer Smith says:

    I bought a new laptop after Christmas and figured I wouldn’t need to print from it, it was mostly going to be for surfing. Now, everytime I’m on it, I usually find something I want to print! Having a wireless printer would mean I could avoid the desktop and the mess that always surrounds it!

  416. Jules says:

    My boyfriend wants an all-in-one printer but has never sprung for it. The current printer lies dormant in his closet until we need, which is obnoxious, because we then have to take it out, dust it, hook it up, and print. UGGHH. I needs teh wireless.

  417. DiaryofWhy says:

    Going wireless will make my life easier because not only will I have the freedom to print from my own home (rather than having to go to school to do it), I can do it anywhere in my own home! Freedom!

  418. Sarah says:

    A wireless printer will make me happy! We have been printer-less for almost two years and the boys are starting to get a wee bit agitated that they have to beg their friends to let them print school reports out for them…

  419. Bikini says:

    I would do a lot more photo projects for my relatives. And also make up some Bakugan cards, too, I bet.

  420. elizabeth says:

    I’m in if the contest is still open.
    your photos make it look fabulous.

  421. Lisa says:

    Wow! That printer would be so wonderful! My current printer stinks!!

  422. Melis says:

    I love that I can put this printer anywhere as I am moving into a teeny-tiny city apartment next month. I would love to be able to scan and print old family photographs, especially those taken of my grandparents in the early-mid 1900s.

  423. Sabrina says:

    I have a 7 month old crawling baby who loves to chew on wires. Wireless would be so much safer. Not to mention I have THREE daughters. That makes for THREE princess birthday parties a year. Need I say more?

  424. Tricia says:

    Let me just say we all use our laptops downstairs for school and whatnot. The printer? Upstairs.

    A wireless printer would be golden.

  425. emily says:

    Having a small child with an irrational fascination with wires makes going wireless almost a necessity. Seriously, Jojo can figure out a way to get to ALL our cords and frankly I am so over making sure she has unconstricted airways.

  426. Iheartgreen says:

    Going wireless will enable me to print all the things that I currently have to wait to print at work: boarding passes, recipes, mapquest directions, hairstyles to show my stylist, etc. My boss will thank you!

  427. bekah says:

    This would be wonderful. Then I could print and be on the internet simultaneously. And that would be life-altering.

  428. Kristine says:

    Since I gave our “free printer when you buy a laptop” to my Grandmother, I went to print something for the first time in like 6 months on our old printer only to find out that our printer will not talk to my computer…it doesn’t like Vista. So this printer would make my life easier by, you know - having a printer that will talk to my computer.

  429. Leslie says:

    Living wirelessly will enable me to print one of the 725 photos currently living in my camera.

  430. Amy says:

    Printing from somewhere other than my desk??? sounds great! Thanks for the chance!

  431. Hallie says:

    I have a wireless printer from another company and I have constant problems. I now just plug into my HP. I would love a wireless printer that works and HP is a good company. I have a laptop and I never sit at a desk. Plugging in is no fun.

  432. Ami says:

    We don’t have a desktop, only laptops, so a wireless printer would be SO NICE so that we wouldn’t have to hook up the cords everytime we wanted to print something!

  433. Kim says:

    Well considering I call my best friend to print things for me and bring them to me b/c my laptop is not hooked up to a printer and the printer we do have is JAMMED everyday b/c my 4 year old and 6 year print their WORK every ten seconds I would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to have a printer:)!!!!!

  434. Bridget says:

    A wireless printer would make me feel like royalty! How awesome would that be?

    My children would think I am a hero and what is better than that?

  435. Kristen says:

    We have too many wires and cables already, and with young children around, going wireless may help avoid accidents.

  436. Earthami says:

    Oh to print wirelessly. Since I’m trying hard to convince my husband we NEED a laptop as the next computer (which will offically be his) having a printer that could print wirelessly from it would be another nudge towards getting my way. Also we are now homeschooling and the thought of being able to have the imaginary laptop outside with the boy and printing what he needs on the imaginary printer would make my non-imaginary homeschool perfect.

  437. Katie says:

    I’d love to have a printer in a more central location. Having it tethered to my son’s computer in the playroom is a pain in the neck! I end up printing out everything at work, so being able to get around that and print at home rather than sigh and just get around to it ’sometime’, whenever I happen to remember when I’m not swamped at work? Would be awesome!

  438. Laura says:

    This wireless printer might just be a relationship saver in my house! My partner is what I ever so endearingly refer to as a “stuffer”. If something is out of place or “in her way” instead of putting it where it belongs, she stuffs it in a bag that disappears through the wardrobe and into Narnia. The printer cable has spent much of its time in Narnia; in fact it has only been functional twice, the first being for the first month that we owned is and then about a year and a half later for maybe, a week. If we had a printer that needed no cable maybe, just maybe we could have a printer at home that worked all the time!!

  439. lex says:

    I’m addicted to taking pictures of my four little kids. The nice people at Rite-Aid know me personally because I go in there daily to print up my daily shots. It would be total luxury to have my very own printer at home. Thank you for this opportunity!!!

  440. kayceebeebee says:

    I would love a wireless printer!

  441. vanessa says:

    I would LOVE a printer because I am a broke student and photographer living with a tangle of cords!

  442. M says:

    Oh I want to enter!! The birthday things are sooooo cool…great job!

  443. SC says:

    love your website. I love the printer. I could print so many of my projects and pictures!