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National Thawing Day

National Thawing Day

Did you know that there was a specific day for beginning to thaw your frozen Butterball turkey?

I didn’t either, though I will fully admit that before this year I was clueless about the entire defrosting process. I had no idea that there was a specific amount of time that you should allow for your turkey to defrost in the refrigerator, nor did I know that it had to stay in the refrigerator and not on my kitchen counter. Defrosting on your countertop? Very, VERY bad.

Today is the day that you should bring your frozen turkey home (or take it out of your freezer if you have already purchased it) and stick it in your refrigerator. Personally, I would put it in a shallow baking pan, just in case there is a slight hole in the plastic covering the turkey. You do not want the turkey juices leaking out all over your refrigerator. That is my little defrosting tip for you. You are welcome.

The rule of thumb for defrosting is that it will take a full day of defrosting in your refrigerator for every four pounds that your turkey weighs. This means you really need to plan the defrosting well in advance. Once it is defrosted you can leave the fully defrosted turkey in your refrigerator for up to four days before cooking.

So, to recap. Stick your turkey in the refrigerator today, for Thanksgiving on Thursday.

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