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Ritz Crackerfuls Are Happy Snacks

Ritz Crackerfuls Are Happy Snacks

BlogHer asked me if I wanted to review a new snack, Ritz Crackerfuls and I jumped at the opportunity. Mostly because it is summer vacation and all my children want to do is snack. Constantly. They think that it is their god given right to have a multitude of snack choices available to them at all times.

It seems that every half hour they are coming inside looking for a snack. I have officially turned into an old crochety person who says things like, “Close the front door, do we live in a barn!” “Stop this in and out nonsense. Either come in, or go out.” and “You can’t possibly be hungry, you JUST ate.”


I try to mix their snack choices up a bit, processed foods mixed with whole foods, fruit, cheese, crackers, pretzels, cut up vegetables. Oh, who am I kidding with that last one. Cut up vegetables really only serve as a decoration and make me feel like a better parent.

All of this to say that when the box of Ritz Crackerfuls arrived the children swarmed me. Immediately I noticed the packaging. Instead of just being in a wrapper, each individual package has a sturdy cardboard sleeve. This is perfect for families like us that are constantly on the go. I can’t tell you how many times I have thrown other snacks into our bag only to pull a crushed mess when we arrive at our destination.


They tore opened the packages.

They began eating.

And eating.

Thumbs up all around. Along with the question that lets you know they really liked it. “Can you get these for us again, Mom?”

And the answer to that is, if will keep you out of the house for an entire hour again then YES I will buy them. By the case even.

So tell me, what sort of snacks do you reach for to bridge the gap from lunch until dinner time? Do you have a certain time of day that you feel like you are crashing and need a snack? Or do you graze like my children?

Let me know in the comments and one of you will win a $100 gift card. You can spend it on anything you like. New shoes, some clothes, a nice dinner out, even $100 worth of Ritz Crackerfuls! The choice is yours.

Now for the boring part:

To enter, leave me a comment below or you may leave a link to your post on your own blog in the comments below. The contest will begin at 9:00 a.m. (PST) 07/20/09 and will end 5:00 p.m. (PST) 08/20/09. Make sure that the e-mail address you leave is correct.

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You may receive an additional entry by blogging about this contest and leaving a link in the comments.
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Winners will be selected via random draw, and will notified by e-mail.
You have 48 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected.
Please see the official rules hereHappy Snacking!

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  1. Jenny B says:

    Grazer here!….well with 4 little ones it’s hard to not snack with them all day!


  2. Mina says:

    My four kids are mostly grazers, and love crackers for snacks, so I’d think they would LOVE these new Ritz Crackerfuls! Our go to snacks for the most part are granola bars, crackers, pretzels, fresh fruit, cheese, and multigrain bars, but of course the kids wouldn’t mind if I let them live on Ho Ho’s and Ding Dongs.

  3. April says:

    I try to do it with juice, but that doesn’t always work :-/

    Thanks for the great contest!!!

  4. Teresa says:

    My usual afternoon snacks are an english muffin or perhaps a handful of peanuts.

  5. MP says:

    I can’t wait to try these. They would be great in curbing those mid-afternoon tummy rumbles.

  6. lace says:

    I graze as do the little ones in the house. I eat cut up veggies only if I had taken the time previously to cut them up. If I have to do it when I need a snack, I’ll reach for something else.

  7. Jaime says:

    I love junk food! Isn’t that horrible???!! Any chips, cookies, or candy and I’m happy, fat, but happy :o)

  8. Sharon says:

    My kid seem to have a granola bar addiction this summer. They tell me granola bars are healthy. Not very many. A lot are junk food dressed up as healthy snacks. They only keep them out of the house for about 1/2 an hour. Maybe the Ritz will be better!

  9. Amy L says:

    After work, I get hungry and need a quick snack before it’s time for me to start cooking dinner. I usually have some fruit and cheese or crackers or yogurt, maybe a smoothie. Ritz crackers have always been in our kitchen cabinet, and I’d like to try these new varieties.

  10. Tara H. says:

    I love cheese and crackers - my favorite afternoon snack and the $100 would help so much :) thanks!!

  11. tbonegrl says:

    I tend to hit the hunger wall around 4 pm and unfortunately, I tend to grab whatever is near. It’s dangerous!

  12. Jessica says:

    I need a snack at 9:15am. I reach for Emerald nuts Breakfast on the go.

  13. Jessica says:

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  14. Jessica says:

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  15. Carolyn G says:

    I am crashing at 3pm, it never fails. I like to have something that will pick me up so I eat fruit or cheese and sometimes fruit and cheese. Thanks.

  16. Carolyn G says:

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  17. Carolyn G says:

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  18. ConfessionsMom says:

    These would be great snacks for going to the pool this summer!

  19. Rhonda Mason says:

    I get the hungry horrors around 2pm everyday. The trouble is that I usually grab junk food! These look really good! Thanks.
    hondaray6 at hotmail dot com

  20. Rhonda Mason says:

    I tweeted http://twitter.com/hondaray6/status/2854774478

  21. Mir says:

    My children like crackers, and I like money.

    What? ;)

  22. Kathi says:

    I am TRYING to get my kids to eat healthier things, so I am stocking up on fresh fruit, nuts, dried fruit, hummus (served with pretzels), whole wheat crackers, low fat cheese and other healthy things, (I do know that some of these, like nuts, have a lot of fat and calories, but at least they provide the protein I’m also trying to get my kids to load up on.) But what I realized on vacation is that my teenage son, who is slightly overweight, and for whom I’ve been overhauling our family’s eating habits, eats very healthy . . .just WAY TOO MUCH. He eats a ton of fruit. But too much of a good thing is still too much! My thin little daughter, who is 12, is the one who goes for the junk food. . . .and she has developed a lovely little figure. Life is just not fair sometimes.

    Are the Ritz crackers in the stores yet? I’ve never seen these!

  23. Jeanine Peterson says:

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  24. Kari A. says:

    I am certainly a grazer. When I inevitably get the munchies around 5pm each day I just try to stick it out but usually I just grab some crackers.

    nateandjakesmom at gmail dot com

  25. Kari A. says:

    I tweeted: http://twitter.com/kariellen/statuses/2866238488

    nateandjakesmom at gmail dot com

  26. shel says:

    I love cheese and crackers or those peanut butter/cheese cracker packages. My children tend to be grazers, snacking on chips or cookies in the afternoon.

  27. shel says:


  28. shel says:


  29. amber says:

    Ooh these look sooooo yummy! I love cheese and crackers any way, so these flavors and the ease of just grabbing and snacking is perfect. Thanks so much!

  30. Stefanie Hartman says:

    Right after school is our place between lunch and dinner where we are all hungry. All 4 of my kids will be in school this year - we snack right after they get off the bus and talk about their days … I am low blood sugar so snacks are energy and life for me - lots of Ritz products here. We love cheese and cracker combos with juice. We even have after school snacks on days when there’s no school! My kids are always hungry always wanting a snack. OK me too. Blessings

  31. Stefanie Hartman says:


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  32. Karen says:

    We eat ALL DAY LONG! I saw these in the store and they look super yummy! Thanks for the review…we’ll have to try them.

  33. Deb on the Rocks says:

    Right now, 4pm, I am crashing and need something. I like portion controlled snacks so that I don’t robotically chow through a box of crackers.

  34. Michelle Perry says:

    I love the Crackerfuls so much that I’m hiding them from my kids!! Let them fight over the jello and the cookies :)

  35. mamabearmills says:

    between lunch and dinner AND after dinner about 3 hours lateer I snack. It’s usually awful food like chocolate or cookies! i need these healthy alternatives! eek

  36. mamabearmills says:

    https://twitter.com/mamabear123/status/2905074228 tweeted it

  37. cris says:

    houseful of grazers, but mainly fruit and cereal. The other stuff is up high since it’s for lunches.

  38. laura says:

    My son would love these. I’ll think about getting some for an upcoming road trip.

  39. catherine copeland says:

    the hardest time of the day is when I first come home from work. I have a bit of a commute and I always know I have so much more work waiting for me once I open the door. I love a little snack like cheese or peanut butter on a ritz cracker because it doesn’t spike my blood sugar

    teechbiz at gmail dot com

  40. Kerri Anne says:

    I’m a trail mix fan (fruit AND nuts) myself, and typically need it around 3pm daily.

  41. Betty says:

    Snacking is called for at 4 before dinner is started. I like to keep yogurt on hand but appreciate a Blue Bunny Champ cone now and then.

  42. Betty says:


  43. Jeanine B. says:

    I don’t always choose the healthiest snacks when I’m dragging in the afternoon. I love almonds, though, and apple slices with peanut butter. Looking forward to trying those Ritz Crackerfuls — they look yummy!

  44. Tanya Wilson says:

    I usually don’t have a snacking issue during the daytime. I get the munchies typically between the hours of 8pm-11pm, when the kids are tucked into bed and I try to relax at the computer. Its usually almost always a hankering for something salty & crunchy. Thanks for the review & the giveaway.


  45. Tanya Wilson says:

    I tweeted about this review & giveaway here:

  46. Tanya Wilson says:

    I blogged about this awesome review & giveaway and
    included a linkback to your blog here on my own blog:


  47. sarah says:

    i like to eat yogurt with granola around 11 at nite :)

  48. Leslie M. says:

    Love to snack on fruits veggies especially baby carrots, apples, hummus and ohhh cannot live without DARK Chocolate, I can’t LIE!
    The time of day I crash from hunger.. is about 4 pm and I gotta have some protein!
    Thanks for a GREAT Giveaway!

  49. Leslie M. says:

    LeslieVeg left a Tweet

  50. ShootingStarsMag says:

    Early afternoon is the main time I start getting hungry…10 in the morning or so too if I’m up earlier. It just depends. I try not to eat allll the time, but I can snack quite a bit depending on when I eat meals and what I’m actually eating, so it depends on what I find. I love peanuts even though they aren’t the best for you!! lol

  51. tammy says:

    can’t say we have tried these but we do put crackers in the lunches everyday so thanks for the review and $100 would be GREAT

  52. Kimberly says:

    We just tried these crackers last week and loved them! So convenient and so yummy. And $100 would really help with all of our back-to-school expenses!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  53. Alex Montana says:

    Ok, I will fess up. No little grazers here in my house…but I often skip meals and then find myself starving later on. These sound yummy! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  54. Barbara M says:

    3 pm finds me looking frantically for a snack.
    I’ll have crackers with cheese, fruit or yogurt.

  55. Tobey says:

    I can snack at anytime but often late afternoon finds me scrambling for something to crunch. Carrot sticks, cheese and crackers, or PB & crackers!

  56. Christie says:

    I used to get those packets of crackers and peanut butter or cheese but they seemed so “junk food”. Now I can indulge again with Crackerfuls!

  57. amie h. says:

    I get snacky after dinner time. Once dinner has digested, I like to have a cup of hot cocoa to get in my chocolate fix!