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Wii Love Monopoly

Wii Love Monopoly

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to review one of the newest Wii games, Monopoly. My kids love the traditional Monopoly game. Me? Not so much. I hate board games. They take so long to play. I have even admitted before that I cheat so that I can lose the game. My poor deluded children think that they are the most awesomest board game players ever.

The Wii Monopoly game incorporates everything about the board game that the kids love plus what they love about video games, namely watching tv and having a remote attached to their hand.

The box says that the game is for everyone, but the children do need to be strong readers. My 7 yr old was not able to play the game without reading help and like regular Monopoly, he quickly lost interest in the game.

The box also says that you can play the full game in 30 minutes. Not my kids. The constant negotiating and re-enacting of events took much longer. We tried out the traditional version of the game, but there is also a new version included called The World Edition, that allows up to four players to compete by trading properties, playing mini-games and unlocking new, never-before seen Monopoly boards as you play. We’re looking forward to exploring all the different options.

My 9, 11, 12, and 14 yr old boys loved the game. They loved the negotiating for trades and the auction feature. And the little Monopoly man prompting them was helpful for all of them to r emember what was happening next. No more arguing, “But you just had your turn!”

Overall, I would say that this is a game that incorporates all of the fun of the real Monopoly. The bonus, of course is that you will not lose any of the pieces. And when an angry kid is playing the game and losing horribly and decides to stomp off in a hissy fit, he will not be able to sweep his hand across the board and send all of the pieces scattering. Not that it would happen in my house. Ahem.

Hasbro and EA’s Monopoly is a welcome addition to our Wii game collection. Want to see what other BlogHer reviewers thought? Check out the round-up page on BlogHer.com.

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